Giant Panda Coloring Pages

10 unique and adorable giant panda coloring pages for you to enjoy

There’s no other animal as adorable and fluffy as a giant panda. Most of us have probably dreamt of owning a giant panda as a pet. But sadly, we have to accept the fact that giant pandas belong to the wildlife.

Giant pandas are mainly black and white in color. A touch of the colors yellow, brown, and grey on their fur will make the image more realistic. Feel free to color these giant panda coloring pages with any color you like! Remember, there are no limitations to your imagination.

With these free giant panda coloring printables, coloring activity between friends and family is made fun and easy. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and enjoy coloring it. Have fun bringing these colorless giant panda coloring sheets to life!

Giant Panda Coloring Pages — All-New Printable Sheets

In this coloring sheet, the giant panda is sitting down while holding a piece of small bamboo. With that huge belly, the giant panda has already probably eaten lots of bamboo and was saving the last one for its next meal.

The giant panda looks adorable with its gentle eyes. Its fur looks extremely soft and fluffy too! Which colors would you use to transform this colorless panda into a colorful one?free giant panda coloring pages

It’s meal time for this giant panda in this coloring sheet. The giant panda is munching on a slice of watermelon with a huge grin on its face. It surely looks like it’s enjoying the juicy watermelon.

There is also lots of bamboo in the background. That means, more food for the giant panda. Hurray!free pdf giant panda coloring pages

This coloring page shows a friendly giant panda saying hello. The giant panda is standing up as he holds onto the bamboo tree.

It is probably so happy because of the huge bamboo, thinking what a delicious dinner it is.giant panda coloring pages free printable

It’s nap time for this giant panda. In this coloring sheet, the giant panda is laying down on the grass underneath the rainbow.

The giant panda is winking, looking extremely adorable! There’s a rainbow in the sky along with some puffy clouds. It probably just finished and white panda printable sheet pdf

This coloring page shows a cheerful giant panda doing a happy dance! With those huge, gleaming eyes and wide grin, the giant panda looks like it is living its best life.

There are lots of stars in the background. Stars are mainly red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue, or red in color. Which color would you pick to color the stars?giant panda coloring pages free pdf

Have you ever seen a giant panda full of love? In this coloring sheet, the giant panda looks charming with its dazzling eyes and huge smile.

It is holding a heart with both hands up to his chest. Imagine this giant panda giving you the heart—so adorable!

There’s lots of hearts floating all over the background. Which colors would you use to color the hearts with?valentine's giant panda in love coloring pages

This coloring sheet shows a giant panda sitting down. The giant panda looks very gentle and cute with its huge, gleaming eyes and slight smile. Its tummy is bloated too, possibly from all the watermelons and bamboos it has eaten—so fluffy!

There are diagonal patterns in the background. A variation of bright neon or pastel colors would create a mesmerizing, colorful setting. Which colors would you pick for the background?cute giant panda coloring pages free pdf

Giant pandas love to sleep. In this coloring sheet, the giant panda is sleeping peacefully at night. Its eyes are completely closed and it looks very calm. Maybe the giant panda has eaten lots of bamboo before getting a good night sleep.

The night sky is filled with a bright half moon along with some sparkling stars. A combination of blue, white, and yellow would create beautiful nighttime views. Which colors would you use for the stars?sleeping giant panda coloring pages free pdf

In this coloring page, the panda is crawling on the ground. It looks adorable and gentle with its huge, sparkling eyes. There are bamboo trees and greeneries in the background, so the giant panda must be wandering in the wild.

Color green is a good choice when coloring greeneries. Which colors would you choose to create a lush natural scenery in the background?giant panda coloring pages free download

This coloring sheet shows a giant panda climbing up a bamboo tree. The giant panda is hugging the tree, holding on for dear life. It is smiling slightly with its eyes wide open—how cute!

It looks like the giant panda is having fun climbing up and down the bamboo tree, possibly planning to eat the bamboo for dinner too!giant panda coloring pages free to download

Giant Panda Coloring Pages — Which image will you choose to color?

Giant pandas are absolutely adorable and fluffy creatures! We hope you enjoy these compilation of giant panda coloring pages. Remember, all of our crafts and coloring printables are 100% free for you to print out and color.

We are always updating our website to continuously provide you with free coloring sheets. So, don’t forget to check back soon to enjoy newly uploaded coloring pages.

Coloring giant panda printables is surely an enjoyable activity for friends and family. Once you’ve finished coloring your giant panda coloring sheet, don’t forget to show off your masterpiece by sharing it on our Facebook page.

We are excited to see all of your colorful works of art!

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