Slithery Snake Craft

I am really excited to share this craft with you today. It was such a big hit with my boys!

My boys have been requesting this book a lot lately, Snakes Long Longer Longest by Jerry Pallotta and Van Wallach.

Not only does it teach all about snakes but it also talks about measurement…

I love this page that shows the insides of a snake. What a great teaching tool!

The illustrations are awesome and colorful. There are pages that are interactive with your child, asking them questions. This is a great read for learning about snakes!

Download the fun snake craft template.

After printing out the pattern you will need to trace and cut out a head and tail, and as many body sections as you want. We did three body sections for our snakes. Make sure you use card stock paper.

Then have your child use crayons to draw patterns on their snake how ever they want. I lined the pieces up for them in the correct order so they would make sure to draw the patterns going the same direction. Make sure to have them color dark with the crayon so it will show up brightly.

Next use water colors to paint your snake sections. I always love using this technique since the crayons resist the water colors.

Once all the pieces are dry, it’s time to fold each piece into a circle and secure them. The easiest way to do this is to use clear tape. Tape the entire length and fold it underneath so it is secure. (I know it’s hard to see clear tape in this picture so hopefully you understand)

Then use a hole punch to punch a hole at the end of each section. The body parts obviously will need a hold punched in both sides. Secure the pieces together with a brad. The trick is to not make it too tight. By having it a little loose, the snake pieces move freely around. It is soooo fun slithering it around on a table! Hahaha!

Here is the top of the snake assembled together.

For the eyes your children can either draw them on with crayon or one of my son’s made his eyes separate and glued them on later. We also taped in a red tongue.

These little guys are so much fun! I seriously was playing with them so much after taking pictures of them and my son said, “Am I EVER going to get a turn??” It was so funny!


Happy Crafting!!

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