School Bus Coloring Pages

Pick the colors and create your own unique school bus!

Riding the school bus to go to school is so fun! The friendly school bus driver takes you on an adventure on the way to school. It’s also a good time to chit-chat with your classmates.

Below is a compilation of school bus coloring pages you can print and enjoy for free. School buses are most commonly yellow, but feel free to make it any color you like. Let your imagination run wild and use your creativity!

With these free school bus coloring printables, coloring activity is made more fun and easy. Simply print the image you like and have fun coloring it. These school bus coloring sheets allow you to create a colorful and fun school bus of your own.

Have fun coloring these school buses!

10 All-New School Bus Coloring Pages — Free to Print and Color

It’s a good day to go to school! This coloring page shows the school bus pulling up in front of the school. The students inside must be getting ready to go down and start their day at the school. Going to school is so fun!

In the background, there is a big school and there are clouds in the sky. Which colors would you pick to color the school? We recommend using bright colors to make the school look colorful and vibrant!magic school bus coloring pages

This coloring sheet shows a school bus with a wide grin, raised eyebrows, and gleaming eyes.

Imagine this school bus pulls up at your house, waiting for you. It must be fun riding on this bus! The school bus is probably excited to fetch the students and send them to school. Which colors would you pick for this happy school bus?the magic school bus coloring pages free

Riding a school bus on the way to school is a fun adventure. In this coloring sheet, the school bus is driving on the road. The skies are clear—it’s probably early in the morning. Imagine riding this bus with your classmates and talking about the lessons you have all learned at school. That must be so fun!preschool school bus coloring pages

It’s a sunny day! What a good day to go to school and learn! In this coloring sheet, the school bus driver takes the students for a ride up high in the sky. They pass through the rainbow and reach the clouds. Imagine riding a flying school bus—so exciting! The students look like they’re having so much fun too!back to school bus coloring pages

The image in this coloring sheet shows the driver driving the school bus. He looks happy and friendly—he’s probably the students’ favorite school bus driver! The students must be patiently waiting at their houses, excited for another fun day at school.going on school bus coloring pages pdf

If you can create your very own unique school bus, which colors would you pick? This is your chance to style and customize a school bus. This coloring sheet shows the forepart of a massive school bus. It must be on the way to school!school bus coloring pages free printables

The school bus in this coloring sheet looks cute with its huge, round eyes. It’s driving on the way to school. There are tall buildings in the background, so the school bus must be in the city! Which colors would you pick to color the buildings for a colorful city?free magic school bus coloring pages

It’s a cloudy morning on the way to school today! In this coloring sheet, the school bus is in transit to pick up the students and send them to school. How many students are inside the bus? They must be all having fun playing and chit-chatting with their classmates.

The school bus looks fancy with its big wheels and round headlights. Which colors would you choose to make this school bus colorful?picture of school bus coloring pages

“Good morning!” greets the school bus driver, all ready to fetch you and send you to school. The school bus driver looks nice and friendly. All the students riding at the back are obviously having so much fun.

The school bus is at the top of a hill. Imagine riding this school bus up and down the hill like a roller coaster—so fun! Which colors would you use for the surroundings shown in the image?free printable school bus coloring pages

In this coloring sheet, the school bus is on the road on a cloudy day. It is early in the morning and the sky is full of clouds. What a good day to go to school and learn!

There are three massive books at the top of a school bus. That must be heavy! Which colors would you like to color these books with?school bus coloring pages for kindergarten

School Bus Coloring Pages — What is the color of your school bus?

We hope you have fun with these school bus coloring printables. Remember, all of our coloring sheets are free for you to print, color, and enjoy. We are also regularly updating our website with new coloring pages, so don’t forget to come back and color all-new images.

Once you’ve finished your work of art, make sure to show off your craft by sharing it on our Facebook page. We would love to see how your imagination transformed these colorless school buses into colorful ones.

We are excited to see all of your awesome creations!original and free school bus coloring pages

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