LOL Doll Coloring Pages

Enjoy some colorful fun and fashionable times with these LOL Doll coloring pages!

New toy crazes seem to sweep the world every week! Popular toy brands come and go, but some manage to stick around for a long time with millions of fans.

LOL Dolls are definitely one of those that have stayed super popular with new fans joining every day!

These free LOL Doll coloring pages for kids are the perfect way to have hours of coloring fun with your favorite fashionable friends.

This awesome coloring page collection features dolls in many different styles and outfits for you to use your coloring talents on!

You could even incorporate different mediums like paints and pens along with other crafts to really put your own spin on these cute dolls.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite LOL Doll coloring sheets, please share them to our Facebook page for us to see!

We always love to see your colorful and artistic creations, and we can’t wait to see how you color in these LOL Doll printables.

20 Brand New LOL Doll Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first image in this set of free LOL Doll coloring pages for kids has a fancy diva who looks like she’s singing her heart out!

For this funky singer, I would definitely think that bright, bold colors are the way to go.

I would use some colored pens for some of the details in this image to really make her a fashionable star!

LOL doll coloring pages free printable

We’re ready for some fashion fun in this stylish LOL Doll coloring sheet! This doll definitely looks ready for the runway.

For this picture, I think any kind of color style would suit it perfectly. Because of this, you could use your favorite colors on it and I know it will look so great!

We can’t wait to see what colors you use for this LOL Doll.LOL doll coloring pages free download

I think we can all agree that the doll in this LOL Doll coloring printable has some big hair and an even bigger personality! She must have a strong neck to carry around that majestic hairdo all day.

There are a lot of great small details in her hair, so I think using some colored pens and pencils would really help to add some great color details.

For this fun doll, I think the more color you can add the better!LOL doll coloring pages for kids free print out

Get ready to rock and roll with this awesome LOL Doll coloring page! This little rockstar is looking really cool, and she needs some great colors to finish off her look.

For this rocker, I would use some bright pinks and purples to really finish off her punk, rockstar style that she has going on.

What bright colors will you use for this rocking LOL Doll prountable?LOL doll coloring pages for toddlers free printable

This next LOL Doll coloring sheet has a doll with a lot of attitude! She’s wearing an outfit that’s a little more pared back than the previous ones, so maybe you could use some milder colors for her.

I would use some lighter blues, greens and yellows for her outfit, and then I would finish it off with a darker background.LOL doll coloring pages black and white download free

We have a super fancy little star for this LOL Doll printable. There’s nothing subtle about this little fashionista! I would again use some really bright colors for her outfit to fit her vibrant style.

To finish it off, maybe you could use some acrylic paints for the background details to make her surroundings as fabulous as she is!free LOL doll coloring pages

This LOL Doll coloring page features another fashionable and fancy doll! There are many different smaller segments and details to her hairdo to color in.

To really give her a colorful, fancy look, I would try to use a wide range of bright and striking colors for the segments in her hair.

Maybe you could use some watercolor paints if you have some for the background. That would give it a nice soft look that will make this fancy doll stick out even more!free LOL doll coloring pages for adults

The doll in this LOL Doll coloring sheet is ready for the world with plenty of stylish accessories! Something about the style of this doll is making me think of a pink and purple color scheme.

Her style just seems to suggest those colors to me, so that’s what I would go for, but are you feeling different colors for her?

We hope you’ll share this finished page to our Facebook page so we can enjoy the colors you choose for this cute doll!cute LOL doll coloring pages download

It’s time to step out into the sunshine for fashionable fun with this stylish little guy!

This LOL Doll coloring sheet has a doll in an outfit that has a pattern that reminds me of an army camouflage design.

How will you get creative with this design? I think you could use some greens and browns to really make it look like a camouflage pattern.

If that’s not fun enough though, who’s to say you couldn’t use some blues and purples for the pattern?

How will you finish off this cute doll’s look?lol surprise coloring pages free download

This little fashion angel is ready to meet you for this LOL Doll coloring printable. There’s a gentler look to this image, so I would keep colors more muted for this one if I were coloring it.

I would either use some lighter blues or pinks for this one, personally.

Lastly, to give this cute doll a softer, angelic look I would use some pretty watercolors to give her a pretty look.

We can’t wait to see how you color in this heavenly cutie!lol surprise colouring pages free printable

Get ready to dive under the sea for some fun coloring in this cool LOL Doll coloring page! This doll has a bit of a mermaid theme with her outfit, and she’d be right at home on the beach and in the water.

For this aquatic cutie, I would definitely use a lot of blues and greens for an ocean feel.

For the background, I would use some pretty blue watercolor paints for a watery background look. If I did that. I would use brighter mediums like crayons, colored pens or pencils for the doll herself.

That would really help her stand out from the ocean background!

What colors and mediums will you choose for this beach doll?lol coloring sheets free printable

This cool little guy is here to be the star of this LOL Doll coloring sheet. He’s got a cool hat with some neat jewelry accessories, so for this one I’m thinking I would use a lot of red and yellow.

I think that would really compliment the look of this cute doll, but there are lots of other color schemes you could use as well!omg lol doll coloring pages free download

There’s a punk inspired look for this next LOL Doll printable. For that reason, I would use some darker colors for this one’s color scheme.

I definitely think some dark purples, reds and blacks would look awesome for this cool doll.

For her hair, maybe you could make it dark black with some dark purple highlights. Colored pens would be especially good for this look as you could really get in there with color details.

How will you color in this punk princess?omg lol doll colouring pages free download

This pretty LOL Doll has another more restrained fashion style. I think that this smart casual look would go nicely with some lighter, more faded pinks and blues.

You could again work in some watercolors for this LOL Doll coloring page to fit the more laid back style of this doll.

I hope you’ll share how you color in this printable to our Facebook page!lol doll pictures to color free download

We have a pretty and dainty little doll for you to color in this LOL Doll coloring sheet! I don’t know about you, but I immediately think of some pretty pinks for this very stylish little doll.

Maybe you could draw in a fun accessory for her to be showing off! What handbag or jewelry accessories do you think would suit her?

This is your chance to show us with your colors and drawing creativity!lol pictures to color

This next fashionable doll would look right at home roaming the streets of Paris! The style in this LOL Doll printable also makes me think of a mime outfit.

These are usually black and white, but maybe you could pick two favorite colors to alternate as the color scheme for this fancy doll.

What colors would you alternate to finish off this outfit?baby lol doll coloring pages

We have what looks like a baby doll in this next LOL Doll coloring page. For this especially cute doll, I would use some more milder, light colors.

I think that for this one, I would use very light blues and yellows for the color scheme of this one.

It would also look really cute if you preferred to use brighter, more vibrant colors instead. We can’t wait to see what you decide to go with!lol printable coloring pages free printable

This adorable LOL Doll coloring sheet has a doll with a bit of a cowgirl theme going on! For this one, I would keep colors more earthy and muted. I think that darker yellows and lighter browns.

You could balance that off with a bright red bandana and mix in some pretty pinks so that the color scheme isn’t too muted and has some variation.

The background would also help offset a more muted color scheme if you used a lovely bright green for most of lol coloring pages download

The next doll for this LOL Doll printable is wearing a very pretty and dainty outfit! Her outfit has a very old fashioned look to me, so I would use more subdued colors again for this one.

I’d use some variations of different blues for her outfit and make her hair a nice yellow blonde color.

There’s a flower beside her, so maybe you could make that a bright color to create a splash of color contrast.

You could even draw in some more flowers around her for more colors and to make it look like she’s in a beautiful field!lol surprise doll coloring pages printable

This final image in our collection of free LOL Doll coloring pages for kids has a fancy looking little guy to say hello! He’s very formally dressed, and it seems a fitting finale to this collection.

His outfit reminds me a bit of an old naval uniform, so if I were coloring this in I would use some dark blues with accents of lighter blues for that kid of theme.

What colors will you pick for this stylish and fancy LOL Doll printable?new lol doll coloring pages printable

LOL Doll Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that this series of free LOL Doll coloring sheets for kids provided hours of cute and fashionable coloring fun for you to enjoy!

With all the different styles and fashions in these printables we’re sure to see an amazing array of color variations!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and art printables are totally free for you to print, color and enjoy!

That means that you could print out a few copies of your favorites to experiment with different colors and mediums for some beautiful variants!

Hopefully you had a chance to try out some mediums such as watercolors, paints, colored pens and pencils within these fun printables.

We hope that you’ll like and share our Facebook page with your friends! We upload new coloring pages and printables frequently, so liking the page is the best way to never miss out on the fun.

Lastly, we hope that you’ll share your completed LOL Doll coloring pages to our Facebook page! We always love to see your colorful creativity and look forward to seeing some amazing looking dolls.


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