Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Have some magical coloring fun with these Tinkerbell coloring pages!

The story of Peter Pan is one that has delighted audiences around the world for generations.

It has seen many forms, from a popular book to some classic films and even video games, and people just love the characters and scenarios the story presents.

This collection of free Tinkerbell coloring pages for kids will be showing off one of the most iconic characters from the story!

Tinkerbell fans will have a lot to enjoy here, as we have 20 free images featuring the feisty fairy in many different scenarios.

Don’t forget to share this magical collection with other Tinkerbell fans you know as well!

20 Brand New Tinkerbell Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first Tinkerbell coloring sheet features a picture that captures the moodier side of this character. She can sometimes be a bit sulky, but then again who isn’t from time to time?

We won’t hold it against her as we color this first image, but we would use lighter shades to suit the mood if we were coloring it in.Tinkerbell Coloring Pages for kids free download

This Tinkerbell coloring page for kids shows our favorite fairy looking very happy!

The picture gives you a lot of detail to color, and you can really make this page look incredible with your favorite colors.

What sort of look will you choose for Tinkerbell as you color this page?tinkerbell coloring pages for kids

Tinkerbell is looking much happier in this image, and she is even giving a cute curtsy!

For this happier depiction, we would take the opposite route and make the colors nice and bright to give it a vibrant feel. Will you go this route or do you have something else in mind?Tinkerbell Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Tinkerbell is known for her fashion sense, and so you could use all sorts of amazing colors for her outfit on this page! In some appearances, she wears mostly green, while in others she wears pink.

It’s up to you to decide, and you could use any of your favorite colors to finish off this depiction of Tinkerbell!tinkerbell coloring printable for kids

This next page again manages to capture her character brilliantly. She is looking very happy but also a bit mischievous, which sums up her character quite well!

When coloring these pages, don’t be afraid to use some unique colors that she may not necessarily have in the films or shows she appears in.Tinkerbell Coloring Pages free pdf download

While Tinkerbell can be a rather moody character sometimes, she is also a happy and playful character most of the time!

This picture definitely captures her happier, feistier side that she is well known for. What kinds of fun and quirky colors will you use to bring this portrayal to life?

It will be interesting to see what you go for!Tinkerbell Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We get a good look at Tinkerbell’s fairy wings on this next Tinkerbell coloring sheet. Her wings are a bit like the wings of a dragonfly, and so they would probably be see-through.

There are a few ways you could color her wings to show this. Using watercolor paint or colored pencils would make the colors softer and make them look translucent.tinkerbell coloring pages for kids free download

This fifth page in our collection of free Tinkerbell coloring pages for kids features Tinkerbell hovering in the air!

When she is flying, she is often depicted as having golden fairy dust floating around her, so you could add little yellow or gold dots around her wings to add a magical effect to the image!

Will you add some fun details like this to the image?Tinkerbell Coloring Book free printable

Tinkerbell is looking very dreamy in this next picture. She seems lost in thought here, and it makes you wonder what she’s thinking of!

For one idea, why not draw a speech bubble above her head and then draw what you think could be making her look so dreamy into it? What would you put in such a bubble?Tinkerbell Coloring Book for kids free printable

Tinkerbell is looking very happy on this next page! Once you have colored her in, you could also add to the background.

This could be as simple as filling the background with color, or you could draw a background setting. What setting would you like to use for this page if you were to go with that option?
original tinker bell coloring pages

We’re really feeling the love in this image! Tinkerbell is not only looking very happy here, but she is also holding a lovely heart to show how much she cares.

For the heart, we would use some bright red done in some colored pen or marker to make it really vibrant.

What other art mediums would suit this loving image of Tinkerbell?Tinkerbell Coloring Sheet for children free download

This is a really fun pose that Tinkerbell is in here, and she has a lot of expressiveness to her design as well. How do you think you will color this version of Tinkerbell?

If we were to go for it, we would probably go for some watercolors or colored pencils again, as we feel a softer look would suit the picture.

That is what we would go for, but what will you choose?Tinkerbell Coloring Book for adults free download

There are certain crafts you could use to make this Tinkerbell printable even more magical! She is famous for using fairy dust, and glitter would be perfect for this.

Using a light layer of glue, you could then sprinkle some light glitter over it. This would help to add some real sparkle and give the picture a really magical feeling!new tinkerbell coloring pages

Our next Tinkerbell coloring printable again features her in a feisty, playful mood! There is a lot of empty background space here, so you could draw a background to finish off the scene.

If you have a favorite Peter Pan movie scene, maybe you could use it as inspiration for a background here.

What scene would you choose if you were to do that?Tinkerbell Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

This tenth page in the collection again features Tinkerbell floating in the air! Once again, we think that adding some yellow or gold fairy dust details would help to make it look even more magical.

You could even take it a bit further and use some gold glitter to give this page a sparkly look! What other fun crafts can you think of that you could use?Tinkerbell Easy Coloring Pages

We have another really relaxed portrayal of Tinkerbell for you to color in this next image.

She is lying down and looking rather dreamy again, so this is another one that we think would be fun to add a speech bubble to show what she is thinking about.

Alternatively, you could create a magical background to show where she is hanging out!Tinkerbell Coloring Pages for kids free download

Tinkerbell is of course known for her magical abilities, and here she is wielding a magic wand.

For this page, we would add some bright and colorful magical effects around the tip of the wand to show the magic coming from it.

It would be another one where some fun crafts would be a perfect addition too!Tinkerbell Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Another image of Tinkerbell with a wand is gracing this next page!

She is looking very happy and excited here, and this is an image that we think would be made even better with a magical background.

Maybe you could draw and color the magical spell that she is performing to show why she is looking so pleased and happy!Tinkerbell Coloring Pages free pdf download

It’s time to kick back and relax with Tinkerbell for this next page! She again looks deep in thought here, so you know what we will suggest for this one!

You can really get creative with images like this though, so we really encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your colors and background details.Tinkerbell Coloring Book free printable

You have reached the final Tinkerbell coloring sheet of the collection, and she is striking a fabulous pose for you!

This picture really captures her feisty character perfectly, and it demonstrates that she likes to show off a bit sometimes.

We would again definitely go for some incredibly bright and vibrant colors for this one to close off the collection, but be sure to show off what you think this one should look like!Tinkerbell Coloring Book for kids free printable

Tinkerbell Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This was a magical collection of free Tinkerbell coloring pages for kids, and we hope you had a great time working on them!

We tried to capture all aspects of her personality in these pages, so you can really vary up the colors and techniques you use.

Remember that it’s fun to share the coloring joy, so be sure to share the collection with others!

We would also love to see how they turned out, so please share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy.

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