Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Prepare for some egg-citing Easter fun with these Easter Bunny coloring pages!

Easter is a time of colorful fun, tasty chocolates and egg hunts outside in the morning air.

It’s always a lot of fun spending time painting eggs and getting ready for the egg hunts on the day, and throughout it all you can always hope for a glimpse of the Easter Bunny himself as he does his rounds delivering colorful eggs to all!

These free Easter Bunny coloring pages for kids are a wonderful way to get into the Easter spirit and have some fun with this colorful day.

These cheerful coloring sheets would be perfect to color in with your favorite mediums, from coloring pencils to crayons and your favorite paint mediums.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite free Easter Bunny printables, be sure to share your colorful Easter creations to our Facebook page so we can share in the Easter fun and enjoy how colorfully creative you can be!

25 Brand New Easter Bunny Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

A cute Easter rabbit and chick are first in this collection of free Easter Bunny coloring pages for kids.

They have a big colorful basket of eggs covered in pretty flowers for you to color in, and this is really a chance to get out your brightest colors to make this Easter Bunny printable really pop with color!easter bunny coloring pages free printables

This bunny is on the job with a big delivery of eggs for this second Easter Bunny coloring page. He’s carrying them in a basket, and it seems a bit like it might be raining in the background with the lines coming down.

There’s never a day off if you’re the Easter Bunny, I suppose! How will you color in this cute image?easter bunny coloring pages free download

Our previous Easter Bunny printable had a bunny carrying eggs in a basket which seems a lot more efficient than the method being carried out by this bunny!

He’s carrying the eggs all on top of one another, and to me that seems like a great way to have a bunch of broken eggs on your head!

He seems to have it under control though, so maybe you could use a nice pretty blue for the background to show the concentration this bunny is showing in this Easter Bunny coloring page.easter bunny with eggs coloring pages free printables

There are more potential egg mishaps in this next free Easter Bunny coloring sheet for kids! He seems to be enjoying a breath of fresh air as he leans on a tower of giant eggs that look like they’re ready to fall over.

It at least looks like a beautiful day in the background, so you could use bright blues and vibrant greens for the grass and sky to give this Easter bunny printable a cheerful, breezy feel.cute easter bunny coloring pages free printables

Painting eggs is one of the most fun parts of Easter preparations, and this bunny is having a great time doing just that in this Easter Bunny coloring page.

For this page, you could get out your own watercolor or acrylic paints and do some painting yourself for some especially vibrant colors.

I bet that would make for a wonderful Easter image!wonderful easter bunny coloring pages free download

We’ve seen magicians pulling rabbits out of a hat before, but here we have a rabbit pulling eggs out of a hat instead in this charming Easter Bunny coloring sheet!

This bunny has been busy, as there’s already a huge pile of eggs on the ground. You could try to color in each egg a separate color scheme for a real explosion of color to this Easter Bunny coloring printable!easter bunny coloring sheets free printables

It’s a beautiful Easter day in the great outdoors for this next free Easter Bunny coloring sheet.

There are so many details to this image that are perfect for some beautiful bright colors, such as the flowers, butterflies and of course the colored eggs in the basket!

I think this image would look beautiful with a combination of colored pens along with crayons or colored pencils for a variety of different color intensities.

How will you color in this adorable Easter Bunny printable?easter bunny coloring free printable pdf

We have a really cute, younger looking bunny enjoying some Easter fun in this Easter Bunny coloring sheet. It looks like the bunny is delivering some eggs, but got distracted by a pretty butterfly. We’ve all been there, and I’m sure this bunny deserved a break anyway!

I think this Easter Bunny printable would look great with more bright and cheerful outdoors colors like your favorite blues and greens for the background, and maybe you could match the butterfly’s colors to the ones you choose for the eggs.funny easter bunny coloring pages free download

This little fellow looks very pleased to be holding this Easter egg in this free Easter Bunny coloring sheet! I think that a nice bright solid background for this image, maybe a nice red, would help to set it apart a bit from the outdoors scenes of the previous Easter Bunny coloring pages.

He’s also standing in a bit of a spotlight, so you could color that in with a beautiful bright yellow to create a pretty contrast.

How will you put this cute Easter Bunny printable in the spotlight with colors?black and white easter bunny coloring pages free printables

You’ve probably seen a bird hatching from an egg before, but how about a rabbit? That’s what’s happening in this next Easter Bunny coloring page, so you’ve seen it now!

I think that this cute hatching Easter Bunny would look really nice with some unusual colors to reflect this strange situation.

Maybe you could color in the bunny with some nice shades of blues and greens with a solid purple or pink for the background. What colors do you think would best suit this Easter Bunny coloring printable?easter rabbit coloring pages free printables

This next Easter Bunny coloring sheet for kids shows a bunny in a rush, and he’s dressed all fancy in preparation for his big day! He’s in a hurry to deliver his eggs, but he looks like he’s having fun despite the Easter rush!

Maybe you could draw in some fun Easter patterns onto his vest and jacket for a fun extra touch that shows this bunny is really getting into the Easter spirit.easter bunny coloring pages for kids free

A bunny is enjoying a sniff of a flower in this sweet Easter coloring sheet. There’s an egg that’s so big that it would be tough for this tiny bunny to carry, and it’s not hidden very well!

There’s a nice mountain background with snow on the tips of the mountains, so for this image I would use lighter blues and greens for the sky and grass to show that it’s probably a really chilly Easter morning in this mountainous setting.

The chicken on the egg will also give a nice spot of yellow to this charming Easter Bunny printable.easter bunny coloring pages for adults free

We have another cute bunny holding more eggs than he can probably handle in this Easter Bunny coloring page!

How many different colors do you think that you could use to color in the different eggs he’s holding?hard easter bunny coloring pages free download

It’s another beautiful day outside for this cute bunny enjoying Easter morning in nature in this free Easter Bunny coloring printable.

This would be a great chance to have a nice variation of greens, browns and natural colors for the background with the bright colors of the Easter eggs contrasting the colors of the background.easy easter bunny coloring pages free download

The rabbit in this next Easter bunny coloring page is helping to keep a giant Easter egg warm!

There are some great details to color in with this Easter Bunny printable, such as some pretty flowers and a mushroom growing beside the egg, so what colors will you use to bring this cute image to life?easter bunny coloring pages for preschoolers

We have a very sweet image for this next Easter Bunny coloring sheet: an Easter chick hatching on the head of an Easter Bunny!

This is definitely another coloring page that I think needs some bright and cheerful colors to suit the cute scene going on in this Easter Bunny printable.easter bunny coloring pdf sheets free printables

Sometimes a bunny needs some backup, and that’s the case in this adorable free Easter Bunny coloring page for kids!

Two bunnies are working together to carry a giant Easter egg, and judging by the bow on it I would say it must be a gift for someone. What colors will you use for this sweet bunny duo?easter bunny egg gift coloring pages free printables

It’s time for an Easter egg hunt in our next Easter Bunny coloring sheet. This little bunny is hiding eggs around outside in another gorgeous mountain setting.

Using some bright colors for the eggs with some cooler colors for the cold mountain morning background would really create a great contrast for this Easter Bunny printable.easter rabbit coloring sheets free print out

This next Easter Bunny coloring page shows a sweet scene of a little bunny hatching from another Easter egg.

There’s a chance to show a lot of stunning colors in this image, as we have the colored Easter eggs along with some pretty flowers surrounding him.

Don’t forget to color the bunny’s bow-tie to finish off this cute Easter Bunny printable.sweet easter bunny coloring pages free printables

The rabbit in this free Easter Bunny coloring sheet is having a wonderful Easter day outside.

There are flowers and butterflies dotted around along with the painted eggs, so this could be a good opportunity to use some bright colored pens to add some stunning color vibrancy to this coloring page.black and white easter bunny coloring free

We have another bunny doing his best to keep a great big Easter egg warm in this next Easter Bunny coloring printable.

There’s a solid background to this one, which always looks great with a solid color that will compliment the colors of the bunny and egg. What pretty colors will you choose?cartoon easter bunny coloring pages free printables

It’s time to paint some eggs in the next Easter Bunny coloring sheet!

For a fun detail, maybe you could leave half of the egg white while decorating the other half with bright colors to show that this cute rabbit is still busy decorating this giant Easter egg.realistic easter bunny coloring pages free download

Delivering eggs is hard work, and even the Easter Bunny needs a break once in a while!

This Easter Bunny printable shows a bunny taking a nap on the egg he’s in charge of, so I would suggest some cooler blues, greens or purples for the background of this nap time coloring page.sleeping easter bunny coloring pages free printables

The bunny in this Easter Bunny coloring sheet is feeling the joy of Spring as she has some flowers in her hair while she holds her Easter egg!

The hearts in the egg’s design would look great with some bright red to finish off the look.easter bunny in love coloring pages free download

It’s Easter party time in our final page of this collection of free Easter Bunny coloring pages for kids.

I would suggest using your brightest colors of paints, pens, pencils and crayons in combination for this party image to make this one of the most colorful pages of all these Easter Bunny printables.happy easter bunny coloring pages free printable

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a fun Easter time coloring in these free Easter Bunny coloring pages for kids!

Whether Easter is around the corner or you wanted some Easter fun any other time of year, hopefully these pages provided hours of creative coloring fun

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and printables are totally free to print, color and enjoy, so feel free to experiment with different colors and mediums!

Be sure to like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on any of our free coloring pages and printables, and don’t forget to share your favorite Easter Bunny coloring pages to our Facebook page once you’ve finished them so we can all share in the joyful Easter fun!

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