Goat Coloring Pages

Goat Coloring Pages for Children who Love Farm Animals

Goats are amazing animals. These snoopy and mischievous creatures were among the first animals humans tamed.

Did you know that they were first herded over 9,000 years ago? Maybe this is why they learn their name and respond when called.

That’s definitely an interesting trait of goats. No wonder that children love goat coloring pages, and adults join goat yoga classes.

In celebration of these furry farm animals, we put together a collection of goat coloring printables you can download and print for free.

15 Brand New Goat Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Do you laugh at goat jokes? We know that we do it. The hollow-horned billy from this coloring page seems ready to deliver a pun.

It probably knows that we can’t get enough of goat puns and is taking his entertainer role quite seriously.

We have an adult goat with a friendly smile and furry coat on the first goat coloring sheet. And look at his heart-shaped nose! It would look great if your children painted it a bright pink shade.

The page’s background shows a grass field, but your children can add other landscape elements like trees, flowers, or birds.Goat Coloring Pages for kids free download

This goat coloring page looks as if the goat is standing in a spotlight! That makes you think that it could be putting on a show.

What do you think this goat is performing? You could show what you think by drawing a speech bubble above it.

It would be interesting to see what you think he could be saying!goat coloring pages for kids

Everyone knows that goats are masters at jumping around and climbing near-vertical walls. Have you seen those goats that shimmy over ledges and squeeze close to rocks? How do they do it?

Like the one on this coloring printable, goats have slim bodies and hooves split into two sections that allow them to grip rock surfaces.

This goat coloring page shows a billy on a wild run trying to climb a mountain slope at a fast speed. From the look in its eyes, it doesn’t seem frightened, so we can assume it is playing with its friends.Goat Coloring Pages for adults free printable

We created these goat coloring pages to show these animals in different instances to help you teach your children about farm animals’ behavior. For example, this printable shows a goat eating grass.

Goats are picky eaters. They have sensitive lips that allow them to scan plants searching for tasty and clean food. They often refuse to eat, similar to children.

This hollow-horned mammal seems to enjoy the grass it is eating, so it’s probably fresh and tasty.Goat Coloring Pages free pdf download

In this picture, we have a goat taking a pleasant stroll while looking very happy. You could show where you think this goat is walking by drawing a background!

Perhaps you could use your favorite walking trail as inspiration, or you could look up a location online. Where would you choose for this goat to visit?original goat coloring printable

Goats are inquisitive animals and have a constant desire to explore their surroundings. They would leave their enclosure to investigate something unfamiliar they noticed nearby.

Considering they’re jumping masters, no fence would stop them from running away from home.

So, their owners have to hang bells around their necks, similar to the one on this coloring sheet, to track them when they wander away from their enclosure.

This goat printable page shows a buck surprised to see that its owner tracked it on the field. It has a pair of small horns and a fluffy goatee.Goat Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Baby goats are called kids, and when a mama goat gives birth to a baby it is said that she is kidding. Goat coloring sheets often feature goat kids because children love them.

And who wouldn’t? Just look how adorable it is with its chunky legs, tiny tail, and fluffy goatee.

Baby goats have goatees from a young age, so don’t be tricked into thinking they’re older because of this trait.

The background shows a grass field, but encourage your children to use their imagination and draw other elements to make this printable look more attractive.Goat Coloring Book free printable

We have a particularly fluffy goat in this next goat printable. You could use regular coloring tools, or you could get more creative.

If you spread a thin layer of glue over the wool and then stuck some cotton wool over, it would add some real texture to the picture!

What are some other crafts you could use?black-and-white goat coloring sheet

Not only are adult bucks curious, but their kids also love to wander around.

When the human owner notices that they have a little adventurer in the enclosure, they hang a bell around their neck to easily find it.

In this goat coloring printable, we have a young billy with huge eyes, a short tail, and a soft coat. And we should not forget to mention the long floppy ears! They’re so cute!

This kid may be a Nubian goat, a friendly and outgoing breed given how its ears look. Originally from North Africa, they are popular for the high butterfat content in their milk.Goat Coloring Book for kids free printable

If you’ve looked at a goat’s eyes closely, you probably noticed they are pretty different from other farm animals. That’s because they have rectangular pupils, similar to other hooved creatures.

Their eyes offer them a 320 to 340-degree vision, so they don’t have to change their position to see around them.

This goat printable sheet depicts an adult goat with large eyes, small horns, and a spotted coat. The patterned coat is a common marking involving spots or bands stretching around their body.Goat Coloring Sheet for children free download

This next goat almost looks like it has a beard, which automatically makes it seem older and wiser! For this reason, we would use some subdued colors if we were coloring this goat ourselves.

Of course, you may have some other colors in mind! Will you go for something more subdued or bright and colorful?goat coloring sheet free download

Look who escaped its enclosure! Billy is on the run around the field, trying to gain as much distance from its owner as possible because it’s not ready to return home.

From the mischievous look in its eyes, we think it saw something that caught its interest, and it’s on its way exploring it.

Don’t be surprised to see so many goat coloring sheets depicting bucks jumping or running. They’re active animals that are always on the move.Goat Coloring Book for adults free download

In wild goats, large and curved horns are the most striking feature. This printable page shows a baby wild goat that already has a pair of impressive horns.

We can only imagine how it’ll look when it reaches adulthood.

Goat kids are pretty quick and alert from their first days of life. So, just because this little one stays put at the moment doesn’t mean it’s not planning its next adventure.Goat Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

In this goat coloring sheet for kids, we have a particularly friendly-looking goat! Because it looks so friendly, it could use some pals.

You could draw some more goats or maybe some other farm animals. Perhaps you could even draw yourself hanging out with the goat!

Who would you like to add to this picture?realistic goat coloring pages

Did someone say mischief? The buck from this goat printable page is the image of the word. Just look at its furrowed brows, sneaky eyes, and determined posture.

It seems that something hidden in the grass caught its attention. Maybe a bug or a little animal.

If your children are little naughty creatures, they’ll love to paint this goat page because it shows a character with a personality similar to them.

The above goat coloring pages make a perfect DIY activity for children of all ages.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even want to adopt a goat kid as a pet or visit the local farm sanctuary to meet one in person when they’re done painting.Goat Easy Coloring Pages


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