Lisa Frank Coloring Pages

Have some vibrant coloring fun with these Lisa Frank coloring pages!

The Lisa Frank brand is famous for its cute and vibrant designs. They tend to incorporate any colors you can think of or like, and looking at their designs is like an explosion of color!

That makes their designs perfect for coloring pages, as you can use all of your favorite coloring tools and mediums. This collection of free Lisa Frank coloring pages for kids aims to provide just that.

These cute designs will offer you plenty of chances to use all of the colors in your art supply. You can make them as vibrant or muted as you like, as this is the chance for you to express yourself!

You can color the whole collection of 15 pages or select a few of your favorites to focus on. Let’s begin this colorful journey!

15 Brand New Lisa Frank Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Any dog lovers will be happy with this first Lisa Frank coloring sheet, as there are two adorable dogs to color.

If you have seen Lisa Frank designs, you will know that they tend to use lots of bright and vibrant colors.

Even if you wouldn’t normally associate the colors with the subject, anything goes with these designs. I would suggest that you don’t overthink it too much and go with your creative instinct here.

Which colors come to mind for you when you look at these two dogs?New Lisa Frank Coloring Pages

These two kitties look so cute on this page, and the details around them are so intricate and detailed. You could spend a lot of time on this page, that’s for sure!

When coloring a page with so many details and shapes, you should think about differentiating the pictures, cats in this case, from the rest of the background.

One way to do that would be to use cool colors for the cats and warm colors for the background, or vice versa.lisa frank coloring pages for kids

This next page is quite creative, as it shows a leopard cub that is surrounded by leopard print. It’s another design where you should think about the colors that you use.

If you use too many similar colors, then you could find the leopard getting lost in the design. Of course, that may be an effect you would like, as leopards can indeed blend into their environment.

It’s up to you to decide which of these approaches you would like to go for, as either would work!lisa frank coloring printable

The parrot on this page is absolutely gorgeous, even in black and white. Parrots are naturally colorful birds, and so they’re the perfect subjects for coloring pages.

This stunning parrot design is packed with detail for you to color, both on the bird as well as the background itself.

The background is decorated with some floral designs, so I would use some softer colors for that area.

That’s my idea, but you could definitely go for some of your own, as this is your turn to experiment and have fun!original lisa frank coloring pages

The cute cub on this next Lisa Frank coloring printable is looking very cute as it explores through some plants.

I always love having plants and flowers on these kinds of pages, as they allow you to use some awesome colors.

If you’re going for the usual Lisa Frank style, then you don’t need to worry too much about the colors being natural.

But, you do have that option available to you if you do like to have more natural colors. The best part of these pages is that there is no wrong way for you to go about it!lisa frank coloring sheet free download

Another cute parrot is starring on this next page, and I get such a happy, calming feeling from this page. Even though it’s a bird, it gives off a friendly, reassuring vibe.

For this page, I would go for some colors that make me happiest. I would encourage you to do the same, as you can go for any of the colors that make you happy to look at.

Some will find cooler colors have that effect while others may prefer lighter, cool colors instead. Which colors make you the happiest?lisa frank coloring sheet for adults

Zebras are not known for their bright colors, as they have black and white stripes. That would initially make it seem like an odd choice for a Lisa Frank page, but it’s actually an interesting choice.

You could make the stripes of the zebra multicolored, but even if you do stick to black and white, you could contrast it with brighter colors in the background details.

There are so many ways that you could get creative with it even though zebras are so lacking in color, so it would be very interesting to see what you choose to do with this page!lisa frank designs coloring pages

There is a stunning design on this next page, and to me it looks like a majestic lion with a fiery mane. This is another page that I would use some warm colors on.

I would try to make the mane look bright and fiery with some bright red, yellow and orange. Using some bright paint or some colored pens and markers can help to make the colors pop.

That’s what came to mind for me, and maybe it did for you too! What came to mind for you when you saw this page?lisa frank lion coloring pages

The details on this lion cub are just stunning. The eyes are what really grab me here, as there is something eye-catching about them.

Because of this, I would make them a focal point of the picture, perhaps by using some light blue colored with a colored pen.

Using crafts like beads, stickers or glitter would also work to make the eyes stand out in interesting ways. Do you think that you will focus on the eyes as well?lisa frank animal coloring printable

This Lisa Frank coloring page is equal parts adorable and mesmerizing in its detail. It’s the kind of page you could spend ages on having fun applying the colors.

For pages like this, I like to settle in with a cold beverage and really take my time with it. Getting into the zone of peaceful coloring can be so relaxing and allow you to leave your troubles behind for a while.

I would suggest you try to take your time with this page and have fun as you apply the colors that you think would best suit it.lisa frank coloring book

We have a giraffe on this next page, and once again the details are simply amazing. There are so many shapes and other elements on the page to behold, and to me the eyes look a bit like hearts.

For this reason, I would use some bright red with some colored pens or markers. Acrylic paint would also be a good option, basically anything that makes the color rich and vibrant would be great.

Do you think you will use something like red or pink for these hearts on the eyes?

lisa frank coloring book for kids

The mixture of details and floral elements on this next page really make for a stunning display.

When coloring this page, you would have the choice between coloring the flowers realistically or stylistically.

It can also be fun to mix up your art mediums and tools on a single page in order to make colors mix, clash or complement each other as you wish.

It can be fun to try new things when it comes to art and coloring, as you never know what sorts of results you may get when you try out something you’re not used to.

It could be great to try that on this page!lisa frank lion coloring pages for kids

If you ask me, this is one of the cutest pages in the collection, and that’s saying something as some of them have been very cute indeed!

This one shows a cub or a pup of some kind, and you wish you could reach in and give it a hug. That may not be possible, but you can add some amazing colors to make it look even cuter!

The page is well suited to many different kinds of colors, so have some fun experimenting with this adorable page.lisa frank cat coloring sheet for adults

The reindeer on this page is so stunningly detailed, and the background has so many elements to color as well. Because it’s a reindeer, this page gives me a Chritstmas feeling.

If you agree with that, then you could use some Christmas colors to highlight the theme. You could even use small pieces of tinsel, glitter and other crafts to add some more Christmas magic.

Do you think that you will give this page a Christmas theme or perhaps something else that you feel would suit this gorgeous page?lisa frank reindeer coloring pages

Leopards are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, if you ask me. This one on this

Lisa Frank coloring sheet really captures the elegance and beauty of a leopard, and it will look amazing with color.

Even if you colored the leopard with typical leopard colors, it would look beautiful. You could also go with a typical Lisa Frank color scheme and it would also be great.

Feel free to print a few copies to try out all of the color ideas you have for this page! What will you choose?original lisa frank coloring book

Lisa Frank Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Lisa Frank coloring printables for kids was created to give you the chance to use all of your favorite colors. Nothing is off limits when it comes to the colors that you use!

You can color all 15 pages if you like, but you could also select some of your favorites instead. That way, you can create a colorful collection as big or small as you like.

It would also be fun to share the collection with your friends and family to enjoy as well. You could swap and compare your different takes on each page as well!

It would brighten up our day to see some of your finished pages, so please feel free to share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We would love to see them!

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