Tattoos Coloring Pages

These intricate and creative tattoos coloring pages will give you ink inspiration. 

Opinions on tattoos tend to be divided, but we can all agree that it takes a lot of talent to be a tattoo artist and use the skin as a canvas.

Tattoos are a form of art, and whether we choose to wear them or not, we can’t deny that they’re beautiful.

For these tattoos coloring pages, we’ve selected some of the most iconic tattoo design styles, from roses and birds to hearts and skulls.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo or you’re simply a fan of this art style, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these printables.

15 Brand New Tattoos Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Starting our list of tattoos coloring pages, we have one of the most well-known tattoo designs in the world: the rose tattoo.

This iconic design is popular across many cultures and features an open rose with an elegant ribbon.

The meaning of the rose tattoo is that of “love won or lost.” It also symbolizes passion, and on the ribbon, people often choose to write the name of a loved one.

The rose can be colored in several ways to have different meanings: a red rose symbolizes romantic love, a pink rose symbolizes beauty and innocence, while a black one symbolizes the loss of a loved one.Tattoos Coloring Pages for kids free download

We have a really cool design for this tattoo coloring page for kids. This design has two swords crossing, suggesting an epic battle.

We would probably use some bright, eye-catching colors for this one, but it’s up to you to decide. What colors do you think would fit this incredible tattoo design?original tattoo coloring pages

In our next tattoos coloring sheet, we have another iconic tattoo design: the heart pierced by an arrow.

As the ribbon on top suggests, this tattoo symbolizes love, and the arrow is inspired by Greek mythology (Cupid’s bow).

Although arrow drawing styles have changed a lot in the past few years, becoming more minimal, the classic style, as depicted in this printable, is an all-time favorite.

Most of the time, pierced arrow tattoos are red, the arrow is black, and the ribbon is colored in a bright shade to contrast with the red, such as bright blue.Tattoos Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Some of the most popular tattoo designs out there are inspired by nature.

In this tattoo coloring page, we have a bird carrying a branch, which symbolizes freedom, peace, optimism, and happiness.

Many people choose to get a bird tattoo to show that they’ve entered a new stage of their life and are ready to take on more responsibility, such as going to college or starting a new job.

Other times, they choose it simply because it’s beautiful.

Bird tattoos are some of the most colorful ones out there, and you can test out various combinations on this printable.Tattoos Coloring Pages free pdf download

The flower in this next tattoo design is really pretty and detailed. With all of the petals, you could use lots of different colors in the same design.

You could really make this a stunning design with the colors you choose. Will you go for a classic red or incorporate different kinds of colors instead of that?new tattoo coloring pages

Skeleton tattoos can be quite controversial and not everyone is on board with having a darker symbol permanently inked on their skin, but skulls don’t necessarily have to be creepy.

For example, this printable depicts a striking combination between a skull and flowers, which is reminiscent of the La Catrina/Day of the Dead art style.

This tattoo symbolizes the struggle between two opposing elements: while the skeleton stands for death and evil, the flower stands for life and beauty.

To better emphasize this contrast, we can color the skull a darker shade and use a combination between green, red, and yellow for the flower around its head.Tattoos Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

The wing design in this next tattoo printable is very interesting to look at. It’s a simpler design, but simpler isn’t always bad!

If you feel that it could use a bit more detail, then you could always add some more sections to the design, which would also give you some more to color as well.

Will you leave it as is or add some details?tattoo coloring pages

In our next printable, we have another famous tattoo design, one that’s filled with symbolism: the sailboat tattoo.

This particular sailboat style is the classic Sailor Jerry ship, which pierces the waves with the wind behind its back.

A boat tattoo can mean different things. For some people, the meaning is quite literal and symbolizes a life spent on the sea or a passion for nautical imagery.

However, boat tattoos can also be metaphorical and symbolize freedom and wanderlust.Tattoos Coloring Book free printable

Sticking with our theme of nautical elements, the next tattoo coloring page features another popular symbol, the lighthouse. Here, it’s beautifully framed by a cloud and a big flower with leaves.

As you probably imagined, the lighthouse is also a complex tattoo motif that can be understood literally (the love for the sea), but also metaphorically.

Because the lighthouse helps sailors find their way while at sea, a lighthouse tattoo can symbolize guidance, protection, hope, and a safe haven.Tattoos Coloring Book for kids free printable

The next tattoo design has a speech bubble, and we left it empty for you. This allows you to get creative with it, as you could add some text in there yourself.

The only question is what text would you like to put in it? Maybe you could use a famous quote or even a funny phrase!
tattoo coloring sheet free download

Fruits were some of the first graphic elements used in tattoos, and that’s not exactly surprising, considering that all fruits are tied to a certain symbolism.

In this tattoos printable, we have a cherry, whose symbols can be quite polarizing, depending on the culture.

For example, in Western culture, cherries can be used to symbolize anything from youth to luxury and sexuality.

In this example, the cherry has a ribbon surrounding it, so you can write a loved one’s name there.Tattoos Coloring Sheet for children free download

If you’re a fan of complex, intricate artwork, you’ll love this next tattoo coloring page, which features a beautiful lavish rose placed on top of the infinity symbol.

The infinity symbol, which looks like the number eight on its side, has been quite popular lately and represents limitless possibilities. To some, it’s symbolic of rebirth and reincarnation.

Combined with the rose, it’s definitely a stunning design, and what makes it even more beautiful is that you can use various shades.

For example, we can use red and green for the rose and a bright golden shade for the infinity symbol.Tattoos Coloring Book for adults free download

In our next coloring page, we have another complex symbol that can mean different things: the diamond.

Again, it depends on your culture and personal interpretation. To some, the diamond symbolizes opulence and luxury.

To others, it’s a symbol of love and loyalty because they remind them of engagement rings.

A diamond tattoo can also symbolize strength – after all, the diamond is one of the toughest precious stones.

Diamonds are transparent, but to create the illusion of reflection, we can use shades of grey and light blue.Tattoos Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Ending our list of tattoo coloring pages, we have another heart tattoo, this time drawn in a different style, with leaves and a twirling ribbon.

Also symbolizing love and passion, this tattoo can be colored in bright shades and customized with a loved one’s name.

These are just a few of the most popular symbols used in tattoo art, but we add new coloring sheets regularly, so come back soon!Tattoos Easy Coloring Pages

We’re bringing a touch of class to this next tattoo coloring sheet. This time we have a cool crown for you to color, and you could use some interesting techniques and mediums for this one.

For example, using some glitter or glitter glue would be great to add some sparkle to this design, making it even fancier!tattoo coloring sheet for kids


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