Valentine’s Day Scissor Cutting Practice Tray

I saw such a fun Christmas Cutting Tray over at Mama.Papa.Bubba. last month and have been so excited to put one together for my daughter. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I set one up with all things pink, red, purple and hearts.

The materials I already had on hand which I included in the tray was the fuzzy red ribbon, pink and purple ribbon scraps, pink straws and the pink and purple paper scraps.

I purchased the plastic beaded heart necklace and the red heart felt ribbon at Michael’s. I also purchased a package of heart tissue paper from Walmart and I cut a section of it off, glued it to a piece of cardstock paper and cut it into strips as shown in the picture below.

I was surprised when I noticed that the heart tissue paper strips I made turned out to be her favorite item in the tray. She spent the most time on them and towards the end got brave enough to try to completely cut the white off around some of the hearts. 


I wanted to mention that she had a bit of a hard time cutting the ribbon with her pink starter scissors. I ended up switching her out with some scissors that were a little sharper with a pointy end. They are still children’s scissors but if your child is inexperienced with cutting I would stick with the beginning scissors pictured in our tray and leave out the ribbon. (This activity requires adult supervision.)

We sat there for about an hour while she practiced her cutting until she decided she was ready to do something else, but she said, “Mommy, you have to leave the tray on the table because I want to cut again later!”  Hahaha! I consider that a successful activity! 

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