Hamster Coloring Pages

Discover our Hamster coloring pages collection suitable for kids of all ages.

Hamsters are fur-covered adorable animals loved by people everywhere. Their oversized cheek pouches and short tails are cuter than anything else.

Plus, hamsters are also very intelligent creatures. Did you know that they can even learn their name?

Print these hamster coloring sheets and use them to help your child develop their coloring skills and have fun while learning more about hamsters.

15 Brand New Hamster Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Did you know that hamsters are nocturnal animals? On our first hamster coloring page, this hamster seems like it just woke up from a good nap and is ready to play or have a snack.

The hamster on this coloring sheet looks very curious. What do you think it is curious about? Maybe it wants to see what shades your child will use to color it.

Print this hamster coloring sheet and invite your little one to get creative with colors. Hamsters can be white, black, or different shades of brown, but your child can experiment with colors.

A blue or purple hamster? Sure, why not?Hamster Coloring Pages for kids free download

Look at this cute and fluffy hamster sitting and looking excited! He’s got the softest fur you’ve ever seen. Use your lightest browns and tans to capture how soft and cushy his fur looks.

Be sure to use pink for his ears, feet, and the tip of his nose. Hamsters have poor eyesight, but excellent hearing and sense of smell.

They stuff their cheek pouches full of food to store for later. This little guy’s cheeks must be stuffed after a long day of gathering food! hamster coloring pages for kids

One interesting fact to know about hamsters is that they can recognize their owners. On our following coloring page, this hamster looks like it has seen its owners, and it is pleased about it.

We also think that it may be waiting for a snack by the way it smiles.

Invite your child to color this friendly hamster with whatever shades they like the most.

They can use shades of black and brown to color the hamster and add a splash of green color for the grass in the background.Hamster Coloring Pages for adults free printable

One of the most interesting things to know about hamsters is that their teeth never stop growing. Their teeth can grow so much that they might actually hurt them.

That is why hamsters need to chew on hard things to keep their teeth from growing too much.

We believe that, on this hamster coloring page, our designers perfectly captured just how big a hamster’s teeth can grow. Can you see how cute and long this hamster’s teeth are?

Print this coloring sheet for your little one and have fun together while coloring it and learning more fun facts about hamsters.Hamster Coloring Pages free pdf download

This happy hamster is standing on his hind legs and waving hello! I would name him Squeaks. Wave back and say hi to Squeaks!

Use light browns for most of his fur, but make his tummy white. For his ears and feet, pink would look great.

Did you know hamsters are nocturnal? That means they sleep during the day and are awake and active at night.

Squeaks is wide awake right now, ready to play. Make sure you give him big, bright eyes since he’s wide awake and ready for some fun in this hamster coloring page.original hamster coloring pages

Our next hamster coloring page captures just how adorable these tiny creatures can be. This hamster looks incredibly cute with its big eyes and friendly smile.

Don’t you agree? We believe that those sweet eyes can melt anyone’s heart.

This coloring sheet features so many design details that your little one can color using whatever shades they like most.

Plus, the white background allows your child to draw on this page and add a personal touch to this work of art.Hamster Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

The fur of a hamster can be long or short and feature plenty of colors from black to grey, honey, white, brown, and yellow.

So, we believe that this hamster coloring page gives plenty of room for your child to experiment with colors.

Our next coloring sheet features a fluffy cute hamster that looks like it is waving to someone. Who does your child imagine it is waving to?

Maybe its owner or its hamster friends? Invite your little ones to use their imagination.

Print this hamster coloring sheet for free and encourage your child to have fun while coloring it.Hamster Coloring Book free printable

Aww, look at this cute hamster with his eyes closed, smiling away. He looks so happy and content! Let’s call him Smiley. I would use tan and brown for his fur to make him look extra fluffy.

Give Smiley pink ears and feet too. Hamsters have four toes on their front feet and five toes on their back feet. Carefully color each tiny toe pink on Smiley’s little feet.

When you’re done, share your completed hamster coloring sheets with us on our social media pages.new hamster coloring printable

Here’s a fun fact about baby hamsters: they are born naked and blind. Our next coloring page captures a baby hamster. It looks so cute and adorable. Don’t you agree?

Coloring this hamster on this printable sheet will be so fun for your little one. It is an excellent opportunity to exercise their coloring skills and creativity.

They get to choose whatever colors they want to use.

We are sure that this adorable hamster would look fantastic in blue, purple, green, or pink as well. So, invite your little one to let their creativity run wild.Hamster Coloring Book for kids free printable

Did you know that hamsters’ eyes come in a variety of colors? They range from bright pink to dark red, brown, and black.

Our next coloring sheet captures a hamster with a pair of very interesting eyes that your little one can color using whatever shade they like most.

Plus, they can also choose a bold and exciting shade for the fur as well. What’s more, they can add a splash of color by making the grass green.

Print this free hamster coloring page for your little ones and encourage them to experiment with colors.Hamster Coloring Sheet for children free download

After a long day of playing with his ball and eating all his food, this little hamster is tuckered out! Use light browns and tans for his soft, downy fur. Make sure to give him a pink nose, ears and feet.

Hamsters are solitary, meaning they like to live on their own in the wild. They build underground burrows with tunnels leading to different rooms for sleeping, eating, and storing food.

This hamster looks so cozy and comfortable sleeping in his own little burrow after a busy day!hamster coloring printable for kids

What’s more adorable than a hamster? A blushing and smiling hamster! Our next coloring page captures the cutest hamster you’ve ever seen.

It looks extremely friendly, and it seems like it is a little shy about making new friends. Can your little one help it with some colors?

This hamster coloring sheet features so many design details that your child can color using their favorite shades.

They can color the hamster using their favorite color, and they can get creative about coloring the background.

For example, they can use green for the grass and blue for the white background to resemble the sky.Hamster Coloring Book for adults free download

Hamsters, like all rodents, love to chew all the time. In fact, chewing is a natural behavior in hamsters.

You can see just how much hamsters like to chew stuff from our next coloring page. This hamster coloring sheet captures the rodent chewing on a snack. It looks very happy about it.

Your little one will have so much fun putting some colors on this page. They can get creative and experiment with shades.

Whether they imagine this hamster blue, red, purple, or pink, we’re sure your little one will do a great job coloring this page.Hamster Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Our last hamster coloring page features a lovely hamster looking very friendly and excited to be colored.

This hamster features fluffy fur, cute teeth, and big adorable eyes. Your child can have plenty of fun deciding which colors to use.

Print this free hamster coloring sheet for your little ones and encourage them to let their creativity run wild. They can even imagine the name of this hamster. Imagination has no limits!

We constantly update our coloring page collections, so visit us again for more fun printable sheets!Hamster Easy Coloring Pages

Here’s another cute and fluffy hamster sitting on his bottom. Look at his chubby cheeks! Hamsters have pouches in their cheeks to carry food and nesting material.

Use tan, brown, white and pink to color him in. Leave his eyes closed since hamsters have poor eyesight and rely on their sense of smell and hearing more.

Did you know hamsters stuff their cheek pouches so full of food, their cheeks can even drag on the ground? Silly hamsters!new hamster coloring printable for adults


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