Ghost Coloring Pages

From scary to cute, our ghost coloring pages are a fun activity that children of all ages can enjoy

When it comes to scary and mysterious Halloween creatures, ghosts are definitely at the top of our list. But ghosts can be equally cute and adorable, even if they are always up to some mischief.

If you don’t believe us, check out our amazing collection of ghost coloring pages and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

Download and print them for free and get ready for some spooky fun!

15 Brand New Ghost Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

It appears that the ghost in our first printable is not messing around and took its role very seriously.

We don’t know if this is just a rehearsal or if our ghost is really trying to scare someone, but the frown on its face and that scream sure do the trick.

Maybe a bit of color could make this ghost look even more frightening. Here’s a little tip for you: not all ghosts are white, so you can use any color you like to bring them to life.Ghost Coloring Pages for kids free download

These three ghosts have their mouths wide open, ready to give you a fright! Their spooky faces are sure to scare anyone who crosses their path.

As you color in their ghostly features, think about what creepy colors you can use.

Try mixing shades of gray to capture their transparent style. And don’t forget to fill in the two dark stars floating around them – are they a part of a ghostly constellation?ghost coloring pages

Our second ghost isn’t nearly as scary as the first one, but we have to appreciate the efforts. The ghost’s eyes tell us that it would rather go to sleep than scare someone.

We don’t know exactly what happened, but we believe our little ghost might be a bit tired from all that trick or treating.

If you’ve never seen a sleepy ghost before, now you have the chance to color one.Ghost Coloring Pages for adults free printable

Here’s a ghost that looks a bit friendlier. With its big eyes looking sideways and a wide smile, one might actually think that this ghost is trying to make friends instead of scaring people off.

But those little horns on its head tell a different story. We know our ghost is up to something, we just don’t know what that is.

Since it has no intentions of revealing its mischievous plans, the only thing left to do is to color it.Ghost Coloring Pages free pdf download

This big ghost has three baby ghosts following along behind. They all have their mouths open extra wide, trying their best to look scary. The little baby ghosts look especially adorable.

As you color in their sweet little ghost faces, think about what cuddly colors you can use for their ghostly hair and eyes. Give each little ghost a unique look by using different colors and patterns.

You could even give them some cute accessories like little bows or miniature jack-o-lanterns to carry. Bring out your inner artist as you make this ghostly family look amazing!ghosts coloring printable

Double trouble should be the title of this ghost coloring printable because it features two spooky ghosts on hunting duty.

While the ghost on the right seems to be a bit shy, the one on the left is definitely more experienced.

But our ghosts are not alone in their chilling adventures. They’re accompanied by three little bats flying above their heads. We believe the five of them make quite a great team.Ghost Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

For our next ghost coloring sheet, we’ve got a little ghost smiling softly as it floats in the air. But don’t get fooled by its small size or by its smile.

Even the smallest ghost can be frightening and that wicked look on its face spells trouble.

You can never know what’s on a ghost’s mind, so we wouldn’t dare bother it. There’s nothing scarier than a furious ghost. However, we’re sure this ghost wouldn’t mind being colored.Ghost Coloring Book free printable

Here’s a ghost in this coloring sheet that has no scary intentions, or at least that’s what we hope. The cute ghost featured in this printable seems to love Halloween just as much as we do.

All it wants is to go trick or treating and collect as much candy as possible in that pumpkin-shaped basket.

How much candy do you think it received so far? Judging by the smile on its face we’d say our ghost is quite happy with the result. We bet that basket is filled with all sorts of delicious sweets.Ghost Coloring Book for kids free printable

Floating eerily in the air is this ghost with an especially creepy face. But if you look closely, you’ll notice its eyes are surprisingly cute and friendly looking. What an interesting contrast!

Use dark, brooding colors for the scary parts of its face, but try bright, cheerful colors for the eyes.

You could even add some rainbow sparkles or other silly details to make this unusual ghost really stand out. Unleash your creativity in this mixed-up spirit!original ghost coloring pages

Just because ghosts are supposed to scare people it doesn’t mean they never get scared, and this coloring page proves our point.

It looks like this ghost was minding its own businesses when something unexpected occurred.

What could have happened to make a ghost look so surprised, confused, and scared at the same time?

Maybe it came across a much scarier Halloween creature or maybe it just woke up from a horrible nightmare. Yes, ghosts can dream as well, and not all their dreams are pleasant.Ghost Coloring Sheet for children free download

From ghosts that get scared to ghosts that scare others, we’ve got all sorts of spirits in our ghost printable collection.

This time we’ve got a ghost that isn’t afraid of anything or anyone and is ready to show off its spooky side.

Who wouldn’t be scared if this ghost would appear out of thin air in front of them, floating high in the air and making frightening sounds?

We know we’d be afraid. But if you think this page looks a bit plain and dull, there’s nothing a little color can’t fix.Ghost Coloring Book for adults free download

Aww, how sweet! These two baby ghosts are holding hands as they float along together. With their curly little hairstyles, they look like quite the pair of friends.

As you color in these cuddly ghosts, think about what complementary colors you could use for their outfits and accessories.

Since they’re pals, giving them matching details would look really cute. You could even draw in some extra details like ghost pets or toys to show what they like to do together.

Bring these sweet BFF ghosts to life with your awesome coloring skills!new ghost coloring printable

We must warn you: this ghost coloring printable is not for the faint of heart. If there ever was a ghost that knows how to scare people, this must be the one.

There’s no denying that this is the scariest ghost in our collection, so if it doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

That dreadful look with a scowl from ear to ear and chilling scream tells us that this ghost is not a rookie.

We’re sure it scared many people over the years. What colors would you use to bring this spooky scene to life?Ghost Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Although not as scary as the last ghost, the character on this coloring page is also doing a great job at giving people a good fright.

It looks like this ghost came out of nowhere with its arms raised up and that boo written above its head.

The fun thing about this printable is that you have many elements you can color. You can use a pale shade for the ghost and choose a different bright color for each letter.

You can even paint the background if you want to make the whole picture more vibrant.Ghost Easy Coloring Pages

Well would you look at that – it’s a whole family of adorable baby ghosts! With four little ones all floating together, they look like they’re having a spooktacular time.

The big stars surrounding them add to their out-of-this-world style.

Since they’re siblings, using similar colors for their clothes or details would look cool. You could even illustrate a background scene to show what their family home might look like.

Get creative and have fun with this supernatural family portrait!ghost coloring sheet for kids


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