Llama Coloring Pages

Take a coloring journey with these llama coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 20 all new Llama coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Llamas are very strange-looking creatures, but they have a lot of character to counteract their unusual appearance!

These strong characters and unique features have made them rather popular lately, and this collection of free llama coloring pages for kids is here to show off these fluffy animals.

There are 20 delightful images here for you to color in, and all of them are free to print and enjoy! You can even share them with others to spread the joy.

So get ready to meet some cute llama friends as we begin this collection.

20 Brand New llama Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first llama coloring sheet that we are presenting for you features an absolutely adorable llama!

This little guy is looking very happy and content here, and it is wearing a nicely detailed saddle and necklace.

There are so many great details to color in here, and you could work in some great colors into the small circular elements on the pieces that the llama is wearing.llama Coloring Pages for kids free download

Llamas are known to be super fluffy, and that is certainly true here! This cute llama is looking so adorable, and it has a really friendly face.

While it is cute enough as is, it will look even cuter with some colors. You could go for realistic colors, but you could also go in a more stylistic direction instead by using some brighter colors.llama Coloring Pages for adults free printable

This coloring page features a cute and cuddly llama dressed for the winter season.

As you color, you can use cool hues like icy blues, frosty purples and snowy whites to make this llama and its surroundings appear frozen and chilly.

Or go for some vibrant shades like cheerful reds, festive greens and sunny yellows to give this llama a warm and cheerful vibe.

However you choose to color it, this winter-ready llama would love to be your snuggly friend. So have fun coloring and staying toasty with this lovely llama. llama coloring pages free download

Everyone seems to love superheroes these days, but here we have a really unique one! We’re sure you’ve never seen a llama superhero before this page, but here one is for you to meet.

It is wearing a flowing cape, and you can decide which colors this llama hero would use as its theme by coloring the cape.

What kind of superhero would this llama be?llama Coloring Pages free pdf download

This next llama is looking so pretty, and it looks so happy to be wearing a crown of flowers!

The flowers allow for some lovely color details to brighten up the image even if you go for a more muted look for the rest of the animal.

We would use some bright colored pens or markers for the flowers to make them stand out even more, but what else can you think to use?llama Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Take a look at this sweet llama adorned with a bright and beautiful ear.

As you color this image, try using fresh, and floral shades like blooming pinks, sunny yellows and grassy greens to reflect this llama’s joyful mood.

However you choose to fill in this charming llama, it will surely add a touch of delight to your day. So grab your colors and get ready to spread some sunshine while you color this pleasant llama. free llama coloring pages

Our next page in this collection of free llama coloring pages for kids shows one that is enjoying a nice calm day.

This picture gives off a lovely calm feeling, but there are also plenty of details on this one.

We would use some watercolor paints or colored pencils to color this llama, as that would suit the calm feeling wonderfully!llama Coloring Book free printable

Watch out, as we have a super funky llama up next for you to color! This super cool character is wearing some awesome heart-shaped sunglasses, and it makes for such a fun picture.

The glasses would be great for incorporating some neon pinks, reds and other bright colors, and you could incorporate these into other details as well.

This one will look great when it’s done!llama Coloring Book for kids free printable

This llama coloring page features a fashionable and fabulous llama with plenty of personality.

When coloring, use rich, bold hues like chic browns, glamorous golds and sophisticated blacks to emphasize this llama’s classy flair.

Whether you opt for an elegant or quirky vibe, this trendsetting llama is sure to strut its stuff in style. So get creative and make this chic llama shine as you add your own special touch!original llama coloring pages

It’s hard to not be charmed by this next llama! This one is also just looking so happy, and the sky with clouds in the background makes it seem like it’s a beautiful day outside.

A bright blue color for the sky in the background would finish off the feeling of a wonderful day outside, but we will be interested to see what else you come up with!llama Coloring Sheet for children free download

The style that this llama is drawn in is so fun and quirky! There are lots of details, but it still captures a playful, cartoony spirit.

For this one, we think that a bright and colorful background would suit the playful nature of this llama in a great way, but you could also draw a cool scene for it to be part of.llama Coloring Book for adults free download

Get ready to cut loose and dance along with this fun-loving llama!

Dot its eyes with ocean blue as it gazes longingly at the stage, then let your imagination run wild with fiery reds, dazzling oranges, and bursts of color that will get you tapping your feet.

Swirl sunflower yellow and carnation pink into its fur to show its passion for performing. Add a twirl of ruby red to the scarf around its neck as it twirls and dances under the spotlight.

Pick up your brightest crayons and add lots of warm, energetic tones like golden yellows, cherry reds, and vibrant oranges to reflect this llama’s enthusiasm. original llama coloring pages

This next llama is eager to meet you, and it is just waiting for you to add some beautiful colors to it! It’s another llama that is just so cute, and the way it is tilting its head just makes it all the cuter.

How will you finish off this adorable llama with your color creativity?llama Easy Coloring Pages

Our next llama coloring printable features a very funny llama! This guy is looking really surprised, and we can’t help but wonder what has made it feel like this!

If you have an idea about what could have made this llama react with such surprise, you could draw a background or maybe have a speech bubble over its head to show what it is seeing.llama Coloring Pages for kids free download

This cheerful llama is ready to brighten your day with its joyful spirit! Fill its fur with rays of sunshine yellow and its smile with watermelon pink to spread happiness to all who see it.

Trace its heart with crimson red to show its loving, upbeat nature. Dot its eyes with ocean blue as it gazes merrily at the world around it.

Add lots of vibrant, cheerful hues to reflect this llama’s playful, gleeful mood. The colors you choose will surely lift your own spirits as you make this delightful llama come to life on the page. black-and-white llama coloring printable

Watch out, because a super cool llama is in town! The way this one has some sunglasses and a bo tie, it looks as if it could be a llama superstar.

We think it would be fun to draw a red carpet beneath its hooves and maybe have some flashing cameras in the background.

What other scenes would you put this llama in?llama Coloring Pages for adults free printable

We have another llama that is drawn in a really unique and adorable style for you to color now.

This one has big, expressive eyes, and there is a really pleasant little smile on its face. We’re sure you will have a blast bringing some colors to this one!llama Coloring Pages free pdf download

Another image that has a feeling of calm and contentment is up next for you to color, and it’s such a lovely image.

This happy llama is ready for some color, and it’s another one that we would use some milder colors and mediums on.

That’s what we would use, but do you have something else in mind?llama Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We just love this next llama! It is drawn in a more realistic, detailed style, but it has so much character and expression.

The only question remaining is what color scheme do you think would best suit this one?

It will be great to see how you bring this llama with a ton of sass to life.llama Coloring Book free printable

To finish off this collection of llama coloring sheets, we have another more detailed drawing that is still super cute.

This furry little guy is such a sweet little llama, and we can’t wait to see how you color it in! We think that drawing a fun background would be great to finish it off as well.llama Coloring Book for kids free printable

Llama Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed meeting some fluffy new pals in this collection of free llama coloring pages for kids!

This collection was created to capture a wide range of different styles and scenarios that llamas could be in, so you have tons of ways to express your creativity.

Remember to spread the llama fun by sharing the collection with others!

We would also love it if you would share some of your coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see.

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