Mouse Coloring Pages

Get your favorite cheese ready and have some fun with these mouse coloring pages!

Mice are definitely some of the cutest critters that you’ll find around you. Whether they’re living in a mousehole in your house, starring in a cartoon or living as a cute pet, these little rodents are usually present in some shape or form!

This collection of free mouse coloring pages for kids are great to have some cute coloring fun with some adorable mice!

You’re sure to have some wonderful little adventures with the mice you’re about to color in.

There are some unique scenarios in these mouse coloring printables, so to keep up the variety you could try some different mediums when coloring!

Paints, coloring pens and pencils can be a great way to add some more intense and bright colors to your coloring.

Once you’ve finished coloring your favorite mouse coloring sheets, please share your colorful creations to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see your cute and colorful mice!

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15 Brand New Mouse Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first image in this collection of free mouse coloring pages for kids shows a cool little mouse having a fun day on the beach!

For this fun and bright image, I would use a lovely light blue for the sky and some yellows for the sand. This would really finish off this fun day at the beach for this chilling mouse.cinderella mouse coloring pages free printable

The spotlight is on another mouse friend in this next mouse coloring sheet.

It would really bring the focus to this mouse if you colored in the circle he’s in a bright yellow and kept the background darker for a spotlight effect.cute mouse coloring pages free download

Look at this adorable little mouse waiting to be colored. He’s standing on his hind legs with the biggest, happiest smile on his face.

His round ears perk up, twitching as he listens for the faintest sounds. His tiny paws grasp a big block of cheese almost as big as he is.

As you color in his soft fur, don’t forget to add in some cute whiskers above his nose and a long, thin tail curling out behind him.

What colors will you use? Light brown, dark brown, gray and white like a real mouse? mouse coloring pages for kids

It’s time to get out your umbrella for this rainy mouse coloring page! This mouse is standing under his umbrella, but he’s looking happy despite being caught in the rain.

For this image, I would use some darker colors to fit in with the theme of a grey, rainy day.

How will you color in this mouse printable?cartoon mouse coloring pages free download

This next mouse coloring sheet shows a cute mouse enjoying a snack in the great outdoors.

There is a great opportunity for some lovely and vibrant greens along with some colors of nature for this image.

I would use a nice light blue for the sky to finish off the feeling of a beautiful day outside.

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This charming little mouse has a big heart. Look at the adorable heart shape on her chest. I think she must be a very loving, caring mouse.

As she stands with her paws out and a great big smile on her face.

The heart shape would look lovely colored in bright reds and pinks, like valentines. What other colors will you use for her fur? Soft browns, grays and white like a real mouse? mouse coloring printable for kids

It looks like a wonderful Spring day outside for this mouse printable!

You can add some of your favorite bright colors for the flowers and plants on the background for a splash of beautiful color. I would color in the flower a beautiful bright red, but what color will you use?disney mouse coloring pages free print out

This next mouse coloring page seems to show a mouse having a bubble bath! There are plenty of circles for the background of this image, so if I were to color in this image I would use a blue color scheme.

You could do this by using as many shades of blue as you can for the bubbles, but it would look really cool no matter what colors you decide on!kids mouse coloring pages free printable

Our next free mouse coloring sheet looks like a poster starring a mouse!

The word mouse is in bold letters, and you could try to make each letter a different color to give this mouse coloring page a fancy look. Which of your favorite colors will you use for this page?

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What a sweet, simple mouse waiting patiently to be colored. Sitting back on its haunches, paws together in front, this mouse looks completely content and at ease. Its black bead eyes gleam with curiosity and friendliness.

The tail, thin as a pencil, curls around the mouse’s feet. As you color in its soft fur, will you use natural shades of brown, gray and white.

You could even make colorful spots and patterns. However you decorate it, this calm little mouse will look wonderful. black-and-white mouse coloring pages

The happy looking mouse in this mouse coloring printable is surrounded by so many stars!

I think it would look wonderfully bright and colorful to color in all of the stars bright yellow with a darker background for a colorful explosion.

You could also use pretty much any combination of colors for the stars and it would be a really striking image!cute mouse coloring pages free printable

It’s M for mouse in this next mouse coloring page! The mouse with this giant M looks really pleased to be the focus of attention.

It’s a beautiful day outside in this printable, so I would use some bright and cheery colors for the sky and the sun to finish off this happy picture!

You could also use your very favorite color for the giant M to make this page even more personalized for you. What color will you use to finish off this mouse coloring printable?m is for mouse coloring pages free download

This coloring page features a spooky mouse ready for Halloween. As you color in its costume, use dark shades like black, deep purple and blood red – perfect for him.

Its fur could be colored gray and white like a regular mouse, or try using neon orange, toxic green and ghostly blue.

Add in some spiders, bats and pumpkins in the background for a seriously scary scene. However you decorate it, this vampire mouse will be wickedly fun.original mouse coloring printable

We have a very sweet and charming mouse for you to color in this next free mouse coloring page.

It is standing up with its paws in front of its body, and it has large ears and a small tail. It looks like it is very shy and gentle.

You can use your imagination and creativity to color this page however you like. Maybe you want to use some pastel and soft colors for the mouse, such as pink, lavender, or mint. little mouse coloring printable

The final picture in this collection of free mouse coloring sheets for kids shows a mouse who has apparently won the mouse jackpot!

He’s with a giant block of cheese, so it’s no wonder why he’s looking so pleased and happy.

The big block of cheese would look great with some bright vibrant yellow, and maybe you could use a complimentary color like pink or purple for the background.

That would really finish off this mouse printable set in style!

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Mouse Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a wonderful few hours of coloring fun with these free mouse coloring pages for kids!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and printable goodies are free for you to print out and color as many times as you like!

You could print out a few copies of your favorite mouse coloring sheets to try out new colors and mediums for extra color fun.

We bring out new free coloring pages and art printables all the time for you to enjoy, so please like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on the fun!

Also, we would really love to see how you color in these mouse coloring pages, so please share some of your favorites once they’re finished on our Facebook page for us to see!

We’re always amazed by your coloring creativity and can’t wait to see some adorable finished mouse printables.

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