Blue’s Clues Coloring Pages

Have some entertaining coloring fun with these Blue’s Clues coloring pages!

Since 1996, the Blue’s Clues show has been entertaining young kids and helping them to learn valuable life skills and lessons in an educational and accessible format.

The show is known for its bright and creative characters that are also relatable and easy to follow. It also is known for its mix of education and entertainment, making it a great choice for young kids.

This collection of free Blue’s Clues coloring pages for kids is perfect for any fan of the show, no matter how young or old! You will find some of your favorite characters to color here.

Whether you make them match their look in the show or use your own colors, there are no wrong ways for Blue’s Clues fans to add color to the collection.

15 Brand New Blue’s Clues Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Blue’s Clues coloring sheet we have for you features the lovable Blue. As you may expect, she is colored with different shades of blue.

She is mostly a light blue, but there are some darker blue spots on her that you can color as well. Of course, that is provided you want to make her match her appearance on the show.

You could also use some unique color choices of your own, so go with what feels right for this page! Which colors will you choose?Blue's Clues Coloring Pages

This second page features not only Blue, but also some other characters from the show. These characters are all based on common household objects, making them more relatable.

If you’re a Blue’s Clues fan, you surely recognize all of these characters, and you probably know the colors they are in the show as well. Once again, you can match their colors to the show if you wish.

Using and choosing your own unique colors is always fun too, so it is completely up to you to choose!blue's clues coloring printable

In the Blue’s Clues show, Blue will leave pawprints all over as clues to the various questions and mysteries that are presented.

This page has many of these pawprints on the page for you to color and follow!

It makes you wonder what questions these pawprints could be leading toward. If you can think of a question for Blue to take on, you could write it on the page.

Adding some extra little drawings would also show the answers to the questions that you can think of. This would be a great way to take this page to a whole new level!original blue's clues coloring printable

Blue’s Clues isn’t just about the cartoon characters. Throughout the series, there have been several friendly human hosts that join the animals on their adventures.

This page features one of the hosts, and having this realistic character allows you to try out some different coloring methods. The animals are typically colored with some simple, bright colors.

You could color the host with some subtle colors, as this would make him look a bit more realistic and set him apart from the rest. Which colors and art mediums will you use for the host?new blue's clues coloring pages

Hunting for Easter eggs is always a fun activity, as you never know quite what you may find. This Blue’s Clues coloring printable shows Blue on an Easter egg hunt, and it’s such a fun picture!

She has already found a few eggs, and they give you some opportunities for some amazing colors. Using some colored pens or markers would be perfect for adding some bright color to these details.

You could even draw some more hidden Easter eggs for her to find on this page, and then you could color those as's clues coloring sheet free download

At first glance, you may think that this is Blue, but it is actually a different character. This character is named Magenta, and you can tell her apart thanks to her distinctive glasses.

She is colored with a light pink with some darker purple spots. If you want to stick to this color scheme, then it will make a nice contrast to the colors used for Blue.

Don’t be shy about using some of your own unique color choices, though! These pages are there for you to have fun, so definitely go for what feels right to you as you color the blue's clues coloring printable

We’re seeing stars on this next page! These two characters are dancing, and they are surrounded by some smiling stars.

I think that it would be awesome to add some magic to these star details. Perhaps you could place some stickers over the stars.

Star stickers will be easy to find at craft stores and other places, and some even have gold and silver coloring. Sprinkling some glitter over some glue would also add some sparkle to the stars!

What other crafts could you use?magenta blue's clues coloring printable

Blue is leaving some more pawprints for you to follow on this delightful page! Not only does this capture the spirit of the show, but it gives you even more to color on the page.

Do you ever find that coloring small details like the pawprints can be tricky when using usual art tools and mediums? If so, you can use mediums that make it easier.

I like to use colored pens and pencils for small details such as these. If you can think of other mediums that would help, then definitely go for those!blue's clues coloring sheet for preschoolers

It’s beach time on this next page! Blue and Magenta are heading to the beach for a fun day, and they look ready to have a good time.

If you look closely, then you will see that the bucket and shovel they are holding are characters as well. There are so many ways to add some incredible colors to this page!

Coloring this page is the next best thing to actually going to the beach, so you can create your ideal beach day by adding colors to this peaceful scene.cartoon blue's clues coloring printable

This Blue’s Clues coloring page features a lot of things for you to color. Blue is playing a guitar, and she is surrounded by numbers as well.

It seems clear that she is learning about counting on this page, and you can have fun coloring all of these elements. Here’s a fun challenge for you to try!

As you color the numbers, why not color them in order of counting up? The numbers start at 2 and go up to 8, so it should be a fun and easy challenge for you as you add your playing guitar blue's clues coloring pages

It’s time for some crafting fun on this page, as Blue is joined by host Josh. They have just drawn a picture of a chair, and it could be the answer to a question on the show.

What do you think the question could be? There is certainly a lot to color on this page, and you could have a lot of fun bringing color to the scene.

It seems to be an outdoors scene, so you could use some lighter colors and mediums for this background.josh blue's clues coloring printable

Blue is surrounded by some salt and pepper shakers, and she seems a bit perplexed by the situation! They sure give you a lot of potential colors that you can use on this page.

The background has also been left pretty blank, so you could fill it in a few ways. You could use some solid colors for the background, but you could also draw and color some additional details as well.

Drawing extra things on a coloring page is fun and allows you to incorporate any other colors you love as well. What details could you add?blue's clues coloring activity book

This next character is a purple kangaroo named, well, Purple Kangaroo. As his name suggests, he is colored with a flat, dark purple.

The background has been separated into four sections, so if I were coloring this page I would probably use four different colors, one for each section.

You could take it even further and use a different art medium for each segment. Which colors do you think you would like to use for these segments if you were to go for a similar approach?

easy blue's clues coloring activity book

Sometimes it’s nice to relax on the couch watching TV or reading a book. It can even be nice to sit on a couch and do nothing at all!

This page shows Blue relaxing on a cozy couch in a lovely indoors scene. What do you think she could be doing on this page?

You could draw some extra details to suggest what she could be doing. For example, if she is watching TV then you could draw a TV remote next to her on the couch.

Or, you could draw a book sitting on the arm of the chair instead. These are some ideas, but what else could you do?easy blue's clues coloring pages

This Blue’s Clues coloring page shows her learning her ABC’s. She is moving around some balls that have the letters on them, and it would be fun to color them each with a unique color scheme.

That would be a great way for you to incorporate all of your favorite colors to the drawing. Then, you could also add some of your own details to color as well.

There are so many opportunities to try out on this page, so what will you choose for it to finish the collection?little blue blue's clues coloring pages

Blue’s Clues Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We have reached the end of this collection of free Blue’s Clues coloring sheets for kids. You got to meet a bunch of beloved characters from the show and add some colors to finish them off.

Hopefully you had some colorful fun hanging out with all of these awesome characters! We tried to make a wide variety of scenarios that you can have some fun coloring.

If you know other Blue’s Clues fans in your life, then you could share the collection with them as well. That would be a great way for you to share the fun!

Then, we would love it if you would share your favorite finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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