Care Bears Coloring Pages

Show you care about coloring fun with these Care Bears coloring pages!

The Care Bears have been around since 1981, and their popularity has stayed strong throughout the years.

They started out adorning greeting cards, and have since appeared as toys, in movies and in their own show.

These characters are known for their colorful designs, themed powers and positive messaging of loving and caring for others. Because of their colors, they’re the perfect fit for this collection of free Care Bears coloring pages for kids!

You will be able to color your favorite Care Bears in colors that match the films or TV shows, or you could use your own unique colors. One thing is for sure, this will be a wonderfully colorful collection when complete!

So let’s begin and see what the Care Bears are up to in this collection.

15 Brand New Care Bears Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Care Bears coloring sheet features a popular fan favorite, Share Bear. This character is recognizable from the crossed lollipop symbol on her belly, and she seems to be having a lovely day.

In the series, she has a light purple color scheme that looks really pretty. You could portray this color scheme with any of your favorite coloring tools and mediums.

Will you stick to her usual color scheme, or do you think that you will use some unique colors instead for your portrayal?Care Bears Coloring Pages

There is so much room for amazing colors on this next page that we have for you. There is a selection of Care Bears characters on the sides, and you may recognize some by the visible symbols on their bellies.

The rainbow pattern in the center of the image will look incredible once you have added some color. I would use some colored pens for that pattern, as there are some narrow spaces to color.

You should use whatever will be easiest for you, though!care bears coloring sheet free download

This next page shows an amazing hang-out between two Care Bears, and there are so many amazing colors you could use! The bear on the right is named Funshine.

This character has a bright yellow color scheme, so using some vibrant art tools and mediums would be perfect for them.

The one on the left is Best Friend bear, and they have a purple color scheme.

If you use these established colors, then you will have some amazing color contrasts on this page. To finish it off, you can use all of your favorite colors on the rainbow above.
Which colors will you choose?care bears coloring pages for kids

If you were wishing that Wish Bear would make an appearance, then that wish is granted on this page! This adorable page shows her hugging herself, and it’s such a sweet pose.

She has a light blue color scheme, and you can use that color scheme for a lovely cooler look to the picture. You could always use some brighter, lighter colors for the background as a contrast.

There are so many art tools and mediums that you could use for this page, so don’t be shy about experimenting if you have some ideas!care bears coloring printable for kids

Wish Bear is back for more fun on this next Care Bears coloring printable. You may remember from their last appearance that they have a light blue color scheme.

The background on this one has been left fairly blank and muted, and that allows you to color it in some interesting ways. You could keep it simple and use some flat colors for the background.

Or, you could add some of your own details, extras and interesting color applications. You can really have fun with it, even though it’s a simpler page!original care bears coloring printable

Try not to fall asleep while coloring this next page, as the next Care Bear we have for you to color is Bedtime Bear.

This sleepy bear has a light blue color scheme, so they’re a relaxing character in general!

If I were coloring this page, I would use some more muted coloring tools to make the colors nice and mild. Watercolor paints and colored pencils would be my choice for this task.

These mediums allow for lovely soft colors, but they’re far from the only ones you could use! What else do you have in mind for this page?new care bears coloring printable for kids

We’re really in luck, as the next bear that has decided to visit us is Good Luck Bear! This character has a four leaf clover on their belly, and they bring luck wherever they go.

Four leaf clovers are said to bring good luck to anyone that finds them, so it’s the perfect symbol for this character. They have a green color scheme, which further reinforces the theme of luck.

If you use this green color scheme, it will really look incredible! Will you use green or another color instead?black and white care bears coloring pages

It’s time for a Care Bears party on this next page! Here we have 4 bears hanging out, which will allow you to use all sorts of amazing colors on this one single page.

You may recognize some of the characters from their belly symbols, in which case you can use their appropriate color schemes to match the show.

It can be fun to match the colors to make them accurate, but if you want to go your own way and use some unique colors instead, you can absolutely do so!valentines care bears coloring pages

The sight of a rainbow is always one to be happy about, and that is why it is the perfect symbol for Cheer Bear, the subject of this next page.

She is a really happy character who spreads joy wherever she goes. This character has a bright pink color scheme, so this will be the perfect page for anyone that loves the color pink!

She also has a rainbow on her belly, so you may want to use some art tools that allow for precision for that detail, as it could be a bit bears coloring sheet

We have another appearance from Best Friend Bear on this next Care Bears coloring page! You may remember from her previous appearance that she has a light purple color scheme.

When bringing color to this or any other pages in the collection, remember that you don’t need to stick to conventional coloring tools. You can also use some fun crafts to finish off the pages!

Some glitter or some stickers would be amazing for any of these pages and would add some extra magic to them. What are some crafts you could use?easy care bears coloring sheet

Most of the Care Bears are happy most of the time, but Grumpy Bear is an exception to this. He lives up to his name with a grumpy demeanor, even though he does care for his friends.

This page shows a great dynamic, as he is getting a big hug from a much friendlier Care Bear. he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it, but he probably is deep down!

Grumpy Bear has a light blue color scheme, and you can use that for him if you want to make him more recognizable!romantic care bears coloring pages

Tender Heart Bear is one of the most loving of the Care Bears, and he is the star of this next page. This character has a light brown color scheme, except for the red heart on his belly.

Getting to add a spot of bright red to his lighter design allows for a colorful focal point on the page. He is also holding a heart in his paw, and you could use that for some extra color as well.

This will be an amazing page once it’s done, so have fun with it and see what happens!tender heart care bear coloring pages

Cheer Bear is back for some more fun on this next page! You may recall that she has a pink color scheme in addition to the colorful rainbow on her belly.

This is such a cute picture of her, and now you can have fun adding some amazing color! She is standing on some clouds, and you could use crafts for them.

For example, you could stick some cotton wool over them to make them fluffy to the touch along with a 3D effect.cheer bear care bear coloring printable

Grumpy Bear is being decidedly grumpy on this next page! You can’t say that he is not living up to his name.

Everyone is grumpy every now and then, and so it’s good to have this common emotion represented by one of the Care Bears. You may remember that this character has a light blue color scheme.

The background is separated into various sections, and you could make these sections bright and colorful, or you could make them a bit darker to represent the mood of Grumpy Bear.

If you have a few ideas, then you can print a few copies to try out your different ideas!grumpy bear care bear coloring pages

Wish Bear is the final character in this collection of free Care Bears coloring pages. As mentioned in her previous appearance, she also has a light blue color scheme with a yellow star on her belly.

There are some butterflies around her along with some fun patterns and swirls, so you could use all sorts of amazing colors on this page.

Don’t be shy about trying out some new or unusual art tools or mediums on this page as well. That can be a great way to discover some new coloring methods that you can enjoy!wish bear care bear coloring pages

Care Bears Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Care Bears coloring printables for kids had so many amazing characters for you to color!

The variety of characters means that you could use any of your favorite colors to finish the pages.

If your favorite Care Bear didn’t appear, you could always transform any of these into your favorite by drawing their symbol over the existing ones.

That would be a great way to create your own unique pages in a very easy way! You can also share the joy by sharing these pages with someone that you care about.

We also care about your art, so please do share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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