Giraffe Coloring Pages

Reach up high for coloring fun with these giraffe coloring pages!

The African savannah is home to many incredible creatures both big and small. This wildlife is incredibly varied and diverse, and of all these animals the giraffe is arguably the most distinctive of them all.

These gentle creatures stand out from the crowd with their long necks and distinctive coloring. That makes them a perfect subject for coloring fun in these free giraffe coloring pages for kids!

These 25 fun images range from charming and cartoony to more detailed and realistic, so you have plenty of opportunity to get creative with your colors!

You could even try out some fun new art mediums for these pages. Paints, colored pens and pencils are a few you could use to create some unique looks!

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We love to see your colorful creativity and can’t wait to see your vibrant and cool giraffe creations.

25 Brand New Giraffe Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first free giraffe coloring page for kids has a charming and friendly looking giraffe for you to color in.

Giraffes have a distinctive color scheme with a yellowy brown color with brown spots all over their bodies.

For this more cartoonish image, I would use some bright and bold variations for these colors.

Maybe you could even draw in some fun background details for this first giraffe printable!giraffe coloring pages printable free

This cute little giraffe is relaxing for a snack in this giraffe coloring sheet. Mood can be conveyed really well with color choices and intensities, so I would use some milder colors for this image.

A medium like watercolor paints would also be perfect to give a softer feel to this relaxed picture.cute baby giraffe coloring pages free download

We have a confident and happy looking giraffe standing tall in this giraffe coloring printable! This one contrasts the calm, relaxing giraffe in the last page, wouldn’t you say?

For this more confident giraffe, I would use some bright, bold colors for it and the background.

I would use some bold yellows and reds for the background to create a striking image to giraffe coloring pages for kids free printable

I really love the more minimalist style of this giraffe coloring page. The details are pared back a bit to give a more stylish look.

For this image, I would compliment this simpler style with some more vague color shapes for the background.

You could make some green circles to suggest bushes and brown rectangles for trees.

How will you color in this fun image?cute giraffe coloring pages for kids free printable

This next adorable giraffe coloring sheet shows one that seems to be struggling to stand! Maybe this is a really young giraffe that’s learning to walk.

I would use some bright colored pens and markers to give this giraffe a bright, youthful giraffe coloring pages pdf

We have a real cutie for this giraffe printable! This little one almost looks like it could be a stuffed animal.

Maybe for this one, you could try out some of your favorite colors, even if they’re not what a giraffe would be colored like.

I would use a light blue with green spots on this one to make it look even more like a stuffed animal.

What color scheme will you choose?printable giraffe coloring pages free pdf for preschoolers

This next giraffe coloring page has another happy looking giraffe! This one is striking a fun pose for us, and I think it would once again look great with some nice happy colors.

I would use a solid dark blue for the background of this one, but I wonder what you will choose for the background!baby giraffe coloring pages to print out

It seems to be a pleasant day out in this free giraffe coloring sheet. This giraffe is looking like he’s in a great mood! I think it would be fun to draw in some friends for this giraffe.

Maybe you could draw in a branch nearby that has a cute monkey hanging off it.

How will you portray this happy giraffe?black and white giraffe coloring pages free download

A playful new friend is poking out of the trees in this adorable giraffe printable! This one looks very friendly and happy to see you, and it’s popping up to say hello.

For this image, I would use a nice bright blue for the sky and the brightest green I have for the leaves.

I bet that would finish off this friendly new pal perfectly!cartoon giraffe coloring pages free download

This baby giraffe looks ready to take on the world in this giraffe coloring page. It’s standing as tall as it can surveying the world confidently.

This is a picture that I bet would look beautiful with some nice acrylic paints for some color vibrancy.

Any mediums you have would look great too, however! We can’t wait to see how you color in this baby giraffe.giraffe coloring pages for kids

We have another incredibly cute giraffe for you to meet in this giraffe coloring sheet! Perhaps for this picture, you could stray away from the giraffe’s typical coloring to use some of your favorite colors.

Which of your favorite colors come to mind for this printable? Will you stick to a giraffe’s typical coloring or go more stylistic with your color choices?giraffe coloring pages free

This bright and happy little one is the star of this giraffe printable.

For this one, I would use some bright and fluorescent colored markers to create colors that will pop off of the page for this happy little giraffe.easy giraffe coloring pages free download

It’s playtime in this giraffe coloring page, as this one is leaping up in the same way that a puppy might! Maybe for this picture you could draw in some colorful birds and smaller creatures that this lovable little giraffe could be playing with.

What kinds of animal friends do you think this giraffe would be messing around with?adult giraffe coloring pages free print

This smiling giraffe is up next for you to color in this giraffe coloring sheet. What colors make you most happy to look at?

I think it would be great to use colors that bring you joy for this coloring page. Maybe you could make each spot on the giraffe a different variation of these favorite colors!giraffe coloring pages pdf

It looks to me that the giraffe in this giraffe printable is up to something! There’s a mischievous grin on its face, which makes me think of bright and playful colors.

I would use a combination of rich purples and greens for this picture to compliment the mood of this funny giraffe coloring sheet pdf download

There’s a look of surprise on the face of this giraffe! Perhaps you could draw in something that would cause it to make this face.

Maybe it could be a big spider hanging from a branch or a big buzzing bee flying around.

What do you think this startled giraffe has seen? We hope you’ll share this giraffe coloring page to our Facebook page once you complete it!pretty giraffe coloring pages

This giraffe coloring sheet shows a giraffe that looks like it’s about to embark on a journey.

Maybe you could draw in a big bright, yellow sun in the background to show that it’s the sunrise of an adventurous new day for this giraffe.

How will you communicate the sense of adventure in this giraffe printable?small giraffe coloring pages free printable

It’s time to relax again in this cute giraffe coloring printable. For this cute relaxing giraffe, I would again recommend some milder colors for the sleepier mood of this image.

Using some lighter blues, greens and yellows would suit this gentle giraffe nicely.

Doing the colors in watercolor paints would especially create a softer look for this sleepy guy.giraffe coloring pages for girls free download

We have what looks like another baby giraffe in this adorable giraffe coloring page. There’s a lot of plantlife and shrubbery in the background, so I think it would look really nice to use a mixture of as many greens as you have for it.

Using different green crayons would especially create a beautiful mixture that would suggest leaves and grass in the background.amazing giraffe coloring pages free

This giraffe coloring sheet has another cutie for you to color in! Maybe for this one you could draw in and color in some beautiful flowers in the background to add some splashes of bright color.

It would also create a nice scene of this giraffe hanging out in a beautiful field! Will you go for this look when coloring in the background or draw in your own details?complex giraffe coloring pages free printable

It looks like another young giraffe learning to walk in this image! For this giraffe coloring printable, I would get out my colored pens and markers to give a bright, cheerful look to this younger little giraffe.

The background is blank, so you could either do a solid color that you love or color in some nice extra details.cute giraffe coloring pages for kids free print

This giraffe coloring page has a bright eyed, friendly little giraffe as its star! I think that colored pencils would look really pretty for this cute giraffe.

They would especially make it easier to add some bright color details to this giraffe’s expressive eyes.

I would use a bright, beautiful blue colored pencil to make the eyes stand out nicely on this one.printable giraffe coloring pages for adults

We have a giraffe that’s looking a little uncertain in this giraffe coloring sheet. What do you think has made it look a bit unhappy?

For this image, I would use some darker blues and greens to create a color mood that will fit the one of this giraffe.

Like we suggested for a previous giraffe printable, you could draw in a fun extra animal or object that could show why this giraffe looks a bit uneasy.large giraffe coloring pages free download

After a less happy giraffe in the previous coloring page, we have another happy giraffe printable for you to fill in!

For this one, I would go back to using some brighter colors like light blues, yellows and oranges for this happier giraffe. Finishing it off with a beautiful green for the grass would look so pretty!free printable coloring sheet giraffe coloring pages

Our final image in this series of free giraffe coloring sheets for kids has possibly the happiest and wackiest giraffe out of all the ones we’ve seen!

This is definitely a fun image to end this collection on. What fun and bright colors will you use for this last giraffe printable?

I think that using some bright acrylic paints with some colored pens and markers would really help to finish off the fun vibe of this image.

We can’t wait to see how you close off this set of coloring pages!g for giraffe coloring pages for preschool

Giraffe Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We really hope you had a fun time coloring in this series of free giraffe coloring pages for kids!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and art printables are totally free for you to print out and have hours of coloring fun with.

You could print out a few copies of your favorite giraffe coloring sheets to have hours more fun experimenting with colors.

You could even get out some art mediums you don’t typically get to use that much to get some awesome new color styles and looks.

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We always love to see how amazingly creative you all are with coloring, and we look forward to seeing some beautiful giraffes.original and free giraffe coloring pages

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