Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages

Celebrate this special occasion with these Cinco De Mayo coloring pages!

Cinco De Mayo is a traditional Mexican celebration that occurs on May 5th every year. It started as a celebration of a great victory for Mexico, and these days serves as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.

It is a colorful celebration that honors this rich history, and many people look forward to it each year. This collection of free Cinco De Mayo coloring pages for kids is the perfect way to honor it!

Whether it’s actually close to Cinco De Mayo or another time of the year, you can enjoy these pages and enjoy your favorite memories associated with the holiday.

You will be able to use all of your favorite colors, art tools and mediums as you work on the pages, so let’s have some fun!

15 Brand New Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Cinco De Mayo coloring sheet that we have for you shows a young man in traditional Mexican clothing. He is also surrounded by some great Cinco De Mayo decorations.

One thing is for sure, there are tons of amazing details for you to color on this page. Even though the details on the page are quite simple, you could use all sorts of amazing colors.

Colors for Cinco De Mayo decorations are typically quite bright and beautiful, too! You could keep to that theme for this page.Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages

The next page that we have for you has a woman doing some plant arrangements. She is also dressed in some great traditional Mexican clothing.

The plants that she is tending allow you to use some great natural colors as well, and these will contrast with the colors that you use for her clothing and the background.

There are so many ways that you can color this amazing page, so be sure to go for all of your favorite colors and art mediums!cinco de mayo mexico coloring pages

Food is a big part of Cinco De Mayo celebrations. It is a time for people to make and share their favorite traditional Mexican foods, and that is what is happening on this page.

This character is presenting some amazing Mexican food, and you can use some bright and lovely colors for these food items.

If you have some favorite types of food from Mexico, then you could portray them on this page by using certain colors, extra details and other touches,

Which examples of Mexican cuisine will you portray on this page to finish it off in tasty style?cinco de mayo mexico coloring sheet

Another important aspect of Cinco De Mayo celebrations would be the music that is enjoyed. It’s a great time to play and appreciate some traditional Mexican music.

Guitars are used a lot in traditional Mexican music, and that is portrayed on this next page. These two musicians are playing some amazing music on their guitars.

You could add some great extra details to this, such as some music notes or maybe even the lyrics of some favorite traditional Mexican songs to the page.

How else could you feel the music on this lovely page?cinco de mayo mexico coloring printable

The details on this next Cinco De Mayo coloring printable are absolutely lovely! Even though this character is drawn in a simple style, her clothing is packed with detail.

The background is also broken up into segments, meaning you could add some color there as well. For the clothing details, I would probably incorporate some colored pens.

These would make coloring the smaller details much easier, and the colors would really pop as well. Of course, it’s all about making it easier for yourself!

What do you think would be best for the details on this clothing?cinco de mayo girl coloring pages

You may want to grab a snack for this next page, as you could work up an appetite looking at all of these food drawings!

You can also feast on all of the amazing details on display with this food spread.

Once again, you may want to use some art tools and mediums that will make coloring some small details easier. I mentioned colored pens earlier, but pencils and small paint brushes would work too.

Changing up the mediums that you use can also help to make the colors pop in some awesome and interesting ways!cinco de mayo coloring pages for adults

It’s time for some more amazing music on this page. This man is not only dressed in some traditional Mexican clothing, but he also has a guitar and is singing a song.

As you color, it would be nice to get in the right mood by playing some music as you color! It would be amazing to have some of your favorite traditional Mexican songs playing.

That could help to inspire you to use all sorts of awesome and creative colors! What musical inspiration could you have as you work on this coloring page?cinco de mayo printable coloring pages

When it comes to traditional Mexican clothing, the hats and headwear that are worn are some of the most beautiful items of clothing.

This character is wearing some stunning headwear with some amazing details for you to admire and color.

Remember that bright and vibrant colors are common with Cinco De Mayo clothing and decorations.

That means that you could use the brightest, most beautiful colors in your collection as you work on this page. It should be an incredible page to behold once you have finished coloring it!kindergarten cinco de mayo coloring pages

We have another amazing musical themed picture for you to enjoy here! This is another character that is dressed in traditional garb while playing a guitar, and there are so many details to admire.

There are some amazing details on the background details and other decorations as well, so there is plenty to keep you busy here.

This is a great page to let your inspiration take over and see what happens. There are no wrong ways to color the page, so you should just go for it and see what happens!cinco de mayo coloring sheet free download

This Cinco De Mayo coloring page shows what it’s all about! The celebration is all about celebrating and sharing with others, and on this page there are 3 characters about to share a meal.

Not only does it present a scene that highlights the meaning of the celebration, but it also gives you lots of ways to color the characters and other details.

You could color each character with a unique color scheme or have them all matching, it’s up to you! It really will be a celebration to behold once you have finished this cinco de mayo coloring pages

These next characters have been drawn in a simpler, cartoony style, but they still have loads of details for you to color!

They are also drawn in traditional clothing, and they are seemingly setting up the celebrations.

While there are already so many amazing details, you could also draw some more of your own if you wanted to!

Adding details will make it even more unique to you, plus you can incorporate even more color.

Do you think that you’d like to add some more details to the page?cinco de mayo mexico coloring book

It’s always great to have text on a picture, as you get to color the letters and add even more color details!

This page has Cinco De Mayo written on it in big block letters, and you can color them in any way that you please.

Having text on the page would also help to make this page ideal for a poster or a greeting card once it’s complete.

That means that it would be perfect around Cinco De Mayo time, as you could use it for those purposes.

What colors do you think you will use for the text?cinco de mayo coloring pages

This quartet of musicians is here to play some amazing traditional music! Each character is dressed in detailed traditional clothing, once again giving you some great color opportunities.

There are a few details to color on the background, and as always you could also add some of your own extra details.

That would be a great way to show off what your own ideal Cinco De Mayo celebrations may look like!

What decorations do you think that every good Cinco De Mayo celebration needs?cinco de mayo coloring

The way that these characters are posed on this page make it look like they are inviting you to their feast! You’re certainly invited for some coloring fun, and that’s something there will be no shortage of.

There is a wonderful spread of food and other details on the page, so you can really go to town on the colors that you use.

With so many amazing types of food to enjoy, it could be hard to know where to start!

I would start from one corner of the table and work my way out from there. Where would you like to start on this table?cinco de mayo mexico coloring pages

This final Cinco De Mayo coloring printable is one of the most detailed yet! This means that it could be a bit challenging, but it will also look stunning once it’s done.

With pages like these, you don’t need to rush through them. I like to take my time with highly detailed pages like these.

It can be fun to spend a good amount of time working through all the details, and it makes the end result even more satisfying.

This page will definitely look amazing once you have added all your favorite colors!black and white cinco de mayo coloring pages

Cinco De Mayo Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Our main goal with this collection of Cinco De Mayo coloring sheets was to give you a chance to create your own ideal scenes based on this amazing occasion.

Hopefully, you found lots of pictures that appealed to you and brought back memories of Cinco De Mayo celebrations! You’ll definitely have a chance to use any and all colors that you love.

You can also print out the pages as many times as you like, and it’s free to do so. That means that there is no reason not to get experimental with it and try out your ideas!

Please also share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see.

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