Letter A Coloring Pages

Explore the many things that the letter A stands for with these letter A coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 25 all new Letter A coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

The letter “A” stands for many things. In these letter a coloring pages, we will explore 25 of them.

Coloring these letter a coloring sheets is a fun activity especially for kids who are trying to learn the alphabet.

Simply choose the image you would like to color, print it out, and finally—the most fun part—color it!

Once you’ve chosen and printed your preferred image, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials?

Have fun and use your creativity to create colorful images!

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25 Letter A Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This letter A coloring sheet features a really fun design.

This letter is made up to look a bit like a funny clown, and for that reason we would use some bright and vibrant colors for this one if we were coloring it.

It would make for a really eye-catching and vibrant picture if you used lots of bright, contrasting colors for the details of this design, and you could add extra details and patterns as well.

Don’t be shy about trying out any fun colors, patterns, techniques and art mediums you like in order to create a wacky and colorful picture!Letter A coloring pages free printable

This fancy letter A coloring sheet will let your child’s inner artist shine. The bold black letter A practically leaps off the page, framed by swirling vines, leaves, and flowers.

Color the letter any way you like – try rainbow colors or metallic markers. Ask your child to think of words starting with A as they color, like Apple, Airplane, or Alligator.

Letter A starts the alphabet and hundreds of English words. With this coloring page, your child can admire how letter shapes can become art.letter A coloring pages

The next page that we have for you is very appropriate, as it features a little creature that starts with the letter A!

Ants are some of the tiniest insects you can find, but this one looks positively massive compared to the letter it is crawling on. That must mean that the letter is pretty tiny!

Regardless of the sizes, you can get really creative with the colors you use. You could use realistic colors for the ant, but you could also make it more stylistic if you prefer.

How will you color this tiny scene?Letter A coloring pages free printable

A stands for apples. When you think of a word that starts with the letter “a”, this is most probably the first thing that comes to mind.

In this coloring sheet, there’s an uppercase and lowercase letter “a”. There’s also an image of an apple in the background. Apples can either be red or green. Which color will you use?letter a coloring pages printable

This coloring page takes you on an alphabet adventure. It’s ready to take flight with feathered wings. Color the fancy letter with your favorite hues and patterns.

The letter A was the first letter in the earliest Semitic alphabet, over 3,500 years ago. Phoenicians carved it to represent the word for “ox.”

Today, A starts the English alphabet and vital words like Action and Achieve.  Try using crayons, markers, or watercolors to make it vibrant. letter A coloring printable

A stands for airplane. In this coloring sheet, there’s a letter “a” written in both uppercase and lowercase.

Below the letters is an airplane tilted upwards, flying right in the middle. Which colors will you add to this printable?letter a coloring pages for toddlers

A stands for alligator. The alligator in this coloring page looks happy. It’s standing with its eyes wide open and a huge grin on its face. It’s probably in a good mood because it has just eaten a delicious dinner.

Alligators exist in various colors, ranging from olive and brown to gray and black. Which color would you use for the alligator?

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letter a coloring pages for preschoolers

A is for Animal Kingdom.This letter A coloring page ropes in the alligators, anteaters, and armadillos.

The playful A is framed by a garland of leaves, flowers, and fruits. Color the letter and critters with wild, bright hues or subdued earth tones.

In ancient languages like Phoenician, the first letter A was also used to represent the number 1. So the letter A was the “first” letter and represented a single ox’s head.

Now A is the first letter from 1 to 26. original letter A coloring printable

A stands for angel. In this coloring sheet, there’s a holy angel hovering with lots of stars surrounding her.

She looks very gentle with those dreamy eyes and kind smile. Imagine seeing an angel up close and personal. That would be divine!

We think the bright color of the stars would complement the subtle colors of the angel’s features. Which colors would you pick to make this image colorful?printable letter a coloring pages

There is a really cool design for you to color on this next page. The letter A featured here is covered with lots of different shapes, and that opens it up for lots of different colors and mediums.

We think that using lots of vibrant, loud colors would be perfect for this one, and the more vibrant the better!

That is what we would do for this page, but it’s definitely up to you to decide what you think would look best for this fun and wacky design. What color scheme is appealing to you for this page?Letter A coloring pages free printable

This letter A coloring sheet will amaze you with its artistry. The calligraphy-inspired A is embellished with leaves and swirls.

Color it with your boldest reds, brightest blues, and glitter pens. As you color, think of powerful A words like Achieve, Aspire, and Appreciate.

You can print this coloring page and let your kids explore their creativity with their favorite colors. They will love coloring the letter A and the beautiful border that surrounds it. black-and-white coloring printable

With the next page in our collection of free letter A coloring pages for kids, the emphasis is more on the background than on the letter itself.

The big letter A in this design is surrounded by lots of different shapes and sections, and this allows you to get really creative with it.

There is no specific theme to the design, and that means that you could go for any colors, mediums or techniques you fancy!

Did anything specific come to mind for you on this image, or will you let your creativity take over?Letter A coloring pages free printable

A stands for astronaut. This coloring page shows a spacesuit, a pressurized clothing astronauts wear during space flights.

Spacesuits are originally colored white, but feel free to make it any color you like! There’s also lots of stars floating around the background.

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letter a coloring pages free download

A stands for ant. In this coloring sheet, there are two ants beside the capital letter “A” and the word “ant”. The ant looks happy with its wide open eyes and huge grin!

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that ants can lift 20 times its body weight? Ants may be small, but they’re actually pretty strong!toddler my letter a coloring pages printable

We have a light and fluffy composition for you to color on this next page! The letter here is made to look like a fluffy cloud, and it is also surrounded by lots of cloud shapes.

Clouds are usually associated with being light and puffy, and so we would probably go for some lighter shades for this one.

It is another page where we would also probably use some softer art tools such as colored pencils and watercolors.

We think that these mediums would be great for the softer subject matter, but you could also create a great contrast with brighter colors!Letter A coloring pages free printable

Here’s a dramatic scene for you to color! It’s another page that has an object that starts with the letter A.

This time it is an asteroid, and it is hurtling towards the earth. We also have the letter A in both its capital and small forms, and the word asteroid is written out for you as well.

We would use some bright oranges, reds and yellows for the fiery surroundings of the asteroid if we were to color this page, as that would create a bright focal point.

What colors will you use for the rest of the background?Letter A coloring pages free printable

This letter A printable usher in the fall season. It perfectly frames autumn leaves, flowers, and berries. Color them with russets, coppers, and other rich fall tones.

This coloring page is also a great way to teach your kids about the letter A and its sound. You can also help them practice writing the letter A on a separate sheet of paper.

This coloring page is not only fun, but also educational. It will help your kids develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and letter recognition.capital letter A coloring pages

A stands for ape. In this coloring page, there’s an ape sitting down looking very happy. It looks extremely adorable with its round face and huge ears!

The ape is holding a banana in one hand, probably saving the fruit for its next meal.a is for ape toddler letter a coloring pages

A stands for anchor. This coloring sheet shows an anchor connected to a rope.

An anchor is a device made of metal that is usually attached to a rope or chain, designed to secure the vessel by mooring it to the bottom of the sea.

It also prevents the vessel from being drifted away by strong wind or current.

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a is for anchor letter a coloring pages

A stands for acorn. This coloring printable two pieces of acorns positioned side by side. Also known as oaknut, an acorn is the nut of the oaks.

Its shell is tough and leather, and usually contains one seed inside. Acorns have deep, nutty brown color, which is why it is most commonly associated with the fall season.a is for acorn letter a coloring pages

Next, we have another letter A coloring printable where the focus is more on the background than on the letter A itself.

This opens up so many possibilities for how you can complete this page! The idea that comes to mind for us would be to use a simpler color for the letter A and then try to use a unique bright color for each of the sections behind it.

That is the idea that we had for this page, but you may have an entirely different kind of inspiration when you look at this picture. We will be interested to see what you choose!Letter A coloring pages free printable

This page features a really unusual but incredibly cute little creature that starts with the letter A!

This is an axolotl, and it is a very strange and wonderful little amphibian that has become very popular in recent years.

This one seems to be swimming underwater as it admires the giant letter A above it, and that makes us think of a cooler blue color scheme for the background.

Even if you also color the background with a water blue, you can also decide on the colors you will use for the A and for the axolotl itself!Letter A coloring pages free printable

A stands for apron. An apron is a protective or decorative garment worn over one’s clothes and tied at the back.

It is used to protect your clothes from any spills or stains when you’re cooking. Also, wearing an apron makes you feel like a professional cook, doesn’t it?

Aprons come in a wide range of colors, so feel free to use any color you like! We suggest using a variation of colors to create a stylish and colorful apron!a is for apron letter a coloring pages

An adorable little armadillo is the star of this next page, and it’s another example of a subject that actually starts with the letter A.

Armadillos are not exactly colorful creatures, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with a realistic color scheme if you would like to be more experimental with your color choices.

Even if you do stick to a more muted color scheme, you can make up for it by using a lot of bright and vibrant colors for the letters and the background!Letter A coloring pages free printable

Here we have a simple yet effective design for you to enjoy on this letter A coloring sheet.

An image being simple does not necessarily mean that it can’t have interesting colors, and it can actually mean that you have even more room for creativity!

This is the kind of picture that would look great no matter what types of colors and mediums you use, so you have lots of freedom.

You can print out a few copies if you want to try out lots of different ideas without committing to them!Letter A coloring pages free printable

Letter A Coloring Pages — Which image will you choose?

We hope you enjoy these letter a coloring pages. Whether or not you’re studying the alphabet, these letter a coloring printables is a fun way to unleash your creativity.

Remember, all of our crafts and printable sheets are 100% free for you to print and color. We are always updating our website and uploading new content. So, don’t forget to keep re-visiting our website so you can continuously enjoy all-new coloring printables.

Once you’ve finished coloring your letter a coloring sheets, make sure to show off your work of art and share it on our Facebook page. We’re sure they look wonderful!

We would love to see how you brought these images to life!

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