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Free Printable Robin Coloring Pages for children of all ages

Robins are common birds throughout the world and there’s a good chance you’ve seen one in your backyard.

Help your children learn about wildlife in their environment with these robin coloring pages that can be used in the classroom or at home.

15 Brand New Robin Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first image of our robin coloring pages features a majestic robin sitting on a branch. Legend has it that the robin is a sacred bird that offers protection and spiritual enlightenment.

The robin’s spiritual meaning often leads us to growth, renewal, passion, change, and power.

The robin is also about perseverance and trying to “keep on keeping on”. If you spot one, listen to your inner voice as it can teach you how to focus and trust yourself better.Robin Coloring Pages for kids free download

This coloring page shows a cute robin, welcoming spring with her cheerful song. She has a bright breast that stands out against her black feathers.

Her small beak is open in joyful song as she celebrates the season.

Her tail feathers splay out behind her for balance as she sits on a bare tree branch dotted with new buds.

The branch stretches across a crisp white background, ready for you to add your own springtime scene. Let your creativity blossom while coloring this page.robin coloring pages

Did you know that robins are very popular in North America, as well as in Europe? In fact, this lovely creature is the national bird of Great Britain.

When it comes to Britain’s favorite bird, the robin, the folklore, the myths surrounding it are as colourful as its breast.

Since the dawn of time, this tiny bird has been the symbol of good fortune, happiness, rebirth – and sometimes even as a messenger for lost, loved ones.Robin Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Here’s a cheerful robin bird perched on a thin branch. It has a round body, a pointed beak, and a chest. The robin’s wing is slightly lifted and its tail is fanned out, as if it is about to fly away.

The branch has two small twigs coming off of it, which could be signs of new growth. The background is white, which allows you to create your own spring scene.

You can color the robin in gray, black, and red colors, or experiment with different shades and patterns. robin coloring printable

Rumour has it that robins have a sweet tooth! Fruits, berries, sweet cakes, and even pastry dough are their favorites. However, these tiny birds also feed on insects (especially beetles) and worms.

You might notice one following you up as you work in your garden, hoping to nap a few worms as you unearth them.

They also snack seeds, crushed peanuts, raisins, and sunflower hearts. As your child has fun filling in this beautiful robin coloring page, you can tell them more fun facts about robins!Robin Coloring Pages free pdf download

Think of all the beautiful colors we could use when filling in this robin coloring page! Here, we have a robin that sits perched up on a branch. Perhaps it’s welcoming the first rays of morning sun?

In the background, we also have some beautiful flowers, which means that this image depicts spring, when trees are blossoming and nature comes back to life.

Let’s capture the happiness of springtime by using pastel shades like yellow and pink for the flowers!Robin Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

This coloring page features a cheerful robin welcoming spring. It has a round, plump body and is perched on a thin branch dotted with tiny new buds.

The robin’s beak is open in a joyful song, celebrating the new season. Its fanned tail provides balance on the branch.

The white background is perfect for adding your own creative touches of spring. Color in fluffy white clouds, rainbow flowers blooming, and bright blue sky.

Bring this scene to life with color as the robin sings joyfully among the trees. original robin coloring pages

By the looks of it, this robin coloring page shows a singing robin, and we can all agree that it’s a truly lovely song. While both females and males sing, the male happens to have a distinct tune.

He is often the last bird heard as the sun sets and often for two reasons: defending a territory and attracting a mate. Therefore, spring song is far more beautiful and powerful in males.Robin Coloring Book free printable

Have a look at this cute robin hopping from branch to branch! But why do robins hop? If you go birdwatching, you will notice the robin prefers to hop around more than other birds do.

That’s because robins are naturally forced to hop when the grass is too high for them to see over or sometimes because they just want to.

Birds as small as robins move farther in a single hop than they do by taking several steps.Robin Coloring Book for kids free printable

This coloring page features a cute robin bird standing on the ground. It has a round body, a small head, and a white chest.

The robin’s beak is pointed and its feet are small and have three toes.
Its wings are slightly spread and its tail feathers are curved upwards, as if it is alert and curious.

The background is white, which allows you to create your own background for the robin. You can color the robin in gray, black, and red colors, or try different shades and robin coloring pages

Did you know that both male and female American robins look similar?

Although males are generally brighter and more boldly colored than females, there aren’t too many distinctions, so you can color this robin printable in any way you want!

Did you know that American robins have exceptionally keen eyesight that allows them to see the tiny disturbances in the soil that indicate where underground worms are moving?Robin Coloring Sheet for children free download

As you can see in this robin coloring sheet, robins have dazzling feather attire.

Males have rust-colored feathers on their chest, a black head, a yellow bill, and white outlines that make their eyes loom. They also have grey backs and wings.

On the other hand, females look similar to males, but their colors are much duller and sometimes blend together, making identification difficult.

What colors will you choose for this robin coloring page?Robin Coloring Book for adults free download

This coloring page captures the beauty and grace of a robin in flight. The robin is a small songbird with a round body and a pointed beak.

Her fanned tail feathers provide balance, while her white belly contrasts against crimson as she flies.

You can color the robin in gray, black, and red colors, or try different shades and patterns. You can also add clouds, stars, sun, or moon to the sky.

This coloring page is perfect for kids who love birds and robin coloring sheet free download

In this robin printable we have a cute-looking robin that sits joyfully on a tree branch? Is he getting ready to fly away?

Well, no matter the story behind this image, we’re sure your child will have a great time picking the colors for this robin and coloring it in vibrant shades.

We also have plenty of creative freedom for the background, which we can color blue, for the sky, or green, for a tree.Robin Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Here’s a nice little fun fact to finish our list of robin coloring sheets: robins enjoy our presence. Being a woodland edge species, the robins have always lived near humans.

These little guys have an inbuilt curiosity, presumably something that enables them to seek novel feeding opportunities.

Who knows, maybe next time you’re on a walk in nature with your children, you can spot a real life robin and see how friendly and playful these little birds are!

We hope you enjoyed these robin coloring pages, as well as the fun facts about them. Don’t forget to come back soon because we add new robin printables regularly!Robin Easy Coloring Pages


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