Outer Space Coloring Pages

Fly into orbit for some out of this world coloring fun with these outer space coloring pages!

We’ve probably all looked up into the night sky at the moon and stars and wondered what it would be like to fly around up there in our own rocket and experience what it would like to be in outer space.

These free outer space coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to imagine what it would be like to explore the vast expanse of space!

There’s a great opportunity to use all kinds of bright and brilliant colors for the various planets and spacecraft in these outer space printables. You could also use some watercolor or acrylic paints to really give these images more depth and really make the colors pop.

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10 Brand New Outer Space Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first free outer space coloring page for kids shows a rocket blasting through space with planets in the background. It also seems to have encountered an alien spaceship floating around!

You could keep the background a dark black and make the stars a bright yellow for some great contrast. Finishing it off with your favorite colors for the planets, rocket and spaceship will really make this an awesome image!free printable outer space coloring pages

The moon looks very happy to be getting a visitor in this outer space printable! A rocket has blasted off from what looks like Earth and is heading towards the smiling moon for a visit.

You could color in the planet with blues and browns to make it look like the Earth, or if you’re feeling creative you could make it your very own new planet with some bright colors.outer space coloring pages for kids

It’s a more peaceful scene in this outer space coloring sheet. The moon is taking a nap as an alien spaceship floats around looking down at Earth.

For this more relaxed image, I think it would look great to use some cooler colors to show off that things are very calm in this outer space printable.free outer space coloring pages download

There are more space travel adventures in this next outer space coloring page. If you could own your own space rocket, what colors would you want it to be?

You can show off what your own personal spacecraft would look like in this outer space printable!free outer space coloring pages for preschoolers

A spaceman is floating around looking at his rocket in this outer space coloring sheet. Let’s hope it doesn’t leave without him!

You could try and use some acrylic paints for the moon and planets along with some crayons or coloring pencils to give this outer space printable a more textured sense of depth.free printable outer space coloring pages for kids

There’s another encounter between a rocket and an alien spaceship in this outer space coloring page.

There are also a few planets in the background, so maybe you could try and make each planet it’s own unique color scheme to help each one stand out. What colors will you choose to finish off this outer space printable?outer space coloring pages for adults to print

Another space man is having a great time floating around in space. For this outer space coloring page, you could be extra creative and draw in a face for this spaceman.

You could even try to make it look like your own face so you can imagine what it would be like for you to be floating around among the stars as a space explorer!outer space coloring pages astronaut

We have a great close-up of a cool space rocket in this outer space printable. You could color in the planet behind the rocket in a bright color that contrasts the color that you choose for the rocket to really help it stand out.

There are a lot of background objects and details, so you can really try and vary your color choices to make for a stunning outer space coloring page.cool outer space coloring pages

The spaceship in this next outer space coloring sheet has a very cool and unusual design! It looks like it comes from far in the future to me, and it looks like it’s moving super fast through the stars, so I think some bright reds, oranges and light greens could give this spacecraft both a sense of speed and a futuristic look.

How will you color in this unusual spaceship?galaxy outer space coloring pages

The aliens have landed in this last image in our collection of outer space coloring pages for kids. This alien ship seems to have landed on our moon and is looking down on Earth.

For this alien ship, I think it would look great to use some of your brightest and most intense colors to give it an otherworldly feeling.

Maybe you could color the spaceship with a different medium to the rest of the picture to help it stand out from its surroundings.

We can’t wait to see your creative alien ships once you’ve finished this outer space printable!real outer space coloring pages free

Outer Space Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had hours of fun blasting off into space with these free outer space coloring pages for kids.

All of our coloring pages and art printables are 100% free for you to print and have hours of fun coloring in, so you can print out multiple copies of your favorite outer space printables to experiment with different colors, styles and mediums.

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Also, don’t forget to share your completed coloring pages onto our page for us to enjoy. We always love to see your colorful artworks and we would love to go on some outer space adventures with you!original and free outer space coloring pages


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