Angry Birds Coloring Pages

All-new fun and exciting Angry Birds coloring pages for you to enjoy!

Developed in 2009, Angry Birds started out as a casual puzzle video game series. It became extremely popular the following year and gained over 12 million downloads.

Due to its popularity, it was later adapted into a movie called “The Angry Birds Movie”

Angry Birds have been a phenomenon for people around the world. But sadly, the game is no longer available for download.

So, we have created and compiled Angry Birds coloring pages to somehow bring them back to life. Without further ado, we present to you—free Angry Birds coloring pages!

With these Angry Birds coloring sheets, coloring activities are made more fun and easy. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and finally—the most fun part—color it!

Why not try experimenting and coloring these printables with other coloring materials like watercolor and brush pens?

Have fun transforming these colorless Angry Birds characters into colorful ones!

Angry Birds Coloring Pages – 15 Free Printable Sheets

The bird in this coloring page looks furious for some reason. With that distinct shape and unique hairstyle, the bird in the image is none other than Chuck!

Chuck is originally colored yellow with an orange colored beak. Which colors will you use for Chuck the bird?angry birds coloring pages for kids printable

This round, fluffy angry bird has his feathers all ruffled up in anger. His large, white eyes are wide open and his dark eyebrows are furrowed down, showing how upset he is.

His bright beak is open wide as he squawks loudly at whoever made him so mad. I wonder what happened to make this little guy so angry?

You can color him in happy colors like yellow, blue, and green to cheer him up. As you color, think about what might make you feel better if you were having a bad day.angry birds coloring pages

This may be the most furious bird you have ever seen! This coloring printable shows an extremely angry bird flying hastily.

It looks immersed in concentration with those focused eyes and puckered brows. The bird in the image is none other than Terence, the biggest red bird in the Angry Birds squad.angry birds coloring pages blue bird

Slingshots usually use stone as an ammo. But in this coloring sheet, the ammo is three little birds. These birds are most commonly known as “the blues” because of their blue-colored feathers and yellow beak. Which colors will you use for these birds?

Surprisingly, these birds do not look angry at all like the other bird characters. In fact, they look extremely happy with those gleaming eyes and huge grin!angry birds coloring pages online

With his round, chubby body and small wings, this bird looks like he’s ready to burst with anger. His grumpy frown is obvious with his hair ruffled to the side.

His feathers are puffed up, like he wants to tear something apart.

When coloring this angry bird coloring page, try to imagine what made him so upset. Then see if you can color him calmer colors to make him feel better. Have fun with this angry birds coloring page. free download angry bird coloring pdf

This coloring sheet shows the corporal pig wearing a helmet standing on a cliff. He looks determined with those sharp eyes and puckered brows.

It looks like he’s giving orders to the two other pigs right below him. They are probably coming up with strategies to defeat the birds! Which colors would you pick for the pigs in this image?free angry birds coloring pages

This coloring page perfectly captures the wonderful moment when the mother bird sees its children for the first time.

The mother bird watches the eggs as it hatches, instantly falling in love with them at first sight. So sweet!angry birds coloring pages free

All hail the king! This coloring printable shows the King Pig sitting on its wooden throne outdoors. The king is wearing a tall crown with jewels in it. His eyes are furious and his mouth is wide open, possibly giving orders to his followers.

The pigs in Angry Birds are known as the villains. Despite being a pig character, they do not have the color of an actual pig and are in fact primarily green in color.angry birds coloring pages for kids printable

This round little bird is all puffed up in anger. His feathers are ruffled, his eyebrows are furrowed down, and his beak is open wide in a raging squawk.

I wonder what’s made him so upset? Maybe the bird stole his eggs or the other birds played a mean trick on him.

When coloring his irritated face and frazzled feathers, think about what calming colors you could use to soothe his bad mood. Cool blues and gentle greens might help relax his angry attitude. angry bird coloring printable for kids

This coloring sheet shows a female bird looking pretty. With those long lashes and that unique hairstyle, it surely is Stella the bird!

No other bird is as fabulous as her, that’s for sure. Unlike most birds, Stella actually looks like she’s in a good mood.

In the game and in the movie, Stella the bird is originally pink in color. But feel free to color her with any color you like! Which colors will you add to this printable?angry birds coloring pages free download

This coloring page shows an enormous slingshot with a bird as ammunition. With its furrowed eyebrows and sharp eyes, the bird looks determined to hit the target.

The setting of this image looks like a meadow. There are bushes of greeneries everywhere.

Imagine being sent flying into the air by a slingshot like this bird—so scary yet seems fun! Which color would you pick for the bird?space angry birds coloring pages

This angry birds coloring page features a bird looking downright furious. His eyes are bulging out and burning, his eyebrows are turned down in anger, and his beak is open in a raging squawk.

His feathers are standing on end, making him look bigger than his round body really is.

Do you think something the pig did made him so angry? Or maybe he’s just angry for no reason. You can use Dark colors like black, brown, dark blue, or dark green to color this angry bird. coloring angry bird pdf sheet

The bird in this coloring printable is hurling in the air at full speed. There’s a blazing fire following the bird as it is in motion. The bird must have been sent flying extremely fast!

Was the bird used as an ammo in a slingshot? This bird wears the typical angry expression, looking focused and determined to reach its printable angry birds coloring pages

This silly bird is putting on his grumpiest angry face, but you can tell he’s just pretending. His beak is slightly open as he squawks loudly, but it would sound more funny than fierce.

I think he’s trying hard not to crack up and break character.

You can use any colors but bright, fun colors would be more ideal. Cheerful yellows, joyful oranges, and happy blues would suit this bird who’s just playing at being angry. black-and-white coloring pages for kids

This coloring sheet captures the perfect moment of a bird’s egg hatching. The egg shells are starting to fall apart, revealing a baby bird inside.

This baby bird has just been born, but it is already looking furious. It’s probably looking for its mother!angry birds coloring pages red

Angry Birds Coloring Pages — Who is your favorite character?

These Angry Birds coloring pages take you on a fun adventure with the angry birds and the villain pigs. So hopefully, you enjoy coloring these angry birds printable sheets with your friends and family.

We are always updating our website and uploading new content. So don’t forget to keep re-visiting our website to see all-new printable sheets for your coloring activity needs. Remember, all of our crafts and coloring pages are 100% free for you to print, color, and enjoy.

Once you’ve finished filling in the colors for these angry birds coloring sheets, make sure to show off your amazing work of art by sharing it on our Facebook page. We’re sure they are amazing!

We are excited to see how you brought these angry birds coloring printables to life!free original angry birds coloring pages

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