25+ Colorful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Butterfly crafts make me happy for several different reasons. Once I see those beautiful colorful wings out and about in nature, I know that Spring is on the way. (or quite possibly already even here!)

There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful butterfly just fluttering its wings through the air. It’s one of those magical moments that almost everyone stops to watch.

This is why we make certain that we have plenty of butterfly crafts on hand at all times. Decorating the inside of our home with the beauty of butterflies until we can start seeing them outside makes the winter days pass by that much more quickly.

The great thing about creating a pretty butterfly craft is that there are so many different mediums that you can easily use and I’ll happily showcase most of them below.

You’re going to find a wide variety of Butterfly Crafts for Kids from paper bags, paper plates, egg cartons, foil, washi tape, and more!

25+ Colorful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

I’ll be the first to say that there’s no limit to the number of butterfly crafts that you can make. Here are some of our favorites that you and your children are certain to enjoy!

Click on the links below the images to be taken to the original tutorials and for pinning individual posts. I hope all these beautiful colors get you inspired to craft some butterflies with the little ones in your life.

Butterfly TemplateThis simple butterfly template is a great basis for creating the perfect butterfly.

Paper Plate Fluttering Butterfly CraftOne of the coolest parts of the butterfly is their fluttering wings, right? Make your own here!

Gorgeous Butterfly CraftLet their creativity and artistic abilities shine with this beautiful butterfly craft.

Butterfly CardTalk about the cutest homemade card, ever! This butterfly card is perfect for any holiday or just as a way to make someone smile.

Paper Butterfly PuppetMaking your very own DIY puppet is a great way to have imaginative play for hours.

Paper Plate ButterflyWhat I love most about this craft is that it’s as easy as decorating a paper plate. This butterfly craft is one that takes moments to make.

Paper Bag ButterflyThis butterfly craft is awesome for early learners and creative minds. It’s also a good exercise for fine motor skills as well.

Bubble Blowing Art Butterfly CraftWho knew that you could literally paint just by blowing bubbles?!

Butterfly Windsock CraftNow you can make a butterfly that will flutter its wings all year long!

Watercolor Black Glue Butterfly CraftYour child is going to love the outcome of this cool black glue craft.

Painted Newspaper Butterfly CraftThis is such a fun upcycle activity and craft for kids!

3D Paper Butterfly CraftMaking a 3D butterfly is a pretty awesome way to decorate your house with “real” looking butterflies.

Colorful Wood Peg Doll Butterfly CraftAdding the cute faces onto the wood pegs are just half the fun!

Butterfly Black Glue Spring Art ProjectThis is one really cool butterfly craft that is fun to create and display.

Apple Print Butterfly CraftKnow you know that you can take an apple print and turn it into a beautiful butterfly!

Spoon Butterfly Kid Craft with Fun ChalkCreating a butterfly out of spoons is a simple craft that can be done anywhere!

Foam Cup Butterfly CraftButterflies can even spruce up a simple old foam cup and turn it into something beautiful.

Handprint Butterfly CraftAll this butterfly craft needs is a little hand to make it come to life.

Contact Paper Butterfly CraftNot only is this super fun to make but once the sunlight shines through, it can really bring some fun color into the room as well.

Butterfly Finger PuppetsFinger puppets are awesome fun but when they’re butterfly finger puppets? Totally awesome.

Popsicle Stick Butterfly CraftLet the kids eat the popsicles first and then use the popsicle sticks to make this fun craft.

Butterfly Valentine’s Day MailboxYou’ve just found the perfect Valentine’s Day box for your child’s classroom party next year.

Paper Plate and Doily Butterfly CraftYou more than likely have everything you need for this simple craft just sitting around your house.

Static Electricity Butterfly ExperimentYou won’t want to miss out on this amazing experiment!

See? Look at how many butterfly crafts we’ve created in our house! There are so many days when these simple butterfly crafts have turned a dreary day into something fun and beautiful. I hope that they can do the same for you!

But wait…I’m not done.

Here are some other awesome butterfly crafts from other bloggers as well. The more crafts that you have to choose from, the more butterflies there will be out in the world!

More Butterfly Crafts to Create

You can never have too many crafting options when it comes to butterflies! Here are a few other great options to have on your crafting radar.

Fluttering Butterfly Craft from Pink Stripey Socks

Butterfly Sun Catcher from Minieco

Egg Carton Butterfly from Crafty Morning

Butterfly Washi Tape Craft at Artsy Momma

DIY Cardboard Butterfly Wings from Fun at Home With Kids

Tissue Paper Butterflies from In The Playroom

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