Monkey Coloring Pages

Explore your child’s creativity with these adorable monkey coloring pages

On this page, you will find 25 all new Monkey coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

When you see these adorable monkey coloring pages that make such a delightful pastime activity, you almost want to start coloring them together with your child. In fact, this is highly advised!

What better way to spend quality time with your little one than to do such a relaxing activity that can help explore a child’s creativity and imagination?

And you have so many of them to color that it is impossible to get bored!

25 Brand New Monkey Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

There is some real monkey business going on in this monkey coloring sheet! This adorable monkey is swinging through the jungle on a vine, and it looks like it is really enjoying the experience.

The background of this page isn’t super detailed, but there is just enough to create a bit of a background scene.

You could keep the sky behind the monkey blank and just add some blues, but you could also draw some more trees, plants or sky details.

Will you add any more background details to this one?Monkey coloring pages free printable

Let’s take it easy for this next page. The monkey we have starring on this page certainly is, as it looks very happy and relaxed here.

For a picture like this, there are many ways that you could color it to fit the mood that is being shown.

Lighter, cozier colors would suit the relaxed mood of the image, whereas brighter colors would help to show how happy this monkey is feeling at this moment.

Either way would look great, so it’s up to you to decide on how you will color this adorable scene.Monkey coloring pages free printable

This monkey coloring page features a delightful scene of a monkey sitting on some leaves. He has a big smile on his face and looks very happy.

What kind of monkey do you think this is? There are many types of monkeys in the world, and they live in different habitats.

You can color this image with different shades of brown for the monkey’s fur, and green for the leaves.

You can also add some details to the background, such as a blue sky, some clouds, or other animals. monkey coloring pages for kids

Look at our first playful monkey hanging by what looks like a very thin vine! We wonder how it is possible, but monkeys are actually highly skilled when it comes to climbing.

They can even use their tails to help them attach to branches.

So, how could you not be excited to color this cute baby monkey? With a smiling expression on its face, holding a banana with its legs, it is pretty easy to color this printable monkey page.

Add two shades of yellow for the banana, with a slightly darker tone for the peel.

As for the background, you can imagine it being in the air and color it completely blue, or imagine there is another tree behind.Monkey Coloring Pages for kids free download

This charming little monkey looks like he’s dancing. We know that monkeys don’t do this, but there are no limits to how you want to imagine it.

With its hands up in the air, it appears that this cute monkey is jumping from one foot to the other.

Chances are you have probably watched various cartoons with your child featuring monkey characters. There, monkeys are usually colored with different shades of brown.

So, on this monkey coloring page, you could opt for a light brown for the tummy, face, hands, and feet and a darker shade for the rest of the fur.Monkey Coloring Pages for adults free printable

This coloring page features a cute monkey sitting on a giant leaf. He has a furry body and limbs, with a long tail for grasping branches. His hair sticks up in a funny tuft.

Color his fur brown and black, the leaf shades of green, and add some colorful flowers. You can also add some details to the background, such as flowers, insects, or other leaves.

How do you think this monkey feels? It looks very calm and relaxed. original monkey coloring pages

Now, this is definitely a baby monkey only a few weeks old. By the looks of it, this little one is still learning how to walk and climb trees as the older monkeys do.

This curious and cheerful expression clearly shows its friendly personality.

Given that the background is entirely white on this monkey coloring page, your child can color it in any way they want.

An idea would be to choose different shades of green, as if our cute baby monkey is sitting on the grass in the forest, surrounded by trees.

Truthfully, there are no rules when it comes to coloring these printable sheets.Monkey Coloring Pages free pdf download

This energetic monkey coloring page shows a patas monkey sitting amongst the flowers. Look at his spotted brown and white fur and the long tail flowing behind him.

Patas monkeys are the fastest primates, running on all fours up to 35 mph. You can color this image with different shades of brown for the monkey’s fur, and green for the grass and leaves.

You can also add some details to the background, such as a sun, a rainbow, or some birds. How do you think this monkey spends its day? It looks very energetic and monkey coloring pages

Monkeys love to perform tricks and show off, and this one is showing off a few tricks in one!

Not only is it balancing on its hand, but it is also holding an apple that it is presumably about to eat with the other hand.

Even though this set of moves would probably require some effort, this monkey seems to be rather relaxed as he performs this trick.

It’s a really fun image just as is, but you can make it even better by adding some amazing color choices!

What do you think would best suit this picture?Monkey coloring pages free printable

This next page in our collection of free monkey coloring pages for kids shows off a move that would be very difficult for most humans to perform for any length of time.

This monkey definitely makes it look easy, and the relaxed look on its face just makes it seem like it’s no big deal!

There are some more cool details to this one such as the hanging vines and the edges of a bush or treetop near the bottom of the frame.

These give you some fun opportunities for colors, but you could also add any extra details of your own if you want even more color.Monkey coloring pages free printable

This monkey coloring page presents a funny monkey sitting down with its legs spread out and its arms resting on the floor. He has a big head with large round ears and a tuft of hair on top.

You can color this image with different shades of brown for the monkey’s fur, and yellow for the tuft of hair. You can also add some details to the background, such as trees, rocks, or bananas. little monkey coloring pages

It is always enjoyable and quite captivating to see these lovely monkeys hanging from tree branches. Baby monkeys can be incredibly playful.

In fact, they learn how to properly climb trees and help themselves with their tail all through play.

On this monkey coloring page, you can notice a baby monkey happily and effortlessly holding the tree branch with only one hand, while the other appears to be holding something.

Perhaps this cute monkey found a small fruit to eat.Monkey Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Didn’t we say that monkeys use their tails to climb trees and hang from tree branches? Look at this charming baby monkey with such a bubbly personality featured on this monkey coloring sheet.

Its smile is so contagious that you cannot help but feel cheerful. You can imagine that hanging from a branch up in the air like this is an exciting feeling.

In terms of the color palette, you can paint the monkey’s eyes blue. That would surely look beautiful with its brown fur. Behind this cute monkey, the clear blue sky could be seen.Monkey Coloring Book free printable

Monkeys can perform all sorts of fun tricks with their tails, and this one is showing how it can hang from a branch using it.

It’s another trick that would probably be a lot harder to perform than this monkey is making it out to be.

The branch it is hanging from is nicely detailed, but you could add a few more small branches or leaves coming off of it for even more fun details to color.

Those are a few things you could add to this picture, but what else do you think would suit this scene?Monkey coloring pages free printable

How cute is the next monkey that we have for you to color? This one looks like it is probably a bit younger, and it just looks so cute.

While it may be cute while looking like a baby, it is still showing off that it can perform some really cool tricks!

There is quite a bit of empty space left at the bottom of the page, and that means you could add some extra objects or details.

Maybe you could draw some fun toys or other things for this cute little monkey to play with!Monkey coloring pages free printable

Here we have a sweet baby monkey sitting down with a tuft of hair on its head. He has large round eyes and a small nose.

You can color this image with different shades of brown for the monkey’s fur, and any color you like for the tuft of hair. You can also add some details to the background, such as stars, hearts, or letters.

How do you think this baby monkey feels? It looks very loving and innocent. Monkeys are very affectionate and caring animals, and they like to cuddle with their parents and siblings. monkey coloring printable

In this monkey coloring page, we cannot help but imagine that this adorable baby monkey is exercising, given the way in which it is holding that tree branch.

As mentioned, these fun and enjoyable coloring printable sheets truly help children – and adults – to explore their creativity and imagination.

A dark brown and a bit of black for the branch would look fantastic, with a contrasting green for the leaves.

As for our little monkey, you could choose different shades of brown or even a golden orange shade, as some species of monkey have this kind of fur.Monkey Coloring Book for kids free printable

This next baby monkey resembles the famous cartoon character Curious George.

With its charmingly cute expression, holding that banana with one hand, and the way it is hanging from that tree branch, one cannot help but see the similarities.

If you and your child have watched the cartoon together, this monkey coloring page is a fantastic way of remembering those times.

And why not – you could even put the cartoon in the background while you color this cute printable page with your child.Monkey Coloring Sheet for children free download

There is quite a lot of movement being captured on this next monkey coloring printable!

The monkey is swinging through the jungle on some vines, and this page has captured the moment where it will soon grab onto the next one.

Because this monkey is moving fast while swinging, we would use lots of small strokes of color for the background in order to create a sense of movement.

That is one way you could emphasize what is happening here, but what else could you do to the background to suggest speed and movement?Monkey coloring pages free printable

We have another cute monkey starring on this page, and it is looking very happy as it climbs a tree!

The jungle is a vibrant place filled with many plants, flowers trees and colorful animals.

While there are some good details on the jungle setting here, you could make it look even more like a real jungle by adding some of those details we mentioned.

Maybe you could add some more monkeys or maybe some colorful parrots and other birds to the background. What else can you think of that would look good in this jungle environment?Monkey coloring pages free printable

You cannot deny that this baby monkey looks like a professional, the way it is swinging from that vine like it is the easiest thing to do.

It actually is pretty easy for them, as this is how they go from one place to another.

You can decide on any color palette, but you could opt for vibrant contrasting shades to properly showcase this little monkey’s joyful personality for this coloring page.Monkey Coloring Book for adults free download

It is quite difficult for these monkey coloring pages not to bring utter joy to you and your child while you choose the appropriate colors to use.

Just take a look at this adorable baby monkey – which certainly doesn’t have more than a few weeks – how eager it is to discover its surroundings.

You might not want to use traditional colors anymore, such as different shades of brown. So, if your children want to use a different color palette, like pastel or bright, let them. We encourage creativity.Monkey Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

The monkey that we have next for you to color is looking very relaxed as it sits on a branch. This is another example of a picture that has been left open for you to add your own flair to.

The background could be filled with some flat color, but you could also draw some more of the background to show where this monkey is sitting.

If you were to do the second option, you could go with a jungle setting or maybe something else that would be less expected.

What other fun environments could you place this monkey into?Monkey coloring pages free printable

This monkey coloring page shows a monkey that seems to be deep in thought!

It is perched on a tree stump, and is looking very happy and contented as it seems to contemplate the mysteries of life.

When coloring this one, we think you should allow yourself to get lost in the process and let your creativity take over as you pick which colors would best suit it.

There are no wrong ways to color such a picture, and we know that whatever you pick will look incredible!Monkey coloring pages free printable

Lastly – we know you probably want more monkey coloring sheets given they are so delightful – we have another joyous monkey swinging from a tree branch.

The fur around its neck almost looks as if it has a fancy collar. You could choose a pastel shade for it, such as yellow.

Whether you want to use the traditional brown for this adorable monkey or you prefer another color palette, it is up to you and your child.

As for the background, you could imagine a blue sky with a few clouds on it.Monkey Easy Coloring Pages


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