Monster Slime

Welcome to another edition of the 12 Months of Sensory Dough Series. This month is all about Slime. I took a traditional twist this month and since slime tends to remind me and my kids so much of monsters, that is exactly what we created. 

This was our first experience making slime and I quickly found out it’s not as simple as following a recipe. There is so much room for error and I found that each batch I made turned out completely different even when using the same exact ingredients. If you have never made slime before, or even if you have, you may find Fun at Home with Kids’ How to Fix Slime Fails Guide a Lifesaver. I sure did!

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We paired our Slime Monsters with the adorable book Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks. “Fum, foe, fie, fee, Monsters don’t eat broccoli!” My daughter giggled every time I read that line in this story. This is a cute story about what monsters love to eat and you have to love the sneaky nutrition lesson they include in the book. I also love how the monsters aren’t portrayed as scary creatures. After a small bout of my daughter being scared of monsters, we only allow happy monsters in our house. 

Monster Slime

There are several variations and recipes for making slime. We used a recipe that uses Elmer’s Clear Glue and Liquid Starch. Find the full recipe and an amazing idea for making Ocean Swirl Glitter Slime on Twodaloo. This was my first time making slime and I can’t entirely call it a success. While it seemed to start out right, once the kids started playing with it and stretching it, it pretty much melted in their hands and would not come off of their hands. It was pretty much a mess! Haha!

The great thing about slime is that when you place it on the table or countertop surface, it melts down into this puddle-like thick substance that reminds me of a monster. It even forms some bubbles on the top adding to the monstery effect. I put some googly eyes and some white triangles cut out of white foam sheets in small bowls and let my kids create their monsters with their Ooey, Gooey Slime.


My daughter wanted a sparkly purple monster but my son went for the traditional green monster. 

All those googly eyes were starting to give me a little bit of a fright! Ha! I enjoyed watching my kids use their creativity to create the monster just how they wanted it. They continued after I stopped taking pictures and their monsters evolved into having arms and legs by stretching the slime out. Although handling the slime didn’t turn out quite as fun as I had hoped, creating our monsters was definitely a success!

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