Dump Truck Coloring Pages

This set of dump truck coloring pages will provide some heavy-duty coloring fun!

There’s a saying that goes “it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!” That saying is certainly true whenever a dump truck is involved.

These hardy, heavy-duty trucks are perfect for any tough task that requires some heavy transportation.

This collection of free dump truck coloring pages for kids will provide plenty of artistic coloring fun featuring these tough vehicles!

There are many creative ways that you can go about coloring these awesome dump truck printables.

You can also have some extra fun adding your own details and extra elements to put your own spin on them.

These free coloring sheets are able to be printed and shared as many times as you want! You’ll definitely want to share them all with any other vehicle enthusiasts you may know.

By printing out multiple copies, you can also try out various colors and mediums.

Get ready for some awesome coloring fun as you start the journey of this collection of free dump truck coloring pages! When you have completed your favorite pages, be sure to share your finished artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We always love to see how they turned out!

25 Brand New Dump Truck Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

A dump truck can be used to transport various things that would be way too heavy for any other vehicle to attempt.

This dump truck coloring sheet shows one of these mighty vehicles transporting sand and rocks, and you can only imagine how heavy the load must be!

The truck seems to not be breaking a sweat as it does its transport, however.

There are also loads of great details on this page, and you could also give a hint of what you think the truck could be transporting with how you color it in.

What do you think the material it’s carrying could be?Dump Truck coloring pages free printables

Dump trucks come in all manner of shapes, sizes and colors. This means that you have loads of options when it comes to the colors you can choose for this dump truck coloring page.

If you see your local dump truck around, you could base this one on the real one by matching the colors on this page. dump truck coloring pages for kids

If a dump truck never dumped its cargo, it would just take one load and then transport it around forever.

That would be of no help to anyone, so they will always have the function to tip their load wherever it’s meant to go.

That process is being shown off on this next page, as this truck is dumping its contents.

This page seems to be capturing the moment right before gravity does its thing and makes the load fall to the ground.

Do you think you may add a background to this page, or do you think you will keep the focus on the truck?Dump Truck coloring pages free printables

This first image in our collection of free dump truck coloring pages for kids features a simple portrayal of one of these strong vehicles.

This image features a side view of a dump truck, and you have a lot of freedom when coloring this one.

Dump trucks will often come in bright color schemes, but you could really use any colors you like for it.

The bed at the back of this truck is empty, so for an extra detail you could draw whatever you think this truck may be transporting. What would you add to this picture?Dump Truck Coloring Pages for kids free download

This next dump truck has some intricate details that you can color, and this opens up opportunities for different color details and effects.

You could try out using different art tools for these smaller details to make them stand out from the rest of the colors. Certain art mediums also make it easier to color small spaces as well.
dump truck coloring printable

We have a dynamic image for you to color in this next dump truck coloring sheet. This one features the dump truck driving towards us, and there are some great details for you to color here.

The bed of this one is full of some kind of material, and you could show what you think it is transporting with the colors that you use.

There are many ways you could finish this one, so have fun getting creative with it!Dump Truck Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Dump trucks have many ways of dumping their cargo, and this page shows another method of doing just that.

This time, the back of the cargo bed swings open and lets the material flow out from the back.

The truck seems to be transporting lots of small rocks, and these small details could make it a bit of a challenge to color in.

You could use some colored pens or pencils if you wish to make coloring these individual rocks much easier.

It will take a bit more time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end!Dump Truck coloring pages free printables

The space in the background of this coloring sheet is blank, and this leaves room for you to draw where you think this truck could be driving.

You could use your own neighborhood as inspiration if you want a specific area for the background!

Where do you think this truck could be driving?original dump truck coloring pages for kids

The next page in this collection of free dump truck coloring pages for kids shows a truck that is carrying some huge cargo!

Some of the rocks on this truck are massive, and it probably weighs a huge amount.

Luckily, these dump trucks are up to the task, and it’s hard to imagine that many other vehicles would be able to carry such a load.

The background has been left quite blank here, so you could add some extra details of your own to finish off the setting of this page.Dump Truck coloring pages free printables

There’s another side view for you to color in this next dump truck coloring printable. This truck is also transporting some kind of material, so that again gives you some extra detail to color.

The background is blank on this one, so for some extra fun you could draw the terrain or environment that this dump truck is driving through.

What kind of background setting would you like for this one?Dump Truck Coloring Pages free pdf download

Dump trucks have to transport all sorts of trash, and you can see all sorts of weird things in their truck beds.

We don’t have the best view of the truck bed in this dump truck printable, but you could still draw some trash.

This would be a great way to add lots of small details to the picture. dump truck black-and-white coloring printable

This next dump truck coloring page shows a truck navigating some pretty rocky terrain! The great thing about these vehicles is that they can drive through a wide range of different environments.

The bed on this dump truck is lifted up a bit, and this indicates that it has unloaded some delivery.

You could even draw something coming from the tipped flatbed for extra detail to this printable.

Dump Truck Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

We have a fun picture for you in this next dump truck coloring sheet!

The previous trucks in the last few pages have all been fairly realistic, and this one shows a cartoony version of the truck for you to color in.

Because this image is more stylistic, that means you could really go to town with the colors that you use. Some bright, vibrant colors would really suit this image, but anything you use will look amazing!

What color scheme will you pick to finish it off?Dump Truck Coloring Book free printable

The design of this next dump truck is stocky and thick, but it looks like it is packing a lot of power. The cargo bed of this truck is tall and deep, and it could fit a lot of material.

This definitely seems to be the case, as it is piled high with some kind of sandy cargo.

It is further reinforced by having extra wheels at the back, and this just makes it look even readier for some tough transports.

How will you color this mighty truck? Do you think you will add any extra details to the image as well?Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

A dump truck will not always have cargo stored on it, and this next page shows one that is currently empty.

This could mean that it is on its way to collect new materials or on its way back from a successful drop off.

You could color this truck as it is here, but you could also add some of your own elements to the design.

For example, you could fill the space on the cargo bed with additional colors and details to show what it could be transporting. What kind of cargo would you add to the bed of this dump truck?Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

This sixth free dump truck printable features another simple rendition of a dump truck shown at a side view.

Once again, you not only have a lot of freedom with how you can color this image, but also with the background elements that you can add.

The background is completely blank, so you could draw all manner of different background elements to create your own personalized scene.Dump Truck Coloring Book for kids free printable

We have another vehicle traversing some rough terrain in this next dump truck coloring page. Once again, this one is going over some rocky territory, and it has a full flatbed as well.

For a bit of texture in this picture, you could spread a thin layer of glue over the ground portion and sprinkle some fun dirt over it for a really cool effect!

What other alternative art techniques can you think of to finish off this picture?Dump Truck Coloring Sheet for children free download

This next dump truck coloring printable shows a truck you probably wouldn’t want to be driving behind!

Most dump truck drivers will take great care to ensure that their cargo is secure, but this driver seems to have been a bit sloppy.

Some of the large rocks they are transporting are bouncing up and ready to fly off, and this can be very dangerous for anyone driving nearby.

Despite this safety hazard, this is a really cool design for a dump truck! We’re sure you will have great fun adding color details to all of the smaller elements of the design.Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

Sometimes, dump trucks will have to navigate some pretty rough terrain to get their cargo from point A to point B.

This makes their already difficult job even harder, and this particular dump truck seems to be one that is driving through some rough territory.

Even so, the background has been left vague enough for you to create a whole scene around this truck.

What kind of environment do you think this truck is driving through? You could show us by adding some details to create an environmental scene around this truck.Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

On this next dump truck coloring sheet, there is another great side view of a truck for you to work your magic on.

This particular truck has some fine details on it, so that lets you really get in there with your art mediums.

We would recommend mediums such as colored pens and thin-tipped brushes to help you work some finer details into the image.

These are just a few suggestions, but you should certainly use any of your favorite mediums that you feel would best suit this printable!Dump Truck Coloring Book for adults free download

You’re almost at the end of this collection of free dump truck coloring pages, and in this one we have another side view for you to color.

As with the others, you can put your own spin on the image with the colors and other elements that you add.

The only limit is your creativity, so be sure to go for it and see what happens when you let creativity take over!Dump Truck Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

This next truck has been drawn in quite a realistic style, and it’s another one that allows for some incredible color details.

It is also another truck that is currently empty, and that means that you have another chance to show off what you think could be stored on the truck.

There are all sorts of cool things you could draw in the cargo bed, and that would give you some extra details to color as well! What do you think it could be transporting?Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

If you want to switch things up as you color, you could use some art tools and mediums that you’re less familiar with.

Switching it up in this way can be a great way to make coloring fun and interesting.

Do you have some art tools or mediums lying around that you haven’t tried out before that you could use for this?dump truck coloring printable free download

We have another dump truck coloring page that shows one of these incredible vehicles portrayed in a more detailed style.

Coloring a picture like this can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

As long as you take your time, use the right mediums and have fun with it then you will have all the details colored in no time.

Then, you can decide how you would like to finish off the background with some colors or maybe some extra details.Dump Truck coloring pages free printable

The final dump truck coloring printable we have for you features a unique perspective of this truck.

We’re viewing it at a bit of an angle, and the amount of details allows you to get a closer look at the truck and its contents.

Remember that you can print out multiple copies of any of these images if you’re having a hard time deciding on one set of colors and mediums!Dump Truck Easy Coloring Pages

Dump Truck Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Dump trucks are known for being the vehicle of choice for any tough job, but we hope that working through these pages was fun and easy for you to do!

You have a lot of options for how you can color these in, so be sure to let your creativity flow. All of these printables are free to share and print out as many times as you like!

We have a lot more coloring fun in store for you on our website, so be sure to check in often to never miss out on all the new pages we plan to release.

When you have completed your favorite of these dump truck coloring sheets, you’re welcome to share your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!

We look forward to seeing how they turned out.

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