Aladdin Coloring Pages

Replicate your favorite movie moments with these Aladdin coloring pages!

The story of Aladdin was made famous worldwide thanks to the enormously successful 1992 Disney film, Aladdin.

However, it is based on an old Middle Eastern fable, so this story has entertained people for hundreds of years.

Since that film there have been sequels, games, merchandise and a live-action remake. This story is as popular as ever, and so many fans are looking for a collection of free Aladdin coloring pages for kids.

That’s what we have here for you, as we have put together a collection of 15 pages featuring this story and its iconic characters. These pages are based on the original 1992 film, so it’s perfect for animation fans!

Now, let’s take a journey to a faraway land for some coloring fun!

15 Brand New Aladdin Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Aladdin coloring sheet features the iconic Genie, played by legendary actor Robin Williams. He is one of the most beloved characters from the film, and he is surrounding a magic lamp.

There is plenty to color here, and the gold of the lamp will contrast nicely with the blue of the Genies.

You can also fill the background with some amazing colors, so what will you choose for this?

I know whatever you pick will look absolutely amazing, so let your creativity run wild!aladdin coloring printable

You’d never think that a picture with a fearsome tiger could be adorable. That is, you may think that until you see this next page!

This one features Jasmine with her beloved tiger Rajah, and it’s a heartwarming scene indeed. Not only that, but you have the chance to use some beautiful colors for this page.

Rajah can be colored with some vibrant oranges and yellows, whereas Jasmine wears clothes that are light blue. What a great contrast you’ll have if you use this color scheme!

Will you go for those colors or perhaps use your own color selection instead?disney aladdin coloring pages

Animal lovers will definitely get a kick out of this next page. This one features the parrot Iago along with the lovable monkey, Abu.

These characters portray some of the funniest moments in the film, and so they have become fan favorites. Iago is carrying Abu through the sky, and you could add some cool details there.

Perhaps it could be some puffy clouds or some other birds flying alongside them. Of course, you could also keep it simple with some lovely sky blue for the background.

What will you choose for the sky in this picture?abu aladdin coloring pages

If we’re all being honest, every person watching the film secretly wishes they could have a magic carpet. It would be an awesome way to get from A to B, that’s for sure!

This next page shows Aladdin soaring through the sky on his magic carpet. It really captures the magic of this scene, and you can probably hear the magic carpet song in your head right now.

If you love this song, you could write your favorite line into the image or draw it in big letters. Which line from the song do you think you would choose if you were to add one here?aladdin full size coloring pages

This next Aladdin coloring printable shows Aladdin and Jasmine together. Fans of the film will definitely recognize this scene!

There are some amazing details to color and enjoy on this page, from the characters to the background. The details on the background have been left somewhat vague, but you could add some more if you like.

However, some may prefer to keep the focus on the characters, in which case you could keep the minimalist design in the background. There is no right or wrong way to do it!

What do you think you will choose for this page?original aladdin coloring printable

This next page brings the focus to the main man himself, Aladdin! We get a great look at the details of this character and his clothing, and now you can bring color to all of these details.

When coloring such an iconic character, there are a few ways that you can do it. You could use the colors from the film, or you could use your own unique color choices instead.

One way stays true to the movie, while the other lets you get really creative. Both ways can work, so go with your creative instincts on this one!easy aladdin coloring pages for children

The romance between Aladdin and Jasmine is a big part of the film, and their love is captured on this page. We see them sharing an embrace here, and it’s such a charming page to color.

If I were coloring this page, I would use some warm and inviting colors to really highlight the love and romance of the scene. Of course, that is just one way that you can do it!

With so many ways to color this page, what are you thinking of using?aladdin and jasmine coloring pages

The Genie is back for another appearance, and this time he is joined by a triumphant Aladdin! This is a really cool portrayal of these two iconic characters, and there is so much to color.

I love the details on Aladdin’s clothing here, and coloring some of these details could be a bit tricky.

When coloring such small details, colored pens are usually my art tool of choice.

These allow you to precisely color these smaller details while also providing bright and vibrant colors. That’s what I would use, but you should use whatever will work for you!the genie and aladdin coloring pages

Every great story needs a villain, and this page shows the famous villain from Aladdin, Jafar. He’s a memorable and sinister villain, and one that fans love to hate!

While he’s a truly despicable character, his charisma and charm make it hard to dislike him. He has the magic lamp here, and this is a pivotal moment in the film.

Filmmakers will often use darker backgrounds for villainous scenes, and you could do the same for this page. A dark background would definitely highlight the drama and villainy of this scene.jafar aladdin coloring pages

There’s nothing like some silliness with a friend, and that is captured on this next page, as Aladdin is with Abu who is goofing around.

It’s a really sweet scene, and it will be perfect for some amazing and fun colors. I would probably use some bright and vibrant colors to make this a happy scene.

That would be a great way to highlight the fun and lightheartedness of this image. Of course, that is just one of the ways that you could do it!

Which colors come to mind for you on this page?aladdin coloring printable for adults

The Sultan is the father of Jasmine, and he is known as a kind ruler that does love to lead a fancy and opulent life! This page shows him posing with the tiger Rajah.

There is plenty to color here, from the oranges of the tiger’s fur to the details of the Sultan’s clothing. As you work on these pages, remember that you can also add some additional details of your own.

Not only would that make it more unique, but it would also allow you to add some more colors to the page!aladdin new coloring pages

This next page shows our main character Aladdin posed with the famous magic lamp, and it’s a truly marvelous portrayal. It really captures the magic of the scene, and there is plenty to color here.

Once again, you have the option of matching the colors to a similar scene in the film, or you could go for something totally different.

The best part is that both methods can work brilliantly, so it’s up to you to decide!original aladdin coloring sheet free download

It’s time for another magic carpet ride! This time, Aladdin is joined by Jasmine for the famous magic carpet ride, and it’s a truly wondrous scene to behold.

The background has been left fairly open, so you could draw some details to show where they are flying over. It could be some beautiful scenery or perhaps the kingdom.

If you’re not sure what to use, then you could use the film itself as inspiration or look up some pictures online. What sort of terrain do you think that they could be flying over here?aladdin and jasmine coloring book

This depiction of Aladdin has to be one of the most detailed so far in this collection.

There are so many ways to color a page like this that it can be a bit intimidating when it comes to knowing where to start.

I always like to take it slowly for a page like this and just start from one point so that I can work my way out from there.

You should go for whatever feels easiest for you, and soon enough you will have a completed page!

Where will you start on this page?realistic aladdin coloring printable

We’re ending this collection of free Aladdin coloring pages with the Genie. So, you could say that we are ending it the same way that we started!

There are some magical shapes on this page, and you could use some amazing colors to fill in these details. Using some fun craft materials can add some magic to a picture like this.

Glitter, stickers or even beads could add some really cool texture to the page. With so many ways to be creative, what will you choose to finish off this page?the genie from aladdin coloring sheet

Aladdin Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed this magical colorful carpet ride with this collection of free Aladdin coloring printables for kids! There are so many moments from the films captured in this collection.

Now you can relive the magic of this film in any way that you like with your coloring skills. The pages are all free to color and print out as many times as you need.

This means that you can get really creative with it and try out all of your ideas. It also means that you can share the collection with any other Aladdin fans that you know!

When you have finished your favorite pages, you can share some of them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see!

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