Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages

Enjoy an explosion of color with these Rainbow Dash coloring pages!

The My Little Pony series is full of many wonderful characters that delight fans worldwide.

It can be difficult to pick a favorite character from the series, but the lovable Rainbow Dash is a popular option.

This collection of free Rainbow Dash coloring pages for kids will provide tons of pony fun for all fans of this character!

These pages are all free for you to enjoy any way you like, and they can be shared with fellow pony fans as well.

So let’s begin this colorful journey with the first page of the collection.

20 Brand New Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

In this first Rainbow Dash coloring page, this character is certainly living up to her name! She is dashing somewhere at great speed, and she seems to be having a great time doing so!

Because she is mid-run here, you could color the background with many strokes of colors to make it look like she’s whizzing past the background.Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages for kids free download

Look at the awesome Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash standing tall and proud on a fluffy white cloud in the sky!

With her rainbow mane and tail flowing in the wind, she looks ready to take off on an adventure.

As a talented flyer, Dash can walk on clouds and help control the weather. She is known for being very loyal and dependable to all her friends.

As you color in her blue body and rainbow hair, think about how she is always there to help the ponies who need her.rainbow dash coloring pages

Our pony friend is looking a bit embarrassed in this next scene. What do you think could be causing her to feel this way?

You could show what you think could be bothering her by drawing a background setting to show what kind of situation it could be. There are so many possibilities if you were to create a fun scene!Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages for kids free download

Rainbow Dash is again really living up to her name in this picture, as she is in front of a literal rainbow!

This not only gives you lots of room to add some brilliant colors, but also fits the theme of this particular pony. This should be a beautifully colorful page once you have finished working on it!Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Rainbow Dash trots along happily, showing her confident smile. As a speedy Pegasus pony, her two strong wings allow her to zoom through the skies faster than any other pony in Equestria!

Dash loves adventure and trying new thrilling things. Her cutie mark of a rainbow-colored lightning bolt shows that speed is her special talent.

For this cute pony, you can use bold reds, oranges, and yellows to match her bright personality. Don’t forget to add in her cutie mark!rainbow dash coloring printable

This next Rainbow Dash coloring page makes it look as if she is on her way to save the day! She is a character that will do anything for her friends, and no peril would be great enough to stop her.

This could be another good opportunity to show off how creative you can be by adding a background setting to finish off the scenario.Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Rainbow Dash is looking like she’s having a wonderful day in this next scene! The way she is looking down suggests that she has seen one of her pony friends.

If you’re feeling extra creative, maybe you could draw one of your favorite pony characters running beneath her to show who has made her look so happy.

Which pony would you choose if you were to do this?Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages free pdf download

In this Rainbow Dash coloring page, we see the athletic Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash looking full of energy and determination, with her wings spread wide as she leaps forward.

Dash is the most competitive daredevil pony around and she hates to lose any contest or race. She always gives every challenge her all.

When you color in her rainbow mane and tail, adding in a background with sports equipment would be perfect for this energetic pony! rainbow dash coloring sheet for kids

We have another picture where she is looking pretty brave and fierce! As fierce as such a cute character can look, at least!

As you know, this character is mostly blue with a beautiful rainbow color scheme for her hair and her tail.

When coloring any of these pictures, you could either stick with her usual colors or create a brand new look for this wonderful pony!Rainbow Dash Coloring Book free printable

This seventh page in our collection of free Rainbow Dash coloring pages for kids is a really fun portrayal of this pony!

She has a rather sarcastic look on her face, and it looks like she is saying some kind of funny line.

If you have a favorite Rainbow Dash line or quote, maybe you could write it in a speech bubble above her head.Rainbow Dash Coloring Book free printable

We love how much this next picture of Rainbow Dash captures her character so well! She is again trying to look fierce and confident, but it ends up being only partially successful.

Which colors and mediums do you think would suit this portrayal of this pony?Rainbow Dash Coloring Book for kids free printable

Rainbow Dash cheerfully waves a hoof hello, her wings raised up behind her. As a member of the Elements of Harmony, she represents the spirit of Loyalty.

This thoughtful Pegasus will always be there when one of her friends needs help or support.

Color in her shining magenta eyes and rainbow tail, think about how Dash would do anything to help the ponies that she cares so much about.

Why not draw some of her smiling pony friends beside her to complete this happy, friendly Rainbow Dash coloring page?original rainbow dash coloring pages

Rainbow is looking a lot calmer in this next picture, and she seems to be enjoying a happy, peaceful day.

The mediums you use can help to emphasize a mood, so we would use some colored pencils or watercolor paints for this one in order to create a softer, calm feeling for the scene.

That’s what we would use, but what are you thinking of using?Rainbow Dash Coloring Book for kids free printable

There’s a bit of a different look featured on this Rainbow Dash coloring printable. In this one, her tail and hair is braided instead of flowing down, and it is a great look for her!

The braids also allow for some interesting color techniques and combinations, and you could use all sorts of interesting mediums and styles to color this one.Rainbow Dash Coloring Sheet for children free download

Here we see the adventurous Pegasus pony Rainbow Dash playfully calling out, inviting you to come hang out and have some fun!

Dash loves action, challenges and trying new things. She once entered a dangerous race through the Ghastly Gorge canyon just for the thrill of it!

Use your best colors on her mane, tail and wings. For the background, you could draw some of the thrilling locations she might take you, like a race track or the Wonderbolts Academy where she trains to be an elite flyer.rainbow dash printable coloring pages

Here we have another portrayal where she is looking a bit shy! In this image, there is also a lot of empty space in the background.

We think this one would also be perfect for you to create a fun background for. What favorite My Little Pony location would you choose?Rainbow Dash Coloring Sheet for children free download

For this next page, we have something a bit different! This time, we’re showing off what Rainbow Dash would look like if she were a superhero!

There is a lightning bolt emblem on her chest here, and you can have a great time coming up with a color scheme for this logo. The question is, which colors will you use for this superhero getup?Rainbow Dash Coloring Book for adults free download

Here’s another Rainbow Dash coloring page that features her trying to look really tough!

We would probably go for some colored pens or markers for this page, as that would help to give the colors a stronger, more vibrant look. As always, it’s completely up to you though!Rainbow Dash Coloring Book for adults free download

This is a really fun pose for Rainbow Dash. She looks like she is correcting someone here while feeling very confident about being right.

This one could be another fun picture to add a favorite quote to! By adding a line that she has said before, you could show what is making her look so confident in this particular picture.Rainbow Dash Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Now it’s time for the final Rainbow Dash coloring sheet of the collection!

In this one, she looks as if she is barely stifling a laugh, which probably means something funny has happened to one of her friends. What do you think could be causing this reaction?

Once again, you could show us what your idea for this scene could be by adding a background setting to finish it off.Rainbow Dash Easy Coloring Pages

Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed this super colorful collection of free Rainbow Dash coloring pages for kids!

We tried to include a wide range of poses and scenarios for this classic character so that you would be able to use all of your favorite colors and art mediums throughout it.

If you enjoyed this collection, you will find many more on our website that are ready to enjoy! There are other creative goodies to enjoy too, and we can’t wait for you to try them out.

We also really hope that you will share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see and enjoy.

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