Sheep Coloring Pages

Make coloring time fun with these new sheep coloring pages.

A great educational tool and helps kids develop creativity, motor skills, and shapes and color recognition, coloring is an activity that kids can truly enjoy doing (parents can join in on the fun too!).

One of the most popular animals, especially to children because of its relation to sleeping, is sheep.

Sheep are domesticated animals with thick woolly coats, raised for their meat, milk, and wool. They are herbivores and they eat vegetation such as grass.

We compiled 15 new sheep coloring pages that for kids to enjoy coloring that is easy and fun to look at.

15 Brand New Sheep Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Let’s start our sheep coloring pages with this simple illustration of sheep with tons of stars in the background. This is the perfect page to start for beginners with its simple layout.

This sheep is usually stockier than its closest relative, the goat. They have short tails with their out coat as hair and undercoat of fine wool. A sheep’s wool will continue to grow forever unless someone cuts it. That’s right

In terms of color, a sheep’s color varies – some are pure white, others are dark chocolate brown, while others are spotted or bald.baa baa black sheep coloring pages

Here we have a cute and cuddly sheep that is ready to be colored. Sheep are usually white, but they can also be black, brown, or gray. They are very social and like to stay in groups called flocks.

Did you know that the scientific name for sheep is Ovis aries? They are also symbols of peace, purity, and innocence in many cultures.

You can color this sheep with any colors you like, or try to make it look realistic with white wool and pink skin.sheep coloring pages for kids

This cute and simple sheep coloring page for kids will be an easy one for kids as well. With the cute size of this furry animal, round little horns, and cloud background, they are sure to use their imagination on this one.

Sheep with clouds is an image associated with the counting sheep mental exercise used to putting kids to bed. Kids are told to imagine an endless stream of white sheep jumping over a fence and count them. The theory behind it is that rhythm and repetition help people doze off.cute sheep coloring pages printable

This sheep coloring page shows a wide-eyed sheep looking straight ahead. Sheep have excellent vision and can see well even at night.

Their rectangular pupils allow them to scan their surroundings for food and predators.

Though some say counting sheep helps you fall asleep, there’s no scientific proof that it actually works! Sheep spend most of the day grazing on grass, clover, and other plants.

At night, they sleep huddled close together for warmth. Color the sheep’s wool in shades of beige, gray or white. sheep coloring printable for kids

Here’s another easy coloring page for kids.

This woolly animal, standing on the field, is looking quite happy with the sun shining just above it.

The illustrations and lines of this free sheep printable are simple and easy to follow for kids who are new to coloring. This will also exercise their color recognition and association skills.lost sheep coloring pages free

A sheep looking meekly to the sky is the highlight of this next sheep coloring page. It looks a bit sad. Or probably thinking of something.

Sheep are extremely smart animals and they are highly sociable. Studies have shown that they can recognize and distinguish different emotional expressions. It’s a very important skill for sheep as they can use this to form relationships. What’s even cooler is that they can recognize human faces!white sheep coloring pages free

Here we see a smiling sheep with thick, fluffy wool. Twice a year, sheep are sheared to remove their heavy winter coats. This helps keep them cool in summer.

Wool can be spun into yarn and used to make clothing, blankets and more. Over 200 breeds of sheep exist worldwide. Some have horns, long tails or colorful wool.

For this coloring page, try coloring the sheep’s wool in shades of brown, gray and white. Get creative with patterns or spots!original sheep coloring pages

This image of a sheep standing in the meadow is another fun and an easy coloring page.

Even though the sheep is alone on this page, you can share with your kid that a group of sheep is known as flock, herd, or mob. It’s another way to incorporate new learnings while doing an art activity, don’t you think?

What colors would work on this printable?sheep coloring pages to print

One of the key things in our sheep coloring pages is we want to keep it simple and easy.

This sheep is looking so in love with all the hearts surrounding it.

Sheep are animals often seen as cute and loving and this picture just of kind sums it up. Sheep are highly sociable and like to stay close to others in a herd, making it easier to move printable sheep coloring pages

This sheep coloring page features a sheep with its head tilted cutely to the side. It has floppy ears that stick out horizontally. Sheep are cud-chewing ruminants with four stomachs to help them digest tough plant materials.

Their excellent hearing allows them to detect predators from far away. Sheep are very social animals that live in groups called flocks.

For this coloring sheet, color the sheep’s wooly coat in white, gray or beige. Give its ears some pink on the insides. You could also add spots or other fun patterns to its coat!cartoon sheep coloring printable

Featured on this free sheep coloring page printable is a sheep looking at the grass below him. A butterfly is seen flying next to it.

The sheep in this image has interesting eyes. Did you know that sheep have rectangular pupils, giving them nearly 360 vision? Pretty cool, right?

One more thing, sheep are herbivores and mainly eat plants. In the pastures, they spend a good time of their day eating grass and weeds. Their digestive systems are made from four chambers, it helps breakdown the food they eat.sad black and white sheep coloring pages pdf

Take a child’s coloring skills into the next step using this new sheep coloring page for kids!

In this image, a sheep is standing on the pastures with the sun setting in the background and mountains and trees behind.

This page will challenge a kid’s focus on picking colors for multiple objects. Keep them occupied with this sheet!free sheep coloring pages for kids

Here we see a fun sheep with curly wool styled into a funky hairdo. Sheep are emotional creatures that communicate through vocalizations, facial expressions and body language.

Their hooves have a special gland that helps grip the ground. Sheep are very intelligent creatures and can even recognize human faces!

You can color the wool in crazy rainbow colors. Give it red or blue curly bangs, and color the hooves gray. Let your creativity shine!new sheep coloring pages

Who says sheep can’t have fun?

This groovy sheep looks like it is on a vacation. The sun is even smiling behind it.

This free sheep printable is perfect for those who are comfortable with coloring different objects or details. Take a child’s coloring skills to the next level through this illustration to exercise his color combination skills.funny sheep coloring pages for kids

Some sheep breeds, the male sheep (called rams) are horned. In others, both genders have horns. In sheep, the male hormones play an important role in the development of horns.

This cute little ram, with its adorable eyes and a starry background, is a perfect activity resource for kids who have just picked up a crayon. It’s extremely easy to color and cute to look at!lamb sheep coloring pages pdf to print

Sheep Coloring Pages – Easy-to-Color Printables for Beginners

These sheep coloring pages are made to provide easy-to-color printables for beginner kids. If you want to introduce coloring to small kids, better to start with these simple illustrations while keeping them interested with the many sheep facts and trivia. The cute and adorable images of the sheep in these sheets will also keep them occupied.

These sheep coloring pages for kids are free to download! Click on the images to download them in high resolution.

Tag or post on our Facebook page how your sheep coloring activity went and show us your works!

We would love to see them!

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