Festive Easter Egg Coloring Pages

All new intricate and festive Easter egg coloring pages – Just in time for spring!

Most people are familiar with the festive holiday tradition of dying eggs for Easter. Adults and children alike get a kick out of mixing the dyes and creating all kinds of fun patterns and colors on their eggs. Hiding and searching for eggs on Easter morning is also a tradition in many homes and families. And families have all different kinds of strategies for coloring the perfect egg.

Whatever your egg-dying technique of choice may be, these beautiful brightly colored eggs have become a symbol of the holiday. Even Easter-themed chocolates and candies are made in the shape of eggs in celebration of this holiday. Easter eggs can have so many beautiful colors, patterns, and designs.

The creativity involved in dyeing Easter eggs has made them one of our readers’ favorite things to color. This has created a demand for free Easter egg coloring pages for you to enjoy.

So without further ado, here are all new Easter egg coloring pages that you can download and print for free. Enjoy the intricacies of these coloring sheets and have fun making your masterpiece.

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Easter Egg Coloring Pages – 20 All-New Printables

Easter eggs have all kinds of intricate patterns and designs, like the one in this coloring page. It has little images that look like crashing waves at the top and everything seems to swirl around a blank spot in the middle. Believe it or not, the practice of decorating eggs is not new. Eggs have been decorated for various reasons for thousands of years!

Even though we are used to using chicken eggs to decorate and hide, in the past all kinds of eggs were decorated. Ancient cultures created ornate designs on enormous ostrich eggs to place in graves at funerals. This Easter egg looks like it could be fit for royalty with its beautiful round and triangular shapes.

The Easter bunny has arrived in this Easter egg coloring sheet! He wears a pair of overalls and brings two enormous decorated eggs that almost look too big for him to carry. He will probably hide these eggs overnight, and in the morning the search for them will begin. Sometimes instead of hiding real eggs, the Easter bunny hides plastic eggs with chocolate and other treats inside.

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The three eggs in this Easter egg printable all have different designs. One has vertical stripes, while the other has a swirl pattern and the third has O-shapes at the top. They sit in a patch of grass outside. Perhaps they have been hidden by the Easter bunny and are waiting to be found during an Easter egg hunt.

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Some people might even decorate their eggs to look like characters from movies and television shows. There are some very impressive eggs themed around Sesame Street, Super Mario Bros, and more. We love this Easter egg printable sheet of an Easter egg with an excited, smiling face at the bottom. It has big eyes and a wide-open mouth.

This Easter egg coloring page for kids combines two of the best things about spring – flowers and Easter eggs! The egg is decorated with images of daisies all over it. This egg is perfect for spring. The longer, sunnier days and warm weather make it the perfect season for flowers to bloom and show their beauty.

Most people dye Easter eggs using a similar method. They boil the eggs until they are hard and then mix cups of vinegar with food coloring to create the dye. Some people have come up with even crazier methods where they use things like Cool Whip or shaving cream to dye their eggs. We wonder what method was used to create the patterns and star shapes on this Easter egg printable.

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This coloring page could not be any cuter. It shows a little rabbit with one ear flopped forward holding a decorated Easter egg in his paws. Perhaps this rabbit found an egg that was hidden outside before the humans could. He has certainly claimed this egg as his own prize and he looks very happy to have it.

This Easter egg is especially creative. It appears to have been painted to resemble the Easter bunny himself. It has little ears sticking out of the top of the egg and it has a smiling face and a little outfit with a heart on the front. Remember that all of these Easter egg coloring pages are completely free to print, so feel free to print and color as many as you want.

The intricate patterns on these eggs have been created in people’s Easter traditions for centuries. They had all kinds of interesting methods for creating beautiful and colorful eggs. Some cultures colored their eggs by boiling them in water with things like onion peels or beet juice. Others use beeswax to write on the designs for their eggs.

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The egg in this free Easter egg printable has a face! It has wide-open eyes with eyelashes and a little smile below. The top of the egg is decorated with stripes and a zig-zag pattern and the bottom has half-circle shapes and dots. Every Easter egg design is unique and fun, but we can’t help the feeling that this egg is watching us.

This beautiful Easter egg has a triangle pattern in the middle. It will probably be hidden for an Easter egg hunt with all the other eggs. You’ve probably had an Easter egg hunt in your backyard, but did you know that some parks and gardens have gigantic Easter egg hunts with tons of people. The largest ever Easter egg hunt consisted of 501,000 hidden eggs!

Easter is celebrated all over the world with many different games circling around eggs! Some countries play egg tapping, where people tap their Easter eggs against each other to see which will be the last intact egg. Others roll Easter eggs down the hill. But of course, the most common game is the Easter egg hunt.

There is certainly a theme of beautifully patterned eggs with these Easter egg coloring pages. This egg almost looks like it has sparkling gemstones set in the middle. The world’s most expensive Easter “egg” is studded with diamonds and worth millions of dollars! We bet it wouldn’t taste very good though, and half the fun is eating the eggs.

This Easter egg has been designed with large tropical-looking flowers all over it. The petals have large pointy leaves with dots all over. It reminds us that warmer weather is coming and soon all the flowers will be in bloom. What colors will you use to bring to life this floral Easter egg?

Our coloring page designers really seem to love seeing Easter eggs decorated with images of flowers. We can’t blame them! Fresh flowers and Easter eggs are the perfect combinations to remind us of spring. This Easter egg is especially beautiful with its large flowers and leave. The outer edges of the egg even appear to have mandala flower designs. We can’t wait to see how you’ll color this intricate egg.

This funny Easter egg printable sheet also has a face on it. The face looks like that of a baby, with blushing cheeks, long eyelashes, and a little swoop of hair poking out on top. Babies are also a sign of new life in spring, so they go perfectly well with Easter. The egg is also covered in polka dots of all different sizes.

This egg looks like it has been designed extra special. We love the line of stars that run across the top and bottom of the egg. Remember – when you finish your Easter egg coloring pages, post your finished pictures onto our Facebook page. Every month we pick the best uploads and the winner gets a special prize!

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Easter egg hunts are so much fun. Whether you hunt for real eggs that have been died the night before or eggs filled with jelly beans, chocolate, or toys, Easter egg hunts have something fun for everyone. Even adults enjoy a good Easter egg hunt. What kind of treat do you think is hidden in the Easter egg in this coloring sheet?

This unique Easter egg printable sheet has two heart-shaped designs in the middle. On the outer edges you can see images that look a lot like birds. Did you know that the term “Easter egg” is also used to describe a secret feature or hidden reference in movies, tv shows, and video games?

Remember – we are constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets. Don’t forget to keep checking back to see which new pages have been uploaded and which fun new images are ready for you to print and color. There is so much more to come.

We hope that these festive Easter eggs have put you in the holiday spirit and made you excited for spring. Once you have chosen your Easter egg coloring pages, remember to post your finished masterpiece to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll color these super fun images.

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