Soccer Coloring Pages

Get your game on with these soccer coloring pages!

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why! There are amazing skills and tricky moves on show with the thrill of seeing a triumphant goal!

Soccer is enjoyed all over the world, and with so many people, teams, uniforms and countries it’s the perfect event to test out your creative and colorful skills on.

We’re sure there will be all sorts of amazing and crazy colors to represent the chaos and the skill of soccer within these coloring pages!

These free soccer coloring page printables for kids are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the beautiful game.

Be sure to show off your favorite team’s colors in the uniforms displayed in these coloring pages!

We always love to see how colorful and creative you can be, so be sure to share your completed coloring pages on our Facebook page for us to see.

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15 Brand New Soccer Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We kick off this first in this series of soccer coloring page printables with a literal kick off! This player has his boot on the ball, and perhaps he’s about to get the match started with the very first kick of the match.

Can you feel the excitement in the air? I think it would be best represented with some bright and striking colors like reds and yellows to capture the thrill of the start of the printable soccer coloring pages

This determined soccer player is intent on scoring as he dribbles the ball up the field. Though his eyes are fixed ahead on the distant goal, he has to keep the ball close as he rushes forward.

Give him a jersey in your favorite colors and draw in a roaring crowd in the stands cheering him on. Try to make it as realistic as possible and color in the laces on his cleats and details on the ball.

Imagine that he’s taking the perfect kick that will send the ball sailing right into the net for a coloring printable for kids

If the first coloring page was a player preparing for a kick, this next printable shows him going for it! Do you think he’s kicking the ball to get the game started or going for the first goal of the match?

How will you represent this moment in color?

I think using lots of different colors in the background would have an effect of making a sense of movement for this moment.realistic soccer coloring pages printable

Anyone who’s ever loved soccer has probably dreamed at one point of being a soccer star themself, and that is the feeling I get from this coloring page printable!

This player has stars all around him, and he’s either dreaming of being on this pitch himself or enjoying the fact that he’s reached his goal, I think.

Why don’t you color his uniform in the colors of the team you’d most like to play for yourself?

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mexico soccer coloring pages

With full speed and fancy footwork, this skilled midfielder races down the open field while maintaining perfect control over the ball.

The wind whips through his clothes and hair as he swiftly dribbles towards victory. When coloring his uniform, give him a jersey number and your favorite team’s colors.

Draw in the green grass under his feet and excited fans cheering in the surrounding stands as he visualizes the winning goal soccer coloring pages for kids

The image in this coloring page shows the moment that every fan in the stands will be cheering for, unless you’re on the opposing team, of course. Goal!

This is always a highlight in the game, and you can almost hear the cheers in the background.

Why not be really bold with your colors for this one, and see if you can incorporate some bright tones into the nets of the cup soccer coloring pages

Another action shot for this coloring sheet, a player going for a kick. He looks like he means business! Maybe his team needs one more goal to catch up and he’s about to make a go for it.

Maybe this one would look good with a darker background and a dark green for the grass to represent the tension of the moment.

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soccer coloring pages kids download

This speedy striker is running at full speed looking focused and determined as he sprints down the field while expertly maneuvering the ball.

He’s looking up ahead at the goal post and planning what technique he needs to use to take the winking shot.

When you color in his outfit, hair, and intense expression, draw in motion lines to show his momentum.

Add your own creative details like a colorful sunset sky overhead or his teammates running alongside him, ready to assist him in scoring the goal!soccer coloring sheet free download

The ball has just been passed to the player in this coloring page printable.

For this dramatic shot don’t you think it would look great with a solid, rich red background color? What color will you use for this moment?

A solid, bright background can really make an image pop and there are many choices you could go for in this coloring coloring pages for boys to print out

For this coloring sheet, we have a close up on the object every fan will have their eye on; the ball before an important kick! With this coloring page, you can almost imagine you’re the one about to take this kick.

I think a dark blue or purple sky with bright yellow for the lights would help represent the tension of this moment.i love soccer coloring pages pdf

With expert ball control, this right-footed player swiftly dribbles down the field, visualizing the quickest path to the goal.

When you color in his outfit and the soccer ball, draw in defenders around him trying to block his way.

Give him a numbered jersey in your favorite colors and draw obstacles for him to avoid as he remains intent on maneuvering the ball straight into the net to score.

You can also draw his team’s goal post behind him in the distance. When you’re done, don’t forget to share these free soccer coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest.original soccer coloring printable

We have another cool shot for this coloring page, a player dribbling or intercepting the ball. Maybe you should use the brightest shade of your favorite color for the background of this printable.

Once you’re done maybe you could use it as a poster for your wall!

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manchester city soccer coloring pages

The background is segmented in this coloring page, and leaves an opportunity for you to use some striking colors!

Why not take the colors of your favourite teams uniform and incorporate it into the background of the printable?

Be sure to share it on our Facebook page when you’re done so we can see who everyone is supporting!soccer coloring pages liverpool

This focused soccer midfielder is intent on setting up the perfect shot for his team as he calmly dribbles the ball across the open field.

With a look of strategic concentration, he steadily maneuvers the ball while visualizing his teammates moving into scoring positions.

As you color in his athletic clothes and short hair, draw other players on his team running ahead to receive his pass.

Draw in a roaring crowd in the stands and the referee holding the whistle to his mouth. black-and-white soccer coloring pages

For the final coloring page in this soccer collection of printables we have another player surrounded by stars.

For this one, maybe some darker, more muted variations of your favorite colors would look really appropriate for this calmer, more contemplative moment.

Why don’t you try and color each star in a different color?soccer coloring pages lionel messi

Soccer Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had an exciting time reliving all of your favorite soccer moments with this great collection of soccer themed coloring pages!

Don’t forget that all of our art and coloring printables are completely free for you to print out and color, so be sure to pick your favorites and print a few copies so that you can try out different pencils, crayons and paints.

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We can’t wait to share in the soccer excitement with you!

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