Graffiti Coloring Pages

Explore this unusual art form with these graffiti coloring pages!

Graffiti is a controversial form of expression, as depending on who you ask it can be considered vandalism while others see it as a legitimate form of art.

Even for people who have a negative view of it, it’s hard to ignore that some people can do incredible work with graffiti art, and it can even help to beautify areas of a city.

This collection of free graffiti coloring pages is here to help celebrate this artform. You will be able to add to the images with your colors and additional details.

We will cover some ideas and additions that you can do for the pages, and you will have an amazing collection by the end of it! Let’s begin and see the amazing designs we have in store for you.

15 Brand New Graffiti Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This graffiti coloring sheet shows a design that is drawn to look like it is dripping down, which is a really cool effect. It shows off the various ways that artists can make visual illusions on a flat surface.

You can not only color the details of the design but also the elements surrounding the letters. It could also be fun to add some extra details and textures of your own.

Then, once added these extra details can be colored as well. What will you add to this awesome design?New Graffiti Coloring Pages

The graffiti designs that we have on these pages have been left indistinct enough that you can make your own interpretation as to what they resemble.

You may even see some shapes that make you think of letters, and you could add some extra details to make a word.

Using a black drawing pen, you could add to the shapes to make some letters.

It could be letters that make up an acronym, initials or even a word if you’re smart with the line placements. Can you see any letters you could make from this shape on the page?graffiti coloring pages for children

There is a bombastic feeling to this next page, and I think it’s because of the sharp lines surrounding the design.

It gives it an explosive feeling, and I would use some bright and vibrant colors for this page.

Bright yellows, oranges and reds would be my first choices for this page. You’re more than welcome to go for that suggestion, but you may have completely different colors in mind!

Let your creativity take over and try not to overthink it too much. When it comes to images like these, your first instinct is usually the best one.original graffiti coloring pages

This next page we have for you is one of the most intricate we have seen thus far. It looks like a maze or a labyrinth, and coloring it would be quite a challenge.

Because the details and shapes are so small and intricate, colored pens would be my choice for this page. Additionally, they will also help you to apply some wonderfully bright and vibrant colors.

You can use whatever mediums will make it easiest for you to apply the colors that you have in mind, though! What do you like to use for smaller details?original graffiti coloring pages

These graffiti coloring printables are very open to interpretation, so you could color them in many different ways.

The collection is free to share with your friends, and this can be an interesting exercise.

I bet that if you gave this page to 10 different people, you would get 10 completely unique and distinct interpretations for the colors.

If you have some friends and family that love coloring, you could share this page!

Then, once you have all colored it, it could be fun to compare how each person tackled the coloring challenge.graffiti coloring printables

One of the great things about taking on more indistinct designs is that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the colors that you choose.

When you look at this design, think of the first colors that come to mind. For some reason, cool colors came to mind for me, so that would be colors like blue or purple.

You might think of completely different colors, and whatever they may be, I’m sure they would look amazing! As mentioned earlier, you should try not to overthink it and just see what happens.

It would be great to see what you choose!graffiti coloring sheet free download

Designs such as this next one have a lot of free space surrounding the actual design. This allows you to add some background details to create more of a sense of place.

If you’re feeling really creative, then you could make a full-on background setting. It could be a dirty alleyway or you could draw a bustling city street.

Using areas around your location as inspiration can help to inspire you with the various settings you could go for. Then, you can color that background for even more variety on the page!graffiti coloring pages free download

This next design is so cool! There are a lot of sharp shapes and lines, and there is even an arrow shape incorporated.

It’s another design that made me think of bright and bombastic colors. When coloring, remember that the colors you choose are just pieces of this artistic puzzle.

The mediums you use to apply them can be just as important. Some like to use crayons while others may prefer paint.

Some like colored pencils while other people love to use colored pens. There are no right or wrong mediums to use, so go with what you like!new graffiti coloring printable free download

The design at the center of this page is really cool and intense. You have plenty of shapes and lines to color, and you could work in all sorts of colors.

The background section of the design is also interesting. There is a simple yet cool wavy design in the background, and you could do some interesting things with this design.

It separates the background into segments, and you could use varying colors for each segment to make it even more visually interesting and intense.easy graffiti coloring pages

This graffiti coloring page has an interesting approach to the design, as there are some brick patterns on the design that makes it look like some buildings.

These brick patterns also allow you to work in as many colors as you could hope for. It’s another page that I would definitely use some colored pens for, as that would make coloring the small details much easier.

Even if you use colored pens for the brick details and then paint for the rest, mixing mediums can make an image even more incredible to look at!graffiti coloring sheet for kindergarten

What’s better than having one design on a page? Having two, and that is the case on this next page!

We have two designs on the page, and while they are not exactly mirror images of each other, they do compliment each other nicely. There are actually many ways that you could color this design.

One would be to use the same set of colors for both designs. Or you could alternate between different complementary colors, such as using red for the top and green for the bottom one.

What do you think you will use for this unique design?graffiti coloring book

I always love an image that has a lot of heavy black shading, and this design has a lot of that.

It creates a more dynamic feeling for the design, and you can make it look even more dramatic with the colors you use.

I think that I would use some darker colors for this one if I were coloring it. Acrylic paint would probably be my medium of choice for this one, but that’s one of many approaches you can use!

How will you color this striking image?graffiti coloring book for adults

This page is another that displays a lot of heavy black shading, and it looks so incredible. The simple swirling lines in the background also create some segments you can color.

Choosing a color for each segment is a great way for you to bring the focus to the design. For instance, if you use light colors for the design, then darker colors in the background would create that focus.

That’s one way of utilizing the background, but you can try out all sorts of cool and interesting ideas!black and white graffiti coloring pages

You can see a bit of the exposed bricks behind the design of this page, making it look like it was painted on an actual wall. This opens up some fun opportunities for you as well.

I previously mentioned drawing a background, but you could also add some small props.

For example, adding some spray paint cans would suggest the presence of the artist that created this design.

You could also add some other props such as a hat or other items of clothing to further build a story around the person that made the design.graffiti coloring sheet for kids

The last graffiti coloring sheet that we have for you is another striking design! There are lots of shapes connected to one another, and so you could use a few different colors for them.

The background also has a lot of swirling lines and even some small round shapes, so there is really a lot you could do to make this page look amazing.

If you want to experiment, remember to print out several copies and try out all of your ideas! You may be surprised what can happen if you have that freedom.graffiti coloring book for children

Graffiti Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free graffiti coloring printables for kids was an excellent celebration of graffiti as an artform! We wanted to make some designs that would allow you to let your imagination run wild.

They’re just indistinct enough that you could use any and all colors, art mediums and techniques you love to make them look amazing.

You can also share them with friends and family to try out as well!

When you have finished some of your favorite pages in the collection, sharing them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages is one of the best ways to show off your amazing work!

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