Earth Day Coloring Pages

Show your love for Mother Earth with these Earth Day coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 10 all new Earth Day coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

First held in the 1970, the Earth Day takes place yearly during 22nd of April. This annual event is celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth has rich green and blue colors, making it enjoyable to color. This has created a huge demand for Earth Day coloring pages.

We have created and compiled Earth Day coloring pages for you to enjoy because your wish is our command. Coloring these Earth Day coloring printables is a great way to express your support for the environment any day of the year.

With these coloring sheets, coloring activities are made more fun and easy. Simply choose the image you like, print it out, and finally—the most fun part—color it! Why not try coloring these printables with various coloring materials like watercolor and brush pens?

Have fun transforming these colorless Earth images into colorful ones!

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Earth Day Coloring Pages — 10 Free Original Printable Sheets

It’s a cloudy day in the countryside! This coloring sheet shows a rural neighborhood sitting at the top of the Earth. The houses are close to the hills and there are trees everywhere.

Imagine living in the countryside or in the mountains. Life must be so peaceful over there! It’s nice living in the city, but nothing beats seeing natural scenery from your windows and breathing fresh air. All the more reason for us to protect the Earth!free earth day coloring pages

Planting trees is a great way to take care of the Earth! If we can plant trees more than we destroy them, we can save the Earth from further destruction.

In this coloring page, a pair of hands is holding the Earth as trees grow from the ground. The plants are enjoying the sunlight on a sunny and cloudy earth day coloring pages for kids

It’s a sunny day on this coloring page! There’s also a rainbow up in the skies. It probably just finished raining. A few trees are growing from the Earth’s ground, enjoying the sunlight after getting drizzled with rainwater.

“Earth Day” is written at the bottom of this printable. What color are you going to use for the letters?earth day coloring pages kindergarten

This coloring page shows an image of a happy Earth on a cloudy day. With its gleaming eyes and huge grin, the Earth looks ecstatic!

There is also “Happy Earth Day” written in the background. This is the perfect work of art to color for Earth Day, or any day of the year when you just want to show appreciation for the Earth we live in. Which colors will you use for this printable?

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Is it a flower plant or the Earth? It’s the Earth with petals blooming all around it. In this coloring sheet, the Earth is in the very middle of a flower plant. There’s also lots of flowers in the background.

We think the bright colors of the flowers would look great with the blue and green colors of the Earth. Which color will you add to this printable?

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“Happy Earth Day” is written on this coloring page. It has various designs and patterns inside each letter, making the image look very aesthetically pleasing. There are also lots of artistic stars and flowers in the background. There’s also hand peace signs, signifying peace on Earth.

We think a variation of bright and vivid colors would be perfect for this design. Which colors would you use for this printable?happy earth day coloring pages for preschoolers

Mother Earth looks cheerful on this coloring page! She holds up a banner with “Happy Earth Day” written on it. She’s probably feeling happy because of all the love and support from everyone.

We should love and take care of the Earth because it’s what we call home, isn’t it?earth day coloring pages for adults

We just love Earth, don’t we? In this coloring page, there’s “Love Earth” written in it. There’s a heart-shaped Earth right in the very middle of the image. Lots of small hearts are also floating all over the background.

We think the red and pink colors of the hearts will perfectly match the blue and green colors of the Earth. What colors will you add to this printable?love earth day coloring pages free printable

Earth Day should definitely be everyday! We must demonstrate our love and support for the environment not just every 22nd of April, but every single day.

In this coloring sheet, the Earth is in the middle of the image. Look at the stars with various designs in the background—so cool!

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Mother Earth is feeling all the love and support! This coloring printable exhibits the Earth with gentle, gleaming eyes and a slight smile.

Look at the tulip at the top and at the bottom of the Earth—so beautiful! There’s lots of different kinds of flowers floating all over the background. Which colors would you pick for these flowers?kids earth day coloring pages

Have Some More Environmental Fun With These Extra Ideas!

We really celebrated this planet we all share in this collection of free Earth Day coloring pages! The details included really bring the aspects of our planet that we take for granted to the forefront, but it can be taken even further.

In this section, we wanted to give you a few more ideas to try out that can take these images even further. You can take these ideas and build on them to create your own unique artworks!

We think it would be great both thematically and visually to use some actual natural elements on your picture. You could start by going out into your yard or a local park and finding some leaves, dirt and other plants.

Once you have these elements, you can then apply a thin layer of glue over the image and then sprinkle these elements over it. So, if you have a drawing that shows grass and dirt, you can add those actual elements over it!

If you do decide to try this, just be sure to lay down some spare paper or newspaper on your table first in case you make a mess.

There are other ways to make it special, as you could add some crafts like stickers, beads and anything else you can find. As you can see, there are many simple ways that you can add to these pages!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try out some strange or unusual ideas. The more weird the idea, the more you will make your pictures even more unique!

We have given you some ideas to get you started, but you’re in control now! We can’t wait to see what cool ideas you can come up with.

Earth Day Coloring Pages – Which Earth image will you color?

Whether or not it is April 22, it’s always fun to color Earth Day coloring pages any day of the year. Creating these printables is a simple and great way to express our appreciation and support for Mother Earth.

We hope you enjoy coloring these Earth Day coloring sheets. Remember, all of our crafts and printables are 100% free for you to print, color, and enjoy. We are always updating our website and uploading brand new coloring printables. So don’t forget to re-visit our website!

Once you’ve finished your coloring your Earth Day coloring printable, we’re sure you feel proud of yourself and your work of art—as you should be! Make sure to show off your colorful creation and share it on our Facebook page.

We are excited to see all of your wonderful Earth artworks!

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