Best Winter Animal Crafts for Kids

Isn’t it fascinating how some animals have the ability to withstand bitter cold temperatures?! The Winter months are a great time to learn about Arctic and Antarctic Animals and there are so many fabulous children’s books to accompany learning about them. Here is a round up of the best winter animal crafts for kids.

Winter Animal Crafts for Kids

Click on the links below the pictures to be taken directly to the craft tutorials. I hope you find some inspiration and get crafting with the children in your life.

Polar Bear Crafts

Polar Bear Masks

Newspaper Polar Bear Craft

Polar Bear Finger Puppets

Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft

Puffy Paint Polar Bear

Penguin Crafts

Cupcake Liner Penguins

Stuffed Paper Bag Penguin Craft

Plastic Spoon Penguin Puppets

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

Pom Pom Penguin

Arctic Fox Crafts

Paper Plate Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox and Learning about Camouflage

Fox in the Snow Craft

Puffin Crafts

Puffin Paper Plate Masks

Hama Bead Puffin Key Ring

Puffin Printable Craft

Snowy Owl Crafts

Owl Babies Craft

Paper Bag Snowy Owl Craft

Foam Cup Snowy Owl Craft

Snowy Owls

Ripped Paper Owl Art

Walrus Crafts

Paper Plate Walrus

Cupcake Liner Walrus Craft

Handprint Walrus

Walrus Craft

Reindeer Crafts

Reindeer Paper Craft

Adorable Reindeer Finger Puppets

Paper Plate Reindeer

Newspaper Reindeer Craft

Yarn Wrapped Reindeer Craft

Reindeer Puppets

Whale Crafts

Paper Plate Orca Craft

Egg Carton Whale Craft

Cupcake Liner Whale Craft

Whale Sock Craft

Paper Plate Whale

Looking for books about Arctic & Antarctic Animals?

Try out some of these (Amazon Links):
Polar Bears by Gail Gibbons
Ice Bear and Little Fox by Jonathan London
Arctic Foxes by Emily Rose Townsend
Arctic Fox: Very Cool! by Stephen Person
The Best Book of Polar Animals by Christiane Gunzi
Animal Babies in Polar Lands by Editors of Kingfisher
Walruses of the Arctic by Sara Swan Miller
The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins
If You Were a Penguin by Florence Minor
Puffins by Ann O. Squire
Puffin Peter by Petr Horacek

You might also enjoy these crafts:

Snowflake Alphabet: Match Capital and Lowercase Letters (Free Printable)

Paper Plate Care Bear