Bug Coloring Pages

Bug Coloring Pages that Will Make your Children Want to Go Outdoors

Remember when insects used to be all the rage? Remember when, as a child, you would stop to watch bees collecting pollen from flowers or butterflies drifting around the garden?

This fascination with insects is a trait you should instill in your children.

Bug coloring printables can help you teach children how incredible insects are!

Bug pages don’t need to follow the exact coloration of insects; your children can paint them in whatever hues they like.

Download these free printable sheets and encourage your children to develop their creative combinations of colors for the below insects.

15 Brand New Bug Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Happy and charming, this cockroach coloring printable can brighten your children’s day. If they want to paint it in fun colors, green and purple would be a great bet.

Soft brown hues can make it a lovely coloring printable to hang above their desk.

Your children will have a lot of fun coloring this bug coloring printable. Just look at its small tooth protruding from the corner of its mouth, long aerials, and little hands.

With its four arms raised in the air, it looks like it’s ready to dance.

Fun fact – cockroaches, beetles, and butterflies are the most prevalent bugs that teachers use in school to teach children about insects.Bug Coloring Pages for kids free download

This bug coloring page shows a cute little bug resting on a leaf. It has a segmented oval body with six tiny legs and two springy antennas.

The leaf it sits on has a network of veins that look like a maze. Does the bug use the veins like a roadmap to find its way around?

Or maybe it sees the leaf as a comfy hammock for an afternoon nap.

You can color the bug with bright rainbow stripes or polka dots. Give it blue or purple antennae for a fun look. bug coloring pages free download

Even if many children are afraid of insects, bugs coloring pages are great tools for many reasons.

You can use them for teaching your little ones that bugs, such as crickets, clear away debris and are essential for the environment.

This coloring sheet depicts a cricket smiling while enjoying a sunny day on the green field.

And from the way it keeps one of its arms, it looks like it’s asking you to follow it to show you something hidden under the grass. What would it possibly want to reveal to you?Bug Coloring Pages for adults free printable

This coloring page shows an adorable ladybug snacking on the sweet nectar of a bright flower. Its round spotted body and six stubby legs grip the flower as its long black antennas wave happily.

The flower has sunny petals surrounding its pollen-filled center. The ladybug’s spots can be colored red, blue, green – any color you want.

You can make the flower pink, purple, orange or rainbow colored. You can also draw in a green stem and leaves, fluffy white clouds and a big shining sun. bug coloring pages for kids

The locust from this bug page seems to be on the lookout for something. Maybe it lost one of its siblings or is looking for food. Or it might try to decide what new book to read. What do you think?

Feel free to color the background to tell a story. Apart from the grass depicted in the coloring sheet, your children can also draw flowers, trees, or other insects to join the six-legged locust on its quest.

Please encourage your children to use their creativity to choose the colors for painting the locust’s body. Most locusts are green, but it doesn’t mean they have to stick with verdant shades.Bug Coloring Pages free pdf download

This bug looks like it is exploring the leaf or looking for food. Maybe it is a herbivore, or maybe it is a carnivore.

Carnivorous beetles, such as the tiger beetle, the ladybug, and the flesh-eating beetle. These beetles hunt, kill, and eat other insects or arthropods, or feed on dead animal tissue.

Give the leaf purple and orange splotches like exotic fruit.

Draw in details like fluttering butterflies, strange plants, rocky cliffs and rushing waterfalls to create an alien landscape for the bug to traverse. bug coloring printable free download

Use bugs coloring sheets to educate your children on what insects to avoid when meeting them in nature.

For instance, here is a mosquito, which may look friendly in this printable but can make your children sick if it stings them.

Review the particular features of mosquitos with the help of coloring sheets to teach your children to recognize them.

Mosquitos have long trunks to prick people and other animals, two sets of wings, and multiple legs.Bug Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Do your children love butterflies? With their brilliant-colored wings, butterflies are probably the most iconic bugs.

Did you know that their colors are more than decoration?

Their wings are usually painted in colors to resemble the plants surrounding them, camouflage them, and prevent birds and other animals from seeing and catching them.

The butterfly from this coloring sheet has enormous wings that your children can paint in whatever shades they want.

They have an intricate pattern with multiple shapes, so they can mix and match all the colors of the rainbow to bring the little bug to life.Bug Coloring Book free printable

This coloring page features a beautiful bug resting calmly on a leaf. This insect’s wings are a simple outline with some details, so you get to color in the patterns.

Add colorful spots, stripes, or swirls to the wings. Its body is plump and striped, and its long curly antennae stick out from its head.

The leaf is large and plain for you to decorate. Turn it into a tropical leaf with bright colors and fun shapes. You could make the bug monarch, swallowtail, blue morpho or any species you’d like.black-and-white bug coloring pages

This bug seems a little upset. Maybe someone woke it from its beauty sleep. Or perhaps it cannot find a flower to harvest pollen from, and it’s hungry.

Who knows? Insects also have emotions and feelings, and living in the wild is not easy.

This printable sheet features a small bug flying through the grass with a deep frown on its face. It has more petite wings than the previous butterfly and a set of six legs on its belly.Bug Coloring Book for kids free printable

For children, this ladybug printable sheet resembles the one they’ve seen in the garden. We recommend using multiple shades of red to make the coloring page bright and joyful.

For a toddler who just learned to use colors and crayons, this coloring sheet is perfect because the bug is drawn in simple lines and can easily follow the shapes and patterns.

We love that this bug coloring printable has a well-designed background your children can transform into a field or garden. It’s up to them to decide what setting they prefer best.

Fun fact – even if they are named ladybugs, they are actually beetles. And we all agree that ladybugs are cuter than beetles.Bug Coloring Sheet for children free download

How adorable is this dragonfly, sitting peacefully on the leaf? It looks like this graceful bug is thoroughly enjoying life.

And why wouldn’t it when it’s a sunny day outside and the flowers just bloomed?

If you choose to download and print this free dragonfly coloring sheet, don’t hesitate to get creative with painting its wings.

Dragonflies have wings as beautifully colored as butterflies but longer and with different patterns.

Your children can leave the background as it is or draw some flowers and plants to make it look like our favorite dragonfly is exploring a garden.Bug Coloring Book for adults free download

The bee from this bug coloring page seems to inspect the field for plants to pollinate.

To make honey, bees have to pollinate crops to harvest pollen they can later transform into the precious ingredient your children enjoy with their tea in the morning.

As with the other bug printable sheets, feel free to create a background. Is the bee flying on a sunny day, or is there a storm around the corner?Bug Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

It looks like this bug is sitting on a tree trunk waiting for its friends to join it for a chat. Just because it has a trunk similar to a mosquito it doesn’t mean this tiny insect is harmful.

Most bugs don’t sting people or animals but use their trunks to collect pollen and clear waste.

This coloring sheet can help you teach your children that bugs are really valuable to the planet and live extraordinary lives, free to fly everywhere they want.

The above bugs coloring printables should help pass time during a cold day when your children cannot go outside and admire real-life insects.

We regularly update our bugs printable collection, so come back soon for new pages!Bug Easy Coloring Pages

Get ready for an up-close encounter with an amazing bug. A giant bug with a striped oval body and six pointed legs stands on a leaf with its antennae held high.

The background is blank so you can fill in the world around the bug.

You get to decide where it lives. Is it in a jungle with tall trees and bright flowers? Or maybe a vegetable garden with carrots, tomatoes and green bushes?

You can make its shell glossy black, jewel-toned green or metallic gold.original bug coloring pages

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