Hard Coloring Pages

Challenge yourself with this collection of hard coloring pages!

Coloring can be many things to many people. Some people like to relax with simple pages that allow them to zone out and color in any way that they see fit.

Others like to color pictures of characters or people that they like in order to show their fandom.

There are some that like to challenge themselves with intricate designs that require patience and concentration.

This collection of free hard coloring pages for kids presents you with 15 of these intricate designs to enjoy. While they may look intimidating, remember that there is no rush here.

You can take your time with them and express yourself in some amazing ways. We will also offer some tips on how to make each page easier, so let’s begin this coloring challenge!

15 Brand New Hard Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first hard coloring sheet presents a lot of twisty, rounded shapes and lines.

These can be some of the most challenging kinds of lines to color, as you can’t use rulers or other straight edges to help you.

As with any of these pages, the trick is to take it slowly. If you rush through any of these pages, you can make it so that you will not enjoy the process.

Use the art tools that will make it easiest for you and take as much time as you need!New Hard Coloring Pages

These pages all present abstract images that don’t really resemble anything in particular. However, you may make some associations from the various shapes and other lines.

This page has a somewhat floral design to my eyes, and that means you can use colors that fit that theme. I would use some lighter floral colors like pink or green for this page if I were coloring it.

That’s just one way of coloring the page though, so you could go with anything as long as it works for your personal interpretation! What colors does this page inspire from you?original hard coloring pages

There are many twists and turns to this next page, and it’s another that can inspire a lot of different interpretations.

If you find yourself struggling, then a good place to start would be to choose specific colors.

Maybe you could make a color scheme made up of around 5 colors and then stick to those, as you know they will complement each other nicely.

Otherwise, you can play it by ear and work from instinct as well. It’s all about finding what works for you, as each individual will find certain things easier than others.new hard coloring pages for kids

This design is a bit less intricate than some of the others in this collection, so it could be considered one of the easiest ones. That doesn’t mean it will be a breeze though!

It still has some rounded, spiral shapes. As mentioned earlier, this can result in a high level of challenge.

What makes this one a bit less difficult is that the shapes and spaces between the lines are a bit larger than some of the others.

The challenge on this page will be following the course of the various twisty shapes.new hard coloring printable

There are so many small shapes and details on this hard coloring printable, and it can look a bit intimidating. The trick to a page like this is to start from one area and work your way out from there.

That makes it easier for me, at least! The page also makes me think of the scales of a snake or any other kind of reptile.

For that reason, I would probably use some green and yellow combinations for this page if I were coloring it.

Did you have the same association when you saw this page or did you think of something else?hard coloring sheet

It can be fun to look at abstract pages and think of what they remind you of, even if it’s somewhat vague.

For me, this page looks like crashing waves, and that would make me go for a blue color scheme.

This could include various shades of light and dark blue, and I may even leave some spaces white to represent sea foam. That would make for a nice, calming picture to look at.

You’re welcome to go for a similar approach, but you should go with any other colors that come to mind for you!hard coloring book

Next up, we have another page where it could be a bit of a challenge to keep track of the singular shapes twisting and turning.

This is because they overlap as if someone had dropped strands of thick spaghetti over one another. If you want to keep track, you could use a light pencil to track the movement of each shape.

That way, you could make sure that the colors will all be consistent with the shapes that are twisting. You can always erase the pencil later if you can still see it.hard coloring printable for adults

Now isn’t this a simply stunning page that we have up next in the collection?

This page makes me think of ears of corn that have melted and twisted, and so the colors of green and yellow come to mind.

The beauty of an abstract collection of lines and shapes is that everyone will see something different. You may see a corn motif like I did, or you could think of octopus tentacles, for example.

There are no wrong answers, so you should be sure to use colors that match whatever you had in mind.hard coloring sheet for adults

At first glance, this next page may not seem to have much order to it, but if you look closer then you will see that it is a mirror image. That presents some interesting choices that you can make.

You could make the two halves of the picture match, or you could make each distinct. Using complimentary colors on each side of the page could also be a way to go.

If you can’t fully decide, then you could print a few copies of the page and try out some different ideas!hard coloring pages for preschool

I just love the design of this next hard coloring page! It reminds me a bit of a stained glass window.

For that reason, I would use colors that could be used on such a window, including bright reds, yellows, greens and any other bright hues.

Colored pens and markers would be my mediums of choice for this page.

These mediums would help to make the colors pop on the page. They would also be good for coloring some of the smaller spaces!

What colors and mediums do you think you will use?hard coloring drawing

There are more straight lines on this page than many others in the collection, and that could make it a bit easier for some to color.

Straight edges are a bit easier for most people to follow, and using rulers or even the hard edge of a book cover can help you to stay within the lines if you struggle.

There are still a few curved lines and edges, so it won’t be a total walk in the park! As long as you take your time and have fun with it, then you will finish it in style!hard coloring book

This next page marks a series of some of the trickiest pages in the collection. These last few pages will really test the skills you’ve picked up throughout the collection!

This one has so many segments on the design, and you could work in so many amazing colors and effects.

It could take a while to work through this one, so you may want to set aside an afternoon for this page.

It will be worth it once you have a beautiful page to show off!black and white coloring pages

We have another page with twists and turns galore here, and it could be a bit tricky as well. When you color a page, remember that you don’t have to finish it all in one sitting.

You can also take a break and come back to finish it later or even on another day if you get frustrated.

If you force yourself to finish it in one sitting, you may get impatient and have sloppy work.

Don’t feel bad about needing to take a break and finish it off when you have new inspiration!hard coloring printable free download

Here is a page for the bravest of coloring enthusiasts! This will be one that will test all of your coloring skills.

For this page, I would highly recommend either colored pens or pencils. That’s because precision will be the name of the game here.

Those mediums are some of my favorites for precision coloring, so they would be what I would use. You could also use some paintbrushes with small tips, or mauve even colored markers.

What is your medium of choice for small spaces and shapes?hard coloring pages free download

This final hard coloring page reminds me of loads of macaroni spread out on the page! There are so many shapes worked into the design, so it could be another that requires some patience.

It’s made up entirely of twisty, curved lines, so it could be one that some may struggle with. Try not to be hard on yourself as you color.

If you go outside the lines a bit, it’s okay! You can always cover it up later, so try not to let perfectionism prevent you from having fun expressing yourself.

It should be fun, after all!hard coloring pattern free download

Hard Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had an amazing time challenging yourself with this collection of free hard coloring sheets for kids! There were some difficult pages here, but it’s good to challenge yourself sometimes.

You can pick the pages that appealed to you the most, or you could try to color every single page in the collection. It’s up to you, as each page is free to print, color and share as you please!

It would be interesting to see how you tackle these challenging pages.

You can share some of your finished artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see how incredibly they turned out!

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