Spring Coloring Pages

Enjoy some bright and colorful fun with these Spring coloring pages!

Everyone has a favorite season of the year, and each season has its charms. Many love the cold coziness of Winter, but it’s hard not to love the colorful vibrancy of Spring!

This is when flowers bloom and the world is full of color and beautiful sights, and this collection of free Spring coloring pages for kids is here to celebrate the season.

Feel free to go through all 15 pages and pick your favorites to print and color!

You can also share these pages with friends and family, and you can then finish off by sharing some of your completed pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

15 Brand New Spring Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first page in our collection of free Spring coloring pages for kids features a lovely Springtime scene!

The word Spring is written in a big bold font, and below we have a scene featuring some flowers and a butterfly.

There are so many small details to color in here, and you have lots of room for some wonderful creativity! How will you color this first page of the collection?Spring Coloring Pages for kids free download

It’s always lovely to see beautiful butterflies flying around on a warm Spring day, and one of them is the focus of this second page.

Butterflies are famous for their bright, beautiful colors, so you could use all of your favorite vibrant colors for the wings of this cute butterfly.

What colors come to mind for you when it comes to bringing this butterfly to life?Spring Coloring Pages for adults free printable

We have a warm greeting for Spring in this page! The phrase ‘hello Spring’ is written in a fun font, and there is a pretty bird perched on it.

Additionally, we have some flowers, clouds and a brilliant sky to color as well.

You could even draw some extra details into the background to show what Spring means to you in order to make this image even more personalized!Spring Coloring Pages free pdf download

Another beautiful butterfly is here for you to color in this simple yet elegant image. This butterfly has some wonderful details on its wings, and these allow for some interesting color combinations.

We would use different colors for the circles on the wings, but you could keep things more uniform and symmetrical if you prefer!

How will you color the wings of this butterfly?Spring Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We love the font that Spring is written in for this Spring coloring sheet! It’s written in a handwritten style, and it gives this page a lovely handmade look.

We also have some cute smiling bees above some tulips, so there should be some great opportunities for bright colors here.Spring Coloring Book free printable

It’s time to welcome this lovely season with this page! This is literal, as we have ‘welcome Spring’ written in a bold font at the center of this page.

There are so many pretty flowers around the phrase, and we think it would look great to use a large variety of bright colors for the flowers and letters.Spring Coloring Book for kids free printable

When Spring rolls around, it’s hard to not feel at least a little bit happy! This page radiates a happy feeling, and these smiling flowers are gently swaying in the breeze.

When coloring these flowers, you could keep them in the same colors or use a different color for each one!

Which of these approaches do you think you will choose?Spring Coloring Sheet for children free download

The design of the flowers in this next image is sure to bring a smile to your face! These flowers are drawn in a lovely style, and there are lots of little details to get creative with.

We think it would be great to use a different color for each petal, but that’s just one approach of many that you could go for!

Which approach will you take?Spring Coloring Book for adults free download

There is a lovely selection of flowers featured on this next Spring coloring printable.

Additionally, the word Spring is written in a lovely bold font above, and these letters can be colored in to match the colors you choose for the flowers.

When coloring the letters and small details, mediums like colored pens or markers would make things much easier, as they allow for more precision.Spring Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

In this tenth image, we have a lovely symmetrical design for you to color. There are flowers on long stalks with lots of leaves and there are many ways you could tackle this image.

We would keep the colors a bit more symmetrical to compliment the design, but it will be great to see how you will choose to color it!Spring Easy Coloring Pages

The flowers arranged on this page are big and bold, and that calls for equally bold colors!

Spring usually features an explosion of bright, striking colors, so the more bright colors you can use for this image the better.

You can complement bright colors with certain art mediums, so which ones will you choose for this image?Spring Coloring Pages for kids free download

There are more smiles to share in this next page we have for you!

Smiling flowers and more cute bees create a charming feeling for this picture, and they will be even more fun and cheerful when you have worked your creative magic on them.

Which colors came to mind when you saw this image?Spring Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Flowers are blooming in this next one! This time, we have a pot with some pretty flowers sprouting from it, and the flowers have big petals to color in.

You could draw some extra details into the background to show what kind of setting you think this potplant could be in!Spring Coloring Pages free pdf download

Tulips are some simple yet beautiful flowers, and they come in many different colors.

They are also featured on this page, and there are so many great colors you could choose when coloring this trio of flowers.

Will you make them all the same colors or pick a unique one for each flower? It’s up to you now!Spring Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We have one more big and happy Spring coloring sheet for you! This time it’s a large smiling flower, and it’s another one that gives off such a happy feeling.

We would use bright yellow for the center of the flower, and then we would use a different color for each petal.

This is what we would do, but what will you do to color this one?Spring Coloring Book free printable

Enjoy The Joys Of Spring With These Extra Ideas To Try!

Spring is a beautiful time, as flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the chill of Winter is starting to retreat. It’s a time of year that everyone loves, and we wanted to celebrate this with the collection you’ve just worked through.

While you’ve seen all of the images in this collection of Spring coloring pages, we wanted to show you some additional ideas that can take your favorites even further.

When most people think of Spring, they think of bright, vibrant colors. We suggested using bright colors throughout the collection, but we would also encourage you to use some unique art mediums.

There are so many unique options to go for! If you want to keep the colors bright and cheery, then acrylic paints could be perfect to use.

These paints are easy to use as they dry quickly and don’t stain your paintbrushes, but they still have a beautiful bright intensity to their colors. If you have brushes with thin tips, then you can still color small details.

If you want to have a more subtle approach for your pictures, then watercolor paints would give the colors a softer look. Even though we normally think of bright colors for Spring, softer colors can definitely still work.

If you have other craft supplies around your house, then they could also be great! You could use glitter for some sparkle and make some petals out of craft paper.

Elements such as these can help to give your pictures a more dynamic look. Using two or more different mediums or crafts can also help to make the colors pop in different ways.

Basically, think outside the box and try anything that you think will look pretty! Whatever you do, we’re sure it will look amazing.

Spring Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had an amazing time celebrating this incredible season as you worked through this collection of free Spring coloring pages for kids!

There were so many different pretty scenes to color, and we’re sure you will get to show off how creative you can be.

When you have colored your favorite pages and shared the collection with others, you can share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see.

We can’t wait to see how they turned out!

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