Volcano Coloring Pages

20 Volcano coloring pages to keep your little one busy.

On this page, you will find 20 all new Volcano coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Natural disasters like tornadoes, tsunami, and volcanoes, and dinosaurs have always been a popular subject for coloring pages, simply because they can be used to teach your little one about these powerful natural forces.

Exploring volcano and dinosaur coloring pages is a fantastic way to get children interested in these aspects of Earth’s history.

The chances of being involved in a volcanic eruption are pretty low compared to other natural disasters. However, it’s good to be observant of the giant vents of the Earth.

Put yourself in the shoes of a volcanologist with these cute volcano coloring pages!

20 Brand New Volcano Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

1. Active volcano eruption picture

Did you know? Volcanos are openings of the Earth’s surface. When they erupt, lava, ash, and gas are expelled.

Volcanos are mainly found where two of the Earth’s tectonic plates join. Most tectonic plates are found in the area called the Ring of Fire which stretches around the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

More than half of the world’s active volcanoes are part of the Ring of Fire and are located under the ocean. They’re called submarine volcanoes, and they’re fascinating!Volcano Coloring Pages for kids free download

2. Lava eruption picture

What happens when a volcano erupts? Well, let’s just say the ash that gets expelled can make it hard for people and animals to breathe.

Lava flow can cover massive areas of land, destroying homes and habitats.

They can also cause fires. Mud and ash can mix with rain and melting snow, which travels fast, destroying large areas of land.

Check out this volcano! It looks pretty outraged. Don’t forget to combine mad red with orange for a more dramatic effect on these volcano coloring pages.Volcano Coloring Pages for adults free printable

3. Volcano eruption scene

Volcanoes can be destructive, no doubt. But volcanic action can also lead to the formation of fertile soils. See how happy and healthy those palms are?

That’s because the resulting ash from recent magma expulsion can have distinct amounts of soil nutrients.

Oxygen and silica take up the largest percentage of elements released in the event of a volcanic eruption; other elements include sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, rock particles, and hydrogen chloride.

All of which form the most fertile soil in the world.

Happy soil equals happy plants which you can also see in these Earth Day coloring pages!

Ponder on that while you relish these cute volcano coloring sheets.Volcano Coloring Pages free pdf download

4. Dramatic volcano eruption coloring page

Just look at this volcano coloring page! Have you ever wondered where the word volcano comes from? It comes from the word “Vulcan,” who happens to be the Roman God of Fire!

While volcanos don’t really expel fire, they are all made from hot magma reaching the surface of the Earth and erupting.

Some volcanoes have lava flow with low viscosity that flows dozens of kilometers: Interestingly, that makes them very wide with smoothly sloping flanks.

Check out this smoky volcano! It looks out and about to fire some serious flowy magma. Let your imagination flow as well with these spectacular volcano coloring pages!Volcano Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

5. Mount Fuji Volcano

Does this volcano seem familiar to you? We bet it does! It’s the famous Mount Fuji, perhaps Japan’s most famous symbol.

Fuji has fascinated people for millennia, and today, the appreciation for this sacred mountain ranges from adoration to downright obsession.

Mount Fuji served as inspiration for Katsushika Hokusai’s woodblock print series One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji and happened to be Japan’s tallest mountain.

This beauty also happens to be an active volcano, making it so intriguing to our ears. Teleport into the Edo with these lovely volcano coloring sheets!Volcano Coloring Book free printable

6. Volcano eruption coloring image

How hot can volcano lava be? Very hot! It can get up to 1,250 Celsius, which makes volcanoes very dangerous, and it’s why they should be avoided.

About 30 km beneath our feet is the Earth’s mantle. This region extends down to the Earth’s core and is so hot that molten rock can squeeze out and form giant bubbles of liquid rock called magma chambers.

Because the magma is lighter than the surrounding rock, it rises up, finding cracks and weaknesses in the Earth’s crust. Cool, right?Volcano Coloring Book for kids free printable

7. Volcano with lava coloring sheet

Not all volcanoes are sleepy. They are also active and extinct. Active volcanoes are those that have had an eruption in historical times.

Somewhere around the world, there are likely 20 active volcanoes erupting as you’re reading this.

Dormant volcanoes, on the other hand, are those that have erupted in historical times and have the potential to erupt again. Can you spot dormant volcanoes in these mountains coloring pages?

The extinct ones haven’t erupted in the past 10,000 years, and scientists think they probably won’t erupt again. Yet, they look gorgeous and make for great hiking trails.Volcano Coloring Sheet for children free download

8. Living with volcanoes

Why do people live near volcanoes? Lots of different reasons.

People choose to live near volcanoes because the soil is very fertile, there are minerals and geothermal energy, and they are good for tourism.

Did you know? The volcano on Fagradalsfjall is still Iceland’s hottest attraction? It seems that tourists flock to Iceland to experience the rare close contact with the Earth’s interior.

This spring, the volcano came to life, and over 260,000 people have visited it so far.Volcano Coloring Book for adults free download

9. Mount Vesuvius volcano

One of the most famous volcanoes in the world turns out to be located in mainland Europe, more exactly in Italy.

Vesuvius is most known for the 79 AD eruption, which ruined the Roman cities of Pompei and Herculaneum.

Though Vesuvius’s last eruption was in 1994, it still represents a great danger to the cities surrounding it, particularly to the busy metropolis of Naples.

Our last but not least volcano coloring sheet reminds us of Vesuvius!Volcano Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

10. New volcano eruption

But volcanoes are more than just natural wonders and tourist attractions. Volcanoes are of great importance to life on Earth.

Without them, most of Earth’s water would still be trapped in the crust and mantle.

Early eruptions led to the Earth’s second atmosphere, which led to Earth’s modern atmosphere.

Besides air and water, volcanoes are responsible for land, another necessity for the very existence of many life forms.Volcano Easy Coloring Pages


11. Exploding volcano drawing

Easy printable of a huge volcano


12. Cartoon volcano with lava

Simple outline of a volcano exploding


13. Erupting volcano with smoke

Volcanic eruption with lots of smoke


14. Smoky volcano

Volcano coloring pages free pdf printable


15. Cartoon volcano emitting smoke

Volcano coloring sheet for kids


16. Volcano parts diagram

Volcano diagram


17. Volcanic eruption with thick smoke

Volcano erupting gas and smoke to color


18. Severe volcanic eruption

Volcano eruption spitting lava and smoke


19. Volcano eruption dinosaur scene

Volcano eruption with dinosaur to color


20. Volcano and dinosaurs illustration

Volcano with dinosaurs


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