Descendants Coloring Pages

Have some villainous coloring fun with these Descendants coloring pages!

With how popular the various Disney films are, you would be forgiven for thinking that there are no new ways to cover such classic characters.

The Descendants series would present a fantastic spin where the exploits of the children of these classic villains would be the stars.

This collection of free Descendants coloring pages for kids is here to present some of these incredible characters for you to color!

These 30 pages are all completely free for you to print and have fun with, and you can also share them with friends and family to enjoy.

So get ready for some diabolical coloring fun as we begin this collection!

30 Brand New Descendants Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This Descendants coloring sheet features one of the most popular characters from the series, Mal. Mal is the daughter of the villainous Maleficent, and that is quite a heritage to come from!

She has a similarly dark color scheme to that of her mom, except she has a lot more purple in her typical looks.

Because she has a darker color scheme, we would probably use some heavier mediums like crayons or colored pens for her.

That would give the colors a big presence, but what mediums do you think would work best?Descendants coloring pages free printable

Carlos De Vil, the fashionable son of Cruella, is striking a cool pose in this descendants coloring page. He’s standing confidently with his signature boots front and center.

Carlos is never without his stylish leather jacket either. For someone with such a villainous legacy, he sure knows how to look like a hero!

Use bright reds and blacks when coloring his outfit – the bolder, the better for Carlos. Or try giving him some blue in his hair like his friend Evie! However you color him.descendants coloring pages

There are so many amazing details to the hair and outfit of this next character we have for you that it can be tough to know where to start!

She is looking very stylish with the flowers in her hair as well as with her pretty earrings, so you have plenty of smaller details to enjoy here.

Her outfit also has some intricate detailing with elements such as the bow coming down from her belt.

You could use some colored pens for some of these tighter spaces to make adding color much easier!Descendants coloring pages free printable

Carlos De Vil is the first character we will feature in this collection of free Descendants coloring pages for kids.

He is one of the most popular characters in the series, and he is known for being the son of Cruella De Vil.

This image shows him in a more casual state, and there are loads of ways that you could color this portrayal in!

How will you get this collection started with your colors?Descendants Coloring Pages for kids free download

Evie is the second character that we are featuring, and this character is the daughter of the Evil Queen.

She has a primarily purple color scheme, and it would look great if you went for that with this page! Do you think you will stick to her regular colors or maybe create a unique look for her?Descendants Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Sneaky Jay, the son of Jafar, is up to some mischief in this image! He’s got his classic beanie hat on, along with a sly grin. You can tell he’s planning something devious.

Jay is known for his skills in sports like fencing and boxing. Use bold colors like golds and reds to capture his powerful physique.

Make his vest pop! Add polka dots or plaid to his beanie too. However you color Jay, he’ll look like the rogue prince of Agrabah!descendants coloring printable

Next, we have a character wearing a beautifully delicate and detailed outfit!

The way the outfit has frills coming off the shoulders makes it look really elegant and stylish, and now you can bring your own creative colors to the look.

If you recognize this outfit from the Descendants series, then you could try to replicate the colors that it had in the movies.

Even if you do recognize it, you can still create your own look that uses completely unique colors that you love. What kind of color scheme will you choose for this pretty outfit?Descendants coloring pages free printable

The character featured on this next page of our collection of free Descendants coloring pages for kids has a really cool and quirky style!

She is wearing a small hat, which could suggest that she is related to the Mad Hatter. Do you recognize this character from the Descendants series?

These pages are meant to help you express yourself creatively in any way that you choose, so don’t be afraid to just go with your creative instincts and give her a completely unique look.

We would go for a bright and quirky color scheme for this outfit, but what will you choose?Descendants coloring pages free printable

Next, we have the character of Jay for you to color in. This charismatic character is the son of the villain Jafar, and there are some great small details with his hair and hat that you can color in.

When coloring in these pages, remember that you can color the background or even draw some details there!Descendants Coloring Pages free pdf download

The fashionable Carlos De Vil is back and looking cooler than ever! Check out those spiked bracelets and skull marked shorts. Cruella’s boy sure knows how to be bad in style.

Make sure to use crisp whites and blacks for that signature De Vil look. Have fun with his sneakers too – red and white would look totally wicked.

And consider giving Carlos some wild colored hair tips, like purple or green! However you color him, Carlos will look Descendant-ly divine! descendants coloring sheet free download

The charming Carlos De Vil is back for more in this next image. This time, we see him in a different outfit than the one he appeared in for the first picture of this collection.

That means that you can have some fun adding a brand new color scheme for this portrayal! Which colors come to mind for you for this one?Descendants Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Carlos De Vil is one of the most popular characters in the series, and he is the son of legendary Disney villain Cruella.

Like his mother, Carlos often sports a color scheme involving red, black and white. If you choose to go with this color scheme here as well, then it would make for a really striking image!

If using that color scheme, we would use some colored pens and markers to make the colors really pop off the page.

That is what we think would suit it, but what colors and mediums are you thinking of using?Descendants coloring pages free printable

Next, we have another character that is looking very stylish and elegant.

Her look is really finished off nicely with the small purse she has, and the flowers in her hair give you some great extra little details to color.

The actual outfit itself isn’t that detailed, and you could add some patterns or smaller details onto it to make her look even more stylish!

Her hair also has some great details on it, so you could create different color highlights and tones by working in some subtle color details.

We are positive you will make this character look even more lovely when you’re finished!Descendants coloring pages free printable

Mal, Maleficent’s artistic daughter, is conjuring up some seriously cool style in this page. Give her jacket extra pop with deep greens and violets.

Fiery reds in her hair would capture Mal’s fierce spirit too! She’s never without her trusty spellbook either.

Mal is quite the magician – she can hypnotize and freeze her enemies! However you color Mal, she’ll be magnificently mystical.descendants coloring printable for kids

For the fifth Descendants coloring sheet that we have for you, we are featuring Mal. She is the daughter of Maleficent, and she is one of the most important characters in the whole series.

Mal usually appears in a purple and green color scheme, so you have some inspiration if you want to keep her looking accurate!Descendants Coloring Book free printable

We are taking another look at Evie for this next image. She also has a bit of a different look to her last appearance, and this time we get to see more of the finer details of her outfit.

When coloring these smaller details, we would recommend using mediums such as colored pens or pencils in order to make coloring these tighter spaces much easier.Descendants Coloring Book for kids free printable

Evie fans can rest easy, as we are not done with her yet! She is back for another page, and this is an incredible portrayal of this amazing character.

Once again, there are so many awesome smaller details to color in here, and once it is done this should be one of the most impressive images in the collection!Descendants Coloring Sheet for children free download

Prince Ben is the star of this next Descendants coloring printable, and he is certainly looking very regal! He has a color scheme of royal blues and yellow, and it gives him a really distinctive look.

We would try to use some really dark blues for those sections of his outfit, and then use some bright yellows or golds for his crown.

You could even use some glitter for the crown to make it sparkle! That is an example of one kind of craft you could use, but what other crafts could you incorporate?Descendants coloring pages free printable

The hair on this next character is truly stunning! Even in black and white, it manages to catch the eye and bring your attention to this page.

That’s in black and white, so can you imagine how amazing it will look when you have added some colors?

We would use some colored pens and markers for the hair of this character, as that would allow you to add some highlights and all sorts of great touches.

What are some mediums you think you would like to use for this character?Descendants coloring pages free printable

Lovely Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, is smiling up a storm in this charming image. Make sure to use jewel tones for her designer jacket – sapphire blues and emerald greens would be perfect!

Give Evie bold ruby red lips to match. And don’t forget her beautiful blue hair! Use watercolors to give it a magical dimension.

Evie can see the future in her magic mirror. However you color her, Evie will look royally ravishing!descendants coloring printable for adults

We’re taking another look at Mal for this next page, and this is such a fun portrayal of this character!

She is wearing a simpler outfit with a simpler hairstyle here, but there are still so many fun ways that you can add some color to this iconic character!Descendants Coloring Book for adults free download

In this next Descendants coloring printable, we are meeting up with Jay again. This is another image where we get a better look at the details of the outfit.

It also means that you can have some fun with coloring these smaller details, so this is one that you can really take your time with while having loads of fun!Descendants Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

The daughter of the Evil Queen, Evie, is the next character we have for you to color.

She is one of the most popular Descendants characters, and she has a gorgeous color scheme that she normally dresses in.

This color scheme consists of reds, purples and blacks, and it makes for a really subtle yet interesting look for the character.

You could use a picture of how she looks in the show to help you if you want to get the colors just right, but don’t be shy about giving her a unique look instead if that is what you prefer!Descendants coloring pages free printable

Mal is back for more in this Descendants coloring page.

In this image, we get a much better look at the details of her outfit, and that means that you can have lots of fun adding colors to all these details!

Remember that she has a primarily purple color scheme, and you can stick to that if you like that look for her. Can you think of any other colors that may suit Mal?

If so, you could use them on this page to show a new look that would look cool on her!Descendants coloring pages free printable

This next page that we have for you is such a great pose for this character!

There are some wonderful details to admire here such as the small circles on her top and the sections of her crown. Which colors and mediums do you think you will use for this character?Descendants Easy Coloring Pages

We have another close-up for you to have some fun with in this next image!

Close-ups like this really let you get more intricate with your color details, and you can try out all sorts of different art mediums and techniques.

Which ones will you use for this pretty picture?Descendants Coloring Pages for kids free download

This character is looking a lot more casual for this image! This isn’t the most detailed portrayal we’ve seen in this collection, but that can actually have some advantages.

It allows you to draw or color some details of your own to personalize this picture even more. What kinds of awesome color details spring to mind for you when you look at this image?Descendants Coloring Pages for adults free printable

We love the detailing on this next picture! There are so many small little details to admire, and that means that they will look even better when there is color added to them.

This is another image where colored pens and markers would be perfect, as their pinpoint accuracy means you can color the smallest dots.

Do you have some art tools that allow for precision that you could use for this one?Descendants Coloring Pages free pdf download

This is certainly a fancy hairstyle that is featured on this page! Do you recognize this character from the Descendants movies?

If you do, then you can either try to replicate her color scheme from the movies, or you could try to give her a unique look of your own design.

If you can’t choose, why not print our two copies so you can experiment?Descendants Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We began this collection of Descendants coloring sheets with Carlos, and it’s only fitting that we end it with him as well!

This is another wonderful portrayal of this lovable character, and you have infinite ways that you could color him.

Whether you go for one of his looks from the series or create a brand new look for him, we know it will look incredible!Descendants Coloring Book free printable

Descendants Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a great time coloring these villains we featured in this collection of free Descendants coloring pages for kids!

There were so many great portrayals of these classic characters, and their designs allow for so much color creativity.

Remember to check out our website for even more coloring page collections to enjoy and share! We will be looking forward to seeing you there!

You can also share some of your favorite finished pages from this collection onto our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see how great they look!

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