LOL Surprise Pets Coloring Pages

Have some adorable animal adventures with these LOL Surprise Pets coloring pages!

Having a pet of your very own is a wonderful thing, and sometimes it’s fun to imagine having some cute animals as a pet that you probably couldn’t have in real life.

That’s what makes LOL Surprise Pets so much fun as they allow you to live out that fantasy with all sorts of cute animals.

These free LOL Surprise Pets coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have hours of coloring fun with some adorable little pets.

You can use all sorts of bright and cheerful colors to make these animals come alive with color and experiment with different mediums like paints and colored pens for some vibrant variety.

Once you’ve finished your favorite free LOL Surprise Pets printables please share them on our Facebook page for us to see.

We always love to see how creative you all are with your colors, and we’re sure to see plenty of cute and colorful animals by the end of this collection!

15 Brand New LOL Surprise Pets Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Our first free LOL Surprise Pets coloring page for kids has a cute puppy looking very fancy! She has a big and bold hairdo, so I think some bright and fancy colors would go well with this puppy.

Maybe you could use some bright pinks and purples as the main colors for this fashionable LOL Surprise Pets surprise pets coloring pdf free download

We have a really adorable bunny pet as the next LOL Surprise Pets coloring sheet for you to have fun with!

For this bunny, I think cooler shades of colors like blue and yellow would suit this cute and gentle bunny perfectly. What colors will you choose for this image?lol surprise pets coloring pages free download

A funky puppy is looking really cool as the star of this third LOL Surprise Pets coloring printable. She has some headphones and looks like she’s enjoying some tunes, so I think some really vibrant purples, reds and greens would be perfect for this rocking puppy.

Maybe you could use some bright colored pens to really give this LOL Surprise Pets coloring sheet a cool, vibrant surprise pets coloring pages

Get ready for a rockin’ good time with this LOL Surprise Pets coloring page. Our sunglasses-sporting, boot-wearing cat is looking fabulous with his spiky mohawk and cool goggles.

He’s a funky feline who loves action, adventure, and looking his best.

What outrageous colors will you choose for his boots, goggles, and mohawk? Metallic markers would look amazing.

Maybe you’ll give him orange stripes or a purple mohawk. However you color him, this LOL Surprise Pet is sure to impress. lol surprise pets coloring pages

This next puppy is looking quite fashionable with an interesting hairstyle for this LOL Surprise Pets coloring page.

I think this puppy would look really cool with some alternating colors for the sections of her hairstyle and then a solid color for the background that compliments the colors you chose for her surprise pets coloring pages free printables

We have a kitten who’s looking ready for a bright Summer day in her cool shades for this LOL Surprise Pets coloring sheet.

I think some bright Summer color combinations like some pretty blues and yellows would really look perfect for this cool kitty to finish off this LOL Surprise Pets coloring printable in surprise pets coloring pages for kids

A furry friend is waiting to be colored on this adorable LOL Surprise Pets coloring page. Look at that curly hair and precious bell collar.

This happy hound has the biggest, sweetest eyes and a smile that could melt your heart.

Will you use warm browns to capture his soft, fluffy fur? Perhaps bright blues and bold reds to show off his cheery personality?

However you choose to color this lovable pooch, he’s sure to end up fetching and fantastic. So unleash your creativity on this doggone cute coloring page. lol doll pets coloring pages

There are lots of circles around the puppy in this next free LOL Surprise Pets coloring page. This makes me think of bubbles, which gives off an aquatic feel for this page.

Because of this, if I were coloring in this image I would use some pretty blues for the background while keeping the puppy’s look to more muted colors as well for a watery surprise pets coloring pages for adults

The cute little dog in our next LOL Surprise Pets printable looks quite surprised to see you!

She’s wearing a more subdued little outfit, so my feeling is to use some lighter pinks for her outfit and maybe a nice purple for the background, but what colors do you think would best suit this puppy?

lol surprise pets black and white coloring pages

Meow, what an elegant kitty. With his dapper bow tie, swirled fur, and standing pose, this LOL Surprise Pets page looks like a true gentleman.

But those big, round eyes say he’s got a playful side too.

Will you make him look distinguished in black and white? Or give this classy cat a blast of color with pinks, purples, and greens?

When you’re done, share your coloring creativity on our Facebook page so we can all purr with delight. lol surprise coloring printable

An adorable pony is having a fun day outside in this LOL Surprise Pets coloring page. This page provides a good opportunity for some bright outdoors colors like greens for the grass and a pretty blue for the sky.

Maybe you could use some light browns and purples for the pony to really finish off this LOL Surprise Pets dolls pets coloring pages

This pet is looking very sweet in this next LOL Surprise Pets coloring sheet. She looks a little bit shy and reserved, so my suggestion would again be to use some milder colors like some light pinks and blues for her.

This would also be a nice image to try out some watercolor paints on if you have them, because they can create a softer look for this kind of surprise dolls pets coloring pages free

Those big eyes and round head are just begging to be colored. Our newest LOL Surprise Pet is an adorable, floppy-eared creature with a fun hair swirl.

This friendly furball wears a shirt and pants as cute as can be.

Will you use soft pastels like mint, pink, and blue to keep the cuddly look? Or go bright with yellows, oranges, and reds for a lively pop of color?

So have fun with this charming coloring page, then share your work of art on our Facebook page for all to doll coloring printable for kids

This coloring page shows a cuddly LOL Surprise Pet that lives up to her name with sparkly white and black fur. With her happy smile and yummy treats like cupcakes and candy,

As you color in her fluffy white fur, think of adding in cotton candy pinks, sugary light blues, and creamy tans to capture her cuddly look.

For her patches of black fur, go for rich chocolate browns, deep charcoal grays, or vivid jet blacks. Don’t forget to decorate her cute little collar tag – make it shine in glittery gold and silver. lol surprise pets coloring printable

Our final page in this collection of free LOL Surprise Pets coloring pages for kids has a happy looking little puppy dressed up in a sweet outfit.

She’s wearing polka dot bows in her hair which gives a chance for you to use some of your favorite bright colors to make them really pop with color.

I think this fancy pet would also look great with some bolder colors for her and the background, and I bet some bright colored pens would really finish off this stylish LOL Surprise Pets coloring printable in a really eye-catching pets coloring pages free downloads

LOL Surprise Pets Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that these free LOL Surprise Pets coloring pages for kids provided hours of coloring fun times with some adorable little pets!

Don’t forget that all of our coloring printables and art goodies are 100% free for you to print and color, so you could print out a few copies of your favorite LOL Surprise Pets printables to play with different color schemes and mediums to create some beautiful variations.

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Also, we would love it if you’d share your favorite completed LOL Surprise Pets coloring sheets to our Facebook page so we can see all the great colors you chose for these adorable pets.

We always love to see your amazing coloring talents on display!original and free lol surprise pets coloring pages


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