Nezuko Coloring Pages

Feel the power of this legendary Pokemon with these Mewtwo coloring pages!

The Demon Slayer series is one that has captivated people from around the world. It blends exciting action along with strong character moments and heartfelt stories.

The series mainly follows Tanjiro Kamado, but his sister Nezuko is just as vital to the story. She is a young girl with demon powers, and her character has captivated fans worldwide.

This collection of free Nezuko coloring pages for kids focuses on this fascinating character. Not only is she very interesting, but she also has a distinctive design.

You can make these pages even better with your coloring skills. In doing so, you can replicate her look from the show or create your very own unique look for her instead.

It’s up to you, and now you can decide what to do as you take charge of the collection!

15 Brand New Nezuko Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first Nezuko coloring sheet features Nezuko drawn in a cartoon style. Even though she is drawn in a simpler style, it still captures her character brilliantly.

The details on her outfit are amazing, with lots of small shapes to color and decorate. Whether you choose to make her screen accurate or go for a unique look, you could work in lots of colors and effects.

Which colors will you use for these amazing dress details, as well as all the other elements of the design?New Nezuko Coloring Pages

This next page is also drawn in a cartoon style, and it’s another that captures her look so well. I really love her flowing hair in this image, although they could be tricky to color.

If you use thicker mediums like crayons, then you may find yourself coloring outside the lines. That’s why using thinner mediums like colored pens can be great for details like these.

Even with these kinds of mediums, you should take it nice and slow if you want to stick within the lines. You should certainly use whatever is comfortable for you!original nezuko coloring pages

This page gives you a great look at all of the details on Nezuko’s clothing and accessories. Her clothes and her hair are flowing around her majestically, and it looks amazing.

If she looks this cool in black and white, imagine how amazing she will look with some color! Once you have colored her, you can also add color to the background to make the picture even more beautiful.

The colors and details you use for the background can be based on the show, or you can use your own choices for a unique setting for Nezuko to be a part of.nezuko coloring sheet free download

There are so many details to color on this next page! You might recognize this moment from the show, as she is seated on a rectangle box.

When coloring, it can be tempting to find a few different art mediums that are comfortable. While this is not a bad thing necessarily, it can be a bit limiting.

Sometimes, challenging yourself to use a new medium can be a great way to find some new and amazing color effects. For example, you may not use paint very often.

Why not try that for this page and see what happens?nezuko coloring printable

This Nezuko coloring printable shows off the darker side of this character. She can look harmless and even cute at times, but anyone familiar with the character knows this is not the case.

She has great power as well, thanks to her demon powers. You can see that on this page thanks to the look on her face and her visible claws on her hands.

I would use some darker colors to make this page look a bit more sinister if I were coloring this one. What will you use?nezuko coloring sheet for children

The next page that we have for you shows off the softer side of Nezuko. She is sitting on the floor with a confused look on her face, and it shows that there are many sides to her character.

The background behind her is separated into various segments, and this is great for color variation. If I were coloring this page, I would try to fit as many colors as possible into the background.

Finding a different color for each segment would be quite the challenge, but it would look amazing! It will be great to see what you choose for this page.nezuko coloring pages free download

Nezuko has been drawn in a simplified style on this next page once more. Even so, there are tons of details to admire on this page, and you could portray them in many interesting ways.

If you don’t necessarily need to make her look like her screen presence, then you could go for a more stylized or interpreted look for her.

This could be done by using colors she doesn’t normally have on her outfit in the anime. Sometimes it can be fun to go for a unique interpretation for a classic character!cute nezuko coloring pages

The look on Nezuko’s face on this page shows off her darker side. She looks rather angry in this one, and as mentioned before she is not always a sweet and innocent character.

This page may remind you of an instance in the anime where she has shown her darker side. If you can think of such a moment, then you could add some elements of that scene to this page.

It could be subtle background details or maybe a few props that pertain to the moment. Or, you could create a brand new scene for her to be a part of!easy nezuko coloring pages

This next page is action packed, as it shows Nezuko in the middle of an attack. Not only is she in an attack pose, she is also showing off her demon side.

This can be seen by the horn that’s visible on her forehead. Seeing as she is in a fighting stance, it could be a fun task to add some adversaries for her to face.

It could be some villains that she has faced in the anime. Or, it would also be fun to add some characters from another series!nezuko coloring pages for adults

The next Nezuko coloring page in this collection has her in another dynamic pose. We don’t always get to see her full facial expression because of the device she has in her mouth.

Even so, she still has a very expressive face, and we can see the fury and determination she is feeling from her eyes alone. This is another page that may remind you of a favorite Nezuko moment.

Remember that you can always add your own details and background elements to build a scene out of the image!nezuko coloring printable free download

The past few pages showed Nezuko in some intense situations, but this one is a bit calmer. She is sitting in a serene pose, and it’s generally a calming image to look at.

This would be a great page to use colors that make you feel calm and happy. For me, I like to use lighter colors done with watercolor paints when I want to chill out with some coloring fun.

Perhaps you feel better when using bright colors! Everyone has their own preferences, so be sure to go with yours for this page.nezuko coloring pages for kindergarten

This next page is quite an action packed one! Nezuko is performing a kick move that would be devastating to the enemy it has been aimed at.

Not only is this a cool pose to color, but also a page that has a lot of detailing on her clothing to color. Her hair has also been intricately drawn, and this can be colored as well.

For the background, do you think that you will go for some solid colors, shapes or perhaps some drawn background elements instead?nezuko drawing coloring pages

We get another glimpse of Nezuko’s demon side on this page. Not only is it evident on her face, but we can again see the claws on her hands.

These effects are subtle, but they give her a whole different look to the more relaxed poses we have seen in this collection.

For pictures like this, I like to use bright, high contrast colors to make it more intense.

There are lots of ways to create intensity with colors though, and you should certainly feel free to go with whatever you think would make this picture even better!original nezuko drawing coloring pages

There is a lot of intensity to this next picture. Nezuko is showing elements of her demonic side again, and her pose makes her look like she’s prepared for anything.

It makes it seem as if she has sensed an imminent threat, and you can only wonder what it could be. This would be a great page to use as a basis for an awesome scene.

It would be a great way for you to show off what you think she is facing off against here, and you could make some really imaginative moments!nezuko drawing coloring book

We’re ending this collection of Nezuko coloring sheets with something very different from any others so far. This time, we actually see her without her face apparatus, and she is looking terrifying.

You can almost hear the shriek she is giving off, and once you add some color this page will look very menacing indeed.

There are tons of little details, so this one will be a real challenge to close off the collection.

You can apply everything you’ve learned so far to make this page look absolutely stunning!nezuko coloring book

Nezuko Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Nezuko coloring printables for kids showcased this complex character in all of her different facets and forms.

We got to see her in calmer moments and others where she is unleashing her power.

This variety is great for color usage, as you can use a wide range depending on the mood of the piece.

You can also print the pages as many times as you like, and this will allow you to try out all your ideas.

To show us your finished Nezuko pages, please go ahead and share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!

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