Ariel Coloring Pages

Relive this animation classic with these Ariel coloring pages!

While most people probably recognize The Little Mermaid story from the various Disney films, it originated as a tale published in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen.

Since then, it has been the subject of multiple adaptations by companies like Disney, and that has included animated films, TV series, video games, books and a live action film.

This collection of free Ariel coloring pages for kids will celebrate this character as she appeared in the original 1989 film.

Many people grew up with and loved this adaptation, and new fans enjoy it every day!

This collection will be perfect for anyone that loves this film, and you will have plenty of ways to get creative with it. So let’s dive under the sea and see what treasures we can find!

15 Brand New Ariel Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

In the film, Ariel is tricked into taking a deal from the villainous Ursula. On the surface, it offers her a way to have legs and be a part of the surface world that she has long admired.

Ursula isn’t too up front about the terms though, and it ends up creating a lot of conflict. This Ariel coloring sheet shows the moment that Ursular grants Ariel her legs.

Will you use the same colors from the film or will you use some unique colors of your own?ariel coloring pages for kids

This adorable next page shows Ariel hanging out with her fish friend Flounder and the lovable crab Sebastian. It’s a really great scene that gives you many details to color.

You could spend a lot of time on this one and come up with something really eye-catching.

If you have lots of ideas for how to color this page, then you could always print a few copies and try a few different approaches.

It’s free to do so, so you have everything you need to try out all of your amazing ideas!

original ariel coloring pages

The focus is on Ariel on this next page, and she looks like she is having a lovely day under the sea. In the film, Ariel is known for her luscious bright red hair.

This is contrasted with the green of her tail, and that helps to provide some complimentary colors for your drawing if you choose to go with these colors.

There is some satisfaction in portraying the colors that are accurate to the film, but you can also use some of your own color choices instead if you like.

Either approach works, so go with what feels right!original ariel coloring printable

It’s time for a close-up on Ariel on this page. You get a good look at the colors of her hair, dress and accessories here, and adding color will make them look even more amazing.

Coloring these kinds of small details with larger mediums like crayons or big paint brushes can be tricky. That’s why I would probably go for some colored pens or pencils for this page.

These mediums are my go to for these kinds of small details, as they give you a lot more control over the colors you are applying.ariel coloring sheet free download

How amazing are all of the details on this next Ariel coloring printable! There are so many details not just on Ariel but also the background details.

It looks incredible, and there are so many ways to add color to the scene. The different art mediums that you can use will make a big difference.

If you want some bright colors, then you could use colored pens or acrylic paint. For lighter colors, I like to use watercolor paint or colored pencils.

These are a few of the mediums you could use, but what will you choose for these details?ariel coloring sheet free pdf

This page captures the elegance of Ariel in her human dress. The background of this page shows her walking by the ocean, so this gives you a few ways to finish off this page.

You could start by drawing some additional details to add color to as well. Drawing the sun or the moon would allow you to add some beautiful yellow to the sky, and you could draw and color some stars too.

There are lots of ways to add extra details and colors, so feel free to go off script and add some of your own ideas!ariel coloring pages free download

The effects drawn around Ariel on this page make it look like she is in the middle of a dance. This opens up some opportunities for you, as you could build a scene around this.

The first way that you could do this would be to draw a background setting. She could be dancing underwater, or she could be in a grand dance hall.

You could also write some words from your favorite song from the movie to suggest that Ariel is dancing to ariel coloring pages

Next up, Ariel is once again looking fancy, as if she is heading to a grand event. The difference here is that she is still in her mermaid form, so this must be taking place under the sea.

Adding some fish or other mermaids would help to add some life to this page. You could add characters from the films or even create some unique ones of your own.

Doing so will make a page that is totally unique to you! What kind of scene would you like to create for this page?

ariel coloring pages for adults

Ariel is surrounded by starfish and jellyfish on this delightful page. When you’re adding color to a page like this, you have some different ways to bring color to it.

For the starfish, you could sprinkle some glitter over light layers of glue to add some sparkliness. That would add some extra magic to the scene!

Using stickers, beads and other crafts can be fantastic for some unusual colors as well. Feel free to look through your art supplies and use some that may be considered unusual or unconventional!ariel coloring book

This portrayal of Ariel is known for her flowing red hair, and it’s a prominent feature of this Ariel printable. When coloring flowing, long hair, using certain art mediums will make it easier.

For example, using paint for hair is always a great option. Keeping your brushstrokes long and flowing will help to create a sense of movement for the hair.

Of course, you can use any other mediums that you feel will give a good effect! Each person will tackle these kinds of challenges differently, so anything that you want to do will be a great choice for your artwork.ariel head coloring pages

We have something a bit more unusual for this next page. Ariel has been drawn in a slightly different style to the ones we have seen so far.

She is drawn in a less detailed, more cartoony style for this page, and it makes for an interesting difference! If I was coloring this page, I would use some bright and vibrant colors.

I feel that would be perfect for the more exaggerated style of this interpretation. What kind of approach would you like to take for this unusual take on Ariel?young ariel coloring pages

Here’s an interesting take on Ariel, especially if you look a bit closer. At first glance, it looks like Ariel is in a dress, probably in her human form.

If you look closer, you will see her mermaid tail poking out the base, however. This shows that she must be wearing this fancy outfit under the sea.

What sort of event do you think she could be attending? You could show off your ideas by drawing a background for the page.

That would also allow you to use even more colors!disney ariel coloring printable

The contrast on this page is that Ariel is very detailed and looks fancy, while the sea creatures around her are drawn in a simple, cartoony style.

It’s a really fun contrast, and you can emphasize it with the colors that you choose. Lighter colors for Ariel and brighter, more vibrant colors for the sea creatures would create a contrast between the styles and the colors.

Of course, you could go for a more unified color scheme if you prefer. It’s up to you, so what do you think would work best for this page?teenage ariel coloring pages

Ariel is a really beautiful and elegant character, and this page really captures that. Because of the composition, I think that some subtle, pretty colors would work best for this page.

Because of that, I would probably personally go for some colored pencils or watercolor paint. That would give the colors a lovely subtle, gentle feel.

That would suit the style of the image in my opinion, but there are many other ways you could color this page that would be just as great!

Now you can show what you think would best suit this drawing style.disney ariel coloring sheet

This final Ariel coloring page shows Ariel looking happy while admiring some fish and other sea creatures under the sea. It really depicts a particularly perfect day under the ocean!

The fish in this image look great in their simple style, but you could also add some more characters from the film. Flounder or Sebastian would be great choices that would be easy to add.

If there are any other characters that you think would work, then you could certainly add them! Who would you like to have hanging out with Ariel?disney princess ariel coloring pages

Ariel Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

That brings you to the end of this collection of free Ariel coloring sheets for kids! We wanted to show off Ariel and her friends in some amazing styles and poses.

That means that there is enough variety for you to use any of your favorite colors, mediums and techniques. We also left many of the pages open enough for you to add some of your own drawing details.

With so many chances for creativity, we know that you will make some incredible artwork! Sharing this collection with your friends would also help to spread the underwater fun.

Please also go ahead and share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, so we can see how great they are!

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