Michael Myers Coloring Pages

There’s no need to fear Halloween with this collection of Michael Myers coloring pages!

In 1978, the world was introduced to Michael Myers in the film Halloween directed by John Carpenter. The movie presented a terrifying, silent killer in a white mask that stalks several victims.

Since then, there have been many sequels, reimaginings, reboots and even books based on the character.

People are fascinated by this mysterious silent character and his distinctive look makes him a favorite for Halloween costumes.

This collection of free Michael Myers coloring pages for kids celebrates this character.

You will find 15 images based on various interpretations of Michael Myers in this collection to color and have fun with. He’s usually a scary character, but these pictures tend to be a little more lighthearted.

Get ready for some Halloween fun no matter the time of year as we begin!

15 Brand New Michael Myers Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The first Michael Myers coloring sheet that we have for you is a bit of an unusual take on this villain. It seems to imagine what he would look like if that was his face instead of a mask.

He is also dressed differently than normal, so it’s almost like he’s just on his everyday errands as well.

For a bit of fun, you could imagine an innocent scenario for Michael to be a part of and then draw a background.

What sort of setting would you choose for this purpose?New Michael Myers Coloring Pages

This next picture of Michael Myers shows him drawn in a more cartoony style, but he still manages to look a bit menacing. What I like most here is that the background is separated into sections.

This means that you could use lots of different colors for each section. That would be a great way for you to work in all of your favorite colors.

You could also draw in any extra accessories, props or background details. This will be an interesting page when it’s complete!original michael myers coloring pages

Instead of the actual Michael Myers, this page seems to show a kid dressed as Michael Myers as he goes trick or treating. Or, perhaps this page imagines a young Michael Myers doing that!

At any rate, this is a great spooky image, as we see the graveyard setting that he is walking through. As always, feel free to add any more details that you would like.

For instance, you could add some bats flying in the sky for a spooky touch.new michael myers coloring pages

At first glance, this depiction of Michael Myers looks quite simple and almost cute, but it still manages to be kind of creepy the more that you look at it.

If I were coloring this page, I would use some dark colors for the segments of the background. That would help to highlight this creepy design of Michael Myers and make it look more sinister.

That’s one way that you could color this page, but there are so many ways that you could. Which colors will you use for the background?easy michael myers coloring pages

Here’s something I never would have thought I’d see! This Michael Myers coloring printable shows him playing a guitar, and it sure shows a different side of him.

I wonder what song he could be playing here? Perhaps he is performing a rendition of the iconic Halloween theme.

You could maybe think of some other songs he is playing and add the lyrics above him. It could be a song you would expect to hear around Halloween.

Or, you could create a fun contrast by using a sappy romantic song. Which song would you choose?michael myers coloring printable

Michael Myers is known more for walking around briskly than running, but this page shows him jogging somewhere. The way he’s running kind of makes it look a bit like he’s forgotten something!

I think that it would be fun to make a story around this image. You could add some background details or other elements to show where he is heading in such a hurry.

Even if the details and the additions are simple, you could create some interesting scenarios here. Do you have some ideas for how you could make a funny scene from this page?michael myers coloring sheet free download

This next page shows another image of Michael Myers that is equal parts cute and horrifying.

He has been drawn in a cartoony style and looks a bit like a kid here, but his menacing scowl and mask scars make him look scary.

He is also wielding a dangerous looking machete, so you wouldn’t want to mess with him even though he looks small here!

The background is again separated into segments, and I always like that.

You could once again fill the segments with some interesting color contrasts, so feel free to get creative with it and see what happens!michael myers drawing coloring download

Michael Myers has a bit of a different appearance in this one. He is drawn in a more realistic style, but there are some interesting details on his mask.

To me, the details make him look a bit robotic, almost as if this is a future, robotic Michael Myers. He would be even more unstoppable if that were the case!

If you think that could be what is happening here, then you could draw a background to fit the theme. What background would suggest a future Michael Myers?michael myers full size coloring pages

I really love the style of this next page, as the way it is composed makes it look like Michael Myers is frolicking through the leaves.

It captures his character really well, but it also captures the joy of the Fall. Because of this, I would use some lovely red, yellow and orange for the leaf details in this image.

That would help to really capture that Fall feeling that you get around Halloween, but you should definitely go for what feels right to you!easy michael myers coloring printable

This Michael Myers coloring page shows him wielding what looks like a feather or a feather duster. It is admittedly not the most intimidating weapon he could be found with!

Of course, this would be terrifying to anyone that is ticklish. The strange weapon choice makes it stand out, but I really like the spooky details of the tree, which makes it look like an old horror film.

Some darker colors like blue, purple and black would be my choice for this background, as it would help to make it look even scarier. Will you use these colors too?black and white michael myers coloring printable

On this next page, this small Michael Myers is trying his best to be intimidating, but I’m not sure that he’s succeeding. He does look a bit creepy, so that’s something!

He’s also armed with a knife, which does tend to make someone look a bit more intimidating. The background has been left a bit more blank as well, so you could add all sorts of cool details.

This would be a great chance to make a Halloween scene for Michael Myers to be a part of!cartoon michael myers coloring sheet

Michael Myers can spend his time being a rather bad man, but that’s not to say he never shows a softer side. Here, he is preparing for Halloween by making a pie.

It’s a side from him we never see in the films, so maybe this was drawn in between takes! What sort of pie do you think he could be making?

My favorite is cherry pie, so I would maybe draw some jars of cherry preserves as an added detail to show that is what he is making. You could do the same with any other pie types you like.

Which pie would you have him make?realistic cartoon michael myers coloring sheet

This next scene is a bit of an unusual one, as we see Michael Myers in a desert setting while digging a hole. What do you think he could be up to here?

Perhaps he is making a trap for an unfortunate victim that he’s preparing for. Or, it could be another page that shows a softer side to Michael as he digs a garden.

There are so many possibilities, and you could show what you think could be happening by drawing some more details.michael myers coloring sheet

I love the background details of this next page, as they really capture the feeling of Halloween. It also gives you a lot to work with when it comes to the colors you could use.

The more details there are, the more you can get creative with the colors you integrate.

I would use a combination of colored pens and some watercolor paint for this page, as I think it would create a great contrast.

Which colors and art mediums would you like to use for this page?halloween michael myers coloring sheet

This final Michael Myers coloring sheet shows what appears to be a zombified version of Michael. It’s certainly a creepy interpretation of the character!

Because of this design, I think that I would use some darker colors for the character. I would also add some dirt details to finish off that look of a risen zombie.

The background looks a bit like a mosaic, so I would use some colors you would see on a glass mosaic window.

This will be a great chance for you to show off your amazing creativity, so go for it and see what happens!halloween michael myers coloring printable

Michael Myers Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Michael Myers is a terrifying character that you wouldn’t want to meet in real life, that’s for sure.

However, this collection of free Michael Myers coloring printables for kids showed different sides to him.

Some showed his usual look of being a killer, but others showed him partaking in more innocent activities. It creates an interesting contrast, and adds a fun vibe to this serious character.

It also means that you can use all sorts of fun colors for these pages! You could color every single one of the pages if you liked, or you could go for some of your favorites.

Feel free to print and color them as many times as you need! You can also share some of your spooky completed Michael Myers coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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