Pusheen Coloring Pages

Have some cuddly, adorable coloring good times with these Pusheen coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 30 all new Pusheen coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

The internet is full of different characters and memes that have won over regions of fans and inspired different kinds of media, tributes and merchandise.

One of the more popular characters to enter into the viral hall of fame is the adorable cartoon cat: Pusheen.

This cuddly and lovable character has won over tons of fans in recent years and has become a staple of internet culture.

These free Pusheen coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have hours of fun coloring in this adorable, fluffy cat friend.

Pusheen usually has grey, muted colors, so you could stick to her regular color scheme or shake it up with your own favorite colors!

Once you’ve colored in your favorite Pusheen printables, we hope that you’ll share them to our Facebook page for us to enjoy!

We can’t wait to see what colors and mediums you use to bring the lovable Pusheen to life.

30 Brand New Pusheen Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first picture in our series of free Pusheen coloring pages for kids has the adorable cat roleplaying as a majestic unicorn!

She seems to be completely lost in this fantasy, so I think that it might look nice to use some beautiful rainbow colors for the background to really finish off the unicorn fantasy of this picture.pusheen coloring pages for kids free printable

Look at Pusheen jumping for joy. Her paws are stretched up high as she leaps with delight. This energetic kitty looks like she’s having the time of her life.

There’s so much happiness in her wide eyes and big smile.

Let’s celebrate Pusheen’s playful spirit by coloring this page with vibrant, cheery colors. Use your brightest crayons, markers or colored pencils to capture her upbeat mood.

Feel free to get creative and pick any colors you like! When you’re done, share your masterpiece with us.pusheen coloring pages for kids

Pusheen is listening to some sweet tunes in this Pusheen coloring sheet. What song do you think she could be listening to in this picture?

You could play your favorite song while you color this one in! Maybe you could write your favorite line from the song above her to make it seem that she is listening to the song!pusheen coloring sheets for kids free printable

It’s time for an ice cream treat in this cute Pusheen coloring printable!

She looks ready to dig into this bowl of ice cream, and if I were to color in this picture I would use a different color for each lump of ice cream.

I also think it would look really pretty to use some bright colored pens for the ice cream to really make the colors pop! What colors and mediums will you use for this Pusheen printable?pusheen coloring pages for kids free download

Pusheen is ready for some serious cat napping. Look how snuggly and comfortable she looks curled up on that pillow.

Her eyes are closed in relaxation and her body is nestled into the soft cozy cushion.

She seems so peaceful and content. Let’s help Pusheen unwind by coloring this scene with calm, soothing colors.

Use light hues like pinks, blues and grays to create a tranquil atmosphere. If you want, you can give her a new pillow too. We can’t wait to see how you brought this sleepy pusheen world to life. new pusheen coloring pages

Pusheen is enjoying a video on a laptop for this next Pusheen coloring page. What do you think she could be watching?

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your favorite Youtube videos with Pusheen? Maybe you could draw in a still of your favorite Youtube video or movie above the laptop to suggest that Pusheen is watching it!pusheen coloring pages free printable

I can understand loving popcorn as it is delicious, but I think swimming in it would maybe be going a bit too far!

It’s not too far for this Pusheen coloring sheet though, and Pusheen looks rather happy to be submerged in this tasty treat!.

This picture could be a good chance to try out some fun new art mediums. If you have some paints, I bet that they would really help this image to pop!pusheen coloring pages free download

Pusheen, like all of us, loves to have a delicious snack to feast on, and she’s able to enjoy that in this next Pusheen printable.

What tasty treat do you think she’s enjoying in this image? Maybe you could draw in some of your favorite snacks beside her to show what she’ll be snacking on once she’s finished that bowl!pusheen printable coloring pages for kids free

Pusheen is living the good life. This coloring page features a cute pusheen having fun. Her eyes are closed in happiness and she has a little smile on her face. She seems so cozy and satisfied.

What do you think she is dreaming about? Maybe a sunny field full of flowers? Let your imagination soar as you color this relaxing scene.

I would use brown, yellow, and gold to color Pusheen’s fur and stripes, or get creative with new colors for her, Make it vibrant or peaceful – anything goes. new pusheen coloring printable

We’re setting sail for some coloring adventures in this next free Pusheen coloring page!

She looks like an intrepid explorer with her telescope at the ready, and I bet in her mind she’s on a grand and perilous voyage.

What adventures do you think she’s embarking on in her imagination? Maybe you could draw in a background that shows what she’s imagining!

I would draw in an ocean behind her to make it look like she’s sailing on a boat, but I would be very interested to see what you think she’s imagining.simple pusheen printable coloring pages for kids free

Pusheen is having a purr-fect beach day. Look how content she is, sitting in the sand with her paws in the air. What beach activities do you think Pusheen would enjoy most? Building sandcastles?

Collecting seashells? Let your creativity flow as you color this island getaway scene.
The background, umbrella and other details are up to you too.

When your beach artwork is complete, share it online so we can admire your handiwork. We love seeing Pusheen come to life in your unique stylepusheen coloring pages for adults

After a busy day of exploring in the previous page, Pusheen is kicking back with a much deserved donut in this fun Pusheen coloring sheet.

I think that this image would look great with as much color as possible!

It might be another one where using some paints and pens would look really great to add some intensity to the colors as well.black and white pusheen printable coloring pages

We have another image of a fabulous pretend unicorn in this adorable Pusheen printable! She fancies herself a beautiful unicorn in this picture, and why not!

I think that it would look amazing to draw in a colorful fantasy background behind her in this image.

You could have big, colorful trees that look like they’re made of candy and multicolored rainbow clouds! I hope you’ll show us how you color in this sweet image by sharing it to our Facebook page.pusheen printable coloring pages for adults free pdf

This coloring page features a curious Pusheen Just look at his big smiles and wide eyes. What do you think he’s curious and looking at?

Maybe the small world spreading out around them? Let your imagination soar as you color this fun carnival scene

When your masterpiece is complete, share it online so we can see your creativity in action. We love how you bring Pusheen’s joyful world to life.Pusheedn coloring printable free download

If there’s one thing Pusheen seems to love more than tasty treats, it’s taking a nice comfy nap.

That’s what she’s settling down to do in this Pusheen coloring page! I think that this image has a cozy feel to it, so you could reflect that by using some pretty watercolors for a softer look.

Maybe you could draw in a roaring fireplace behind her to make this look even more warm and cozy!pusheen printable colouring images for kids free

Pusheen is playing Cupid in this cute Pusheen coloring sheet! We’re really feeling the love in this adorable picture, so I think some lovely warmer colors would work great for this image.

I especially think that working in some lovely bright reds, pinks and purples would help to highlight the loving atmosphere of this scene.

How will you color in this loving picture?pusheen printable coloring book for kids free

It’s time to take it easy with your favorite shows and games by relaxing with some snacks in this Pusheen printable!

She’s on a big comfy pillow with some potato chips and a tablet she seems to be having a great time with!

Much like with one of our previous images, I wonder what she’s up to on the tablet?

You could again draw in what you would be doing if you were her, so maybe you’d be watching something or playing a game!pusheen printable coloring sheets for kids free

It’s looking like too much coffee was drunk for this free Pusheen coloring page! She’s looking very wide-eyed and hyper in this one.

Maybe you could draw in a bunch of coffee mugs and soda cans around her to show why she’s so wide awake!

I think that seeing as she’s looking a bit hyper in this picture, it would look great to have some bright and vibrant colors for the background of this one to reflect how she’s feeling.black and white pdf pusheen printable coloring pages

Pusheen is enjoying some more popcorn in this Pusheen coloring sheet! It looks to me like she’s busy watching a movie! What movie do you think she could be watching?

Maybe you could draw Pusheen dresses as a character from your favorite movie in a thought bubble above her head!

That would show herself imagining she’s in that role herself for a fun detail.
I’m imagining Pusheen dressed in a Batman outfit, but what character do you think she would be?hard pusheen coloring pages for kids free download

We’ve got places to be in this Pusheen coloring printable! She’s clearly got places to be, so I wonder where she’s headed?

I think that it would be fun to draw in a background to show where she’s riding through. Maybe she could be riding through a pretty park or on a fun beach.

What setting would you choose for Pusheen to be riding through?sushi pusheen coloring pages free print out

It’s time to get out your coolest shades to match this Pusheen coloring page. She’s looking really cool and looks like she’s feeling good!

I think that for this image it could look nice to use more watercolors and keep the colors cooler, for instance maybe some lighter blues, purples or greens.

Whatever colors you choose will look great though, I’m sure!cool new pusheen coloring pages for preschool

Pusheen is already ready for snacks in this next Pusheen coloring sheet! She seems to be sucking up some tasty noodles in this one.

Maybe for an extra fun detail to this picture, you could draw in what her second course will be.

Maybe a nice roast chicken can be waiting there for her!printable cute pusheen coloring pages

This bed looks like it’s a little bit too small for the chubby Pusheen, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much!

In fact, she looks rather cozy in this free Pusheen coloring printable. Maybe you could draw in a fluffy and cuddly teddy bear beside her in the bed that she could be snuggling with!

What colors are you feeling for this cozy picture?pusheen cat colouring pages free

Everyone has their limits, and even the snack loving Pusheen seems to have met hers in this cute Pusheen coloring sheet! She’s having a lie down after eating possibly too much food in this image.

I’m sure that after a nice nap she’ll be ready for more though. What fun art mediums will you use to color in this scene?pusheen cat colouring pages free download

Pusheen looks like a snowball rolling down a hill in this Pusheen coloring sheet! I would think that would be quite fun, but she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it all that much.

I would use some pretty watercolors for this rolling scene, but I can’t wait to see what you choose!coloring pages of pusheen cat to download free

It’s already time to snack again, judging by this Pusheen printable. She’s enjoying a delicious slice of pizza in this image, and you could color it in to look like your own favorite kind of pizza.

I think it might be nice to draw in something extra to this scene as well. Perhaps you could draw in a drink or a dessert for her!pusheen cat pictures to color free download

We’re feeling floaty with loving feelings in this adorable Pusheen coloring page! Again, I think that using some lovely reds and purples would finish off the loving feeling of this image really nicely.

Much like another love themed printable in this collection, I think that this page would make a great card to give to someone you care about.pusheen cat colouring in free print out

It’s another snack time in this next Pusheen coloring sheet.

She’s snacking on another tasty donut in this one, and for this picture I would use some colored pens and markers to color in with bright colors.

That would really show off the taste sensation Pusheen is experiencing in this printable!pusheen cat coloring pages for toddlers

Pusheen is kicking back with her favorite snacks in her comfy chair to have some fun on her phone in this Pusheen printable.

What colors do you think you’ll use for this image? I would keep the background a darker color like a nice dark blue to really make Pusheen stand out.pusheen donut coloring page free pdf download

For this final image in our collection of free Pusheen coloring pages for kids, Pusheen is munching on a tasty cookie!

How will you close out this adorable Pusheen collection? I hope we’ll be seeing how you choose to color in this final coloring page by sharing it to our Facebook page once you’re done!pusheen eating cookies coloring page free print

Pusheen Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We really hope that you had an amazing time having coloring fun with these free Pusheen coloring sheets for kids!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring pages and art printables are free for you to print, color and enjoy.

It can be really fun to try out different color choices and art mediums, so why not print out a few copies of your favorite Pusheen printables and really experiment with different looks?

We’ll be bringing out new free coloring pages and art printables all the time for you to enjoy, so please like and share our Facebook page to join in on the fun!

Lastly, we hope to see some of your completed Pusheen coloring printables, so please do share some of your favorites on our Facebook page!

We always love to see your colorful creativity and look forward to seeing some adorable Pusheen pages.original and free pusheen coloring pages free printable


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