5 Awesome Pirate Crafts for Kids

Ahoy! Are ye excited fer natter like a pirate day this week? If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up “talk like a pirate day” we have you all set.

These 5 awesome pirate crafts for kids are a perfect way to bring out the pirate in all of us. Whether you want to put on a puppet show or get crafty with paper plates or bowls, these fun pirate crafts for kids are sure to be a hit!

pirate crafts for kids

5 Awesome Pirate Crafts for Kids

1. I’m not sure it gets more fun than these adorable pirate finger puppets. Make a small theater out of cardboard and have fun putting on a pirate puppet show for your family and friends.

2. Paper bag crafts are among our favorites. This darling paper bag pirate craft is another great way to put on a puppet show at home or at school.

3. Who knew wooden spoons could be turned into something so cool?! These wooden spoon pirates are amazingly simple to make and are so much fun!

4. Paper plates are a craft staple at our house because they are so versatile. Use one to make a darling paper plate pirate craft.

5. Using a paper bowl to make a pirate craft is such a clever idea. Isn’t that metal earring awesome?!

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Looking for more pirate crafts for kids?

Try making one of these cute parrots to go along with your pirate crafts:

Have any leftover cupcake liners laying around the house? Turn them into this fun Cupcake Liner Parrot Craft.

Kids will love watching this cardboard Parrot Craft twirl around in the air.

Attach a pipe cleaner to the bottom of this Paper Cup Parrot Craft and carry it around on your wrist to pretend you have a pirate for a pet.

Colorful handprints make this parrot craft perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a parrot? These awesome parrot beaks are a fun way to pretend!

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