Hawaii Coloring Pages

Travel to a tropical paradise with these Hawaii coloring pages!

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and anyone who has been there will tell you it’s a magical place.

There is so much natural beauty and incredible culture to behold in this incredible place.

There are so many different biomes and types of landscape to behold, and it’s no mystery as to why it’s considered an ocean paradise.

This collection of free Hawaii coloring pages for kids will transport you to this amazing place!

You will find lots of pages that capture the beauty and majesty of Hawaii in this collection, and you will be able to use all of your favorite colors and art mediums.

So get ready for some tropical coloring fun, as we will now take a look at what is in store in this collection!

15 Brand New Hawaii Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This Hawaii coloring sheet is an incredible one to start this collection!

There is so much culture that is indigenous to Hawaii, and this page shows one of the sculptures you may associate with this culture.

It is packed with detail, and so you could fit in many different colors and effects. When coloring this page, you should let your imagination run wild and see what happens.

There are no wrong ways to color it, and I think it would look incredible with as many colors as possible!New Hawaii Coloring Pages

Music is an important part of Hawaiian culture, and this next page shows that off beautifully.

This Hawaiian woman is playing a guitar in a tropical location, and you can almost hear the beautiful music.

There are some lovely floral details on her dress and in the surrounding location. If I were coloring this page, I would use some watercolor paints, as I feel that would suit it well.

You should go ahead and use any colors and art mediums that you think would work, though! Which will you use?girl from Hawaii coloring pages

How stunning is this next page? It is absolutely breathtaking, as there are so many details packed into the image.

Once this page is complete, it will be a sight to behold, I’m sure of it! A page like this could take a while to complete, but I don’t see that as a negative.

If anything, I think it can be lots of fun to spend a while on an image. The end result is also so much more satisfying when you really had to work for it!

This page would look amazing on your wall when it’s done.girl from Hawaii coloring sheet

The word aloha is one that is closely associated with Hawaii. It can mean many things, but typically works as a greeting to someone that you are saying hello or goodbye to.

This page has aloha written on it, and there is also a Hawaiian boy that looks like he is ready to enjoy a beautiful day in Hawaii.

The best part about text on a page is it allows you to use any colors you love.

Even if the colors wouldn’t work in a natural environment, you can use them for the letters of the word!aloha Hawaii coloring pages

This next Hawaii coloring printable features more of those iconic wooden sculptures. When you see these sculptures, it immediately makes you think of Hawaii, as they are so iconic.

This page has a lot of cool details on the sculpture as well as in the background. You also have some text to color, so you have plenty to keep you busy here!

When coloring the text, you could make the word all one color or alternate between a few different colors. What other ways could you color the letters of the text?rapa nui moai hawaii coloring pages

The yellow hibiscus flower is commonly associated with Hawaii, and so it’s no wonder that it is featured in this collection.

There is a beautiful drawing of this incredible flower on the page, and now you can bring color to it.

Not only that, but the name of the flower is written above it, allowing you to use even more colors. If I were coloring this page, I would use some soft yellows for the text and the petals.

That’s what came to mind for me, but you should use any colors that you feel would best suit the picture!yellow hibiscus hawaii coloring pages

We’re zooming out for a bird’s eye view of Hawaii on this next page. You can see the island nation from a high perspective here, and the word Hawaii is also written above it.

Even though we see so much, there are still so many amazing small details on the landscape and buildings. Because of this, you can get very creative with the colors that you use.

It would be amazing to see how it turns out, so remember that you can share your artwork once it’s completed!hawaii coloring printable for kids

This picture really captures the spirit of Hawaii, as this island boy walks in front of a beautiful beach setting.

The composition of the image is really stunning, with a sunlight effect in the background as well.

In the foreground, there are some incredible flowers for you to color as well. Some bright colors would really make some of these details pop on the page!

What colors do you think would work best for this page? Whatever you choose will look amazing in its own way, I’m sure of that fact!hawaii coloring printable for adults

The next page in this collection is so beautiful! This gorgeous island lady is enjoying her time by the beach, and she is portrayed with such amazing detail and flair.

Not only can you see the amazing details on her clothes, hair and accessories but also the beach and the flowers around her.

This will be a stunning page when it’s done, that’s for sure! If you have too many ideas for colors, remember that you can print this page as many times as you like to try them all out.original hawaii coloring pages

Time to say aloha to this next Hawaii coloring page! This one shows a young boy playing a ukulele with the word Aloha written above him.

The ukulele is an instrument that makes many people think of Hawaii, as the two are closely connected. The music of a ukulele is so relaxing and beautiful as well.

There are some amazing small details in the background, so you could really get in there with your favorite coloring tools.

Once it’s done, you will almost be able to hear the music drifting from the scene!boy from hawaii coloring pages

This traditional Hawaiian hut is really beautiful! These buildings will often be made with wood and materials from the area, and it makes for a beautifully rustic accommodation.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in this beautiful house? The next best thing would be to bring this one to life with your coloring skills.

There are details galore on this page, and so you can use some of your favorite art tools to bring the details to colorful life. With so many options, how will you choose to color this page?hawaii coloring printable for kindergarten

Nestled in this peaceful beach location is a traditional Hawaiian sculpture. It lends a feeling of reverence and peace to the location, and it feels like it would be a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Coloring this page should be really fun and relaxing, and you should go with the flow of your creativity. Try not to overthink it as you color, as you can get caught up in the details if you do.

Have fun with it and see what happens! If you make a mistake or do something you don’t like, you can always reprint it and try again.hawaii totem coloring pages

Waikiki is a place in Honolulu famous for its beach, making it a popular tourist destination. It’s also the next location in this collection, and this page makes it look very appealing!

Whenever I see text on a page, it always makes me think that the page would make a great poster for the wall. You could easily stick this one up when it’s done to make it a brilliant decoration!

It would be a great way to make Hawaii a permanent fixture in your home.new hawaii coloring sheet

It’s always wonderful to find a special spot where you can enjoy the wonder of nature in solitude. This page captures that feeling, as there is a car that is in an isolated location.

Doesn’t it make you wish that you could be here relaxing in this peaceful place? When it comes to these pages, you don’t have to stick to just coloring.

You could also draw some extra elements, such as a person relaxing in this location. It could even be based on yourself!hawaii coloring book

Mauna Kea is an ancient volcano in Hawaii, and it is featured on this final Hawaii coloring sheet. This page has some incredible details and a great view of this mountainous region.

There are even some boats sitting there, and it would be amazing to take one of them to sail around this region. This would be another great page to add some detail to!

Adding some birds and other wildlife would add so much life to the page, and it would be so easy to do so. How will you finish off this final page in the collection?waikiki hawaii coloring pages

Hawaii Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Hawaii is such an amazing place, and we hope that this collection of free Hawaii coloring printables helped to transport you there for a little while!

We wanted to capture the magic and beauty of Hawaii, and now you can make the pages even greater with your colors. Whether you choose a few select pages or color them all, it’s up to you!

The collection is free to print out and color as many times as you like, so be sure to explore your creativity. It’s also free to share the collection with friends and family that would enjoy it!

You’re also more than welcome to share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to spread the peaceful island vibes!

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