Fruit Coloring Pages

These adorable fruit coloring pages are a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Fruit is nature’s candy: delicious and extremely healthy. Our new fruit coloring pages collection can help you get your children excited about eating more fruits.

Use our fruit-inspired printable coloring sheets to encourage your child to eat more healthy fruits. These pages will keep kids of all ages entertained while learning about various tasty fruits.

15 Brand New Fruit Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

Rich in Vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants, oranges make a super healthy snack for children.

This coloring sheet featuring a delicious-looking orange will help you get your child to learn more about orange’s health benefits while staying entertained by exploring with colors.

This coloring sheet features one sliced and one unsliced orange and a cute, small leaf. Oranges are orange.

But, your child can always let their imagination run wild and reinterpret this fruit’s colors however they like.

Your child can color the white background of the image in a way that sets those two elements apart.Fruit Coloring Pages for kids free download

This coloring page shows a big pile of yummy fruits. There’s a giant pineapple right on top, with its spiky white crown and rough, bumpy skin.

Next to the pineapple is a shiny apple, just waiting for you to color in its smooth skin and leafy stem.

Don’t forget the orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime wedges surrounding the apple, ripe with juice and ready to squeeze.

Color each fruit with its real-life colors or get creative and use any color you like. fruit coloring pages for kids

Our next coloring sheet features another very healthy fruit, with a good source of potassium: a lovely designed grape.

The image captures a very realistic-looking grape with a small twig and a grape leaf that your child will have a lot of fun coloring.

Grapes come in a variety of colors, not just purple. Your child can play with colors while coloring this image.

For example, they can use different shades of purple to create interesting and realistic shades. Your child loves white grapes?

They can use green and yellow to color this page. They prefer purple grapes? They can use shades of purple and dark blue.

In autumn, when grapes grow, print this adorable coloring sheet for your child to get them excited about trying these delicious fruits.Fruit Coloring Pages for adults free printable

This cheerful coloring page shows a juicy bunch of tropical fruits. Front and center is a prickly pineapple, wearing its spiky crown.

Next to the pineapple is an apple with a curvy stem and smooth skin, just waiting for you to color it in.

On the other side of the pineapple is a cute orange, the smallest fruit in the bunch. Give it an orange peel and try coloring the inside a different color.

In the background, you can complete this with a banana. Bananas are packed with potassium, which gives you energy. fruit coloring printable

There’s a variety of delicious fruits to choose from, just like this printable coloring sheet shows.

This fruit-inspired coloring page captures various adorable fruits, including strawberry, apple, orange, pear, and a lemon.

This image truly leaves a lot of room for your child to play with colors like red, green, orange, yellow, brown and many others.

Download and print this coloring sheet and invite your little one to let their imagination run wild while exploring different shapes and colors of fruits.Fruit Coloring Pages free pdf download

All children love sweet pineapples. Your child will also enjoy coloring this pineapple image. This adorable pineapple looks so realistic.

We think our coloring page designers really made this coloring sheet capture what a pineapple looks like.

Our following fruit coloring sheet features a large pineapple with a rich crown standing tall.

Green and yellow are the colors of a pineapple but your child can reimagine this fruit’s color scheme however they like.

The white background of this image allows your little one to use various color combinations, so they can get creative and exercise their imagination.Fruit Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

This cheerful page shows four of your favorite fruits. To the left are an apple with a leafy stem and a smiling banana. To the right is a slice of watermelon.

Each Fruit has vitamins and minerals that are good for you. As you color them in with your crayons or markers, you can learn some fascinating facts.

For instance, pineapples are not just one fruit – they’re made of many small berries fused together. original fruit coloring printable

Avocados are just so adorable! They have become a very popular design detail on various items, including coloring sheets.

We just adore the two-dimensional design used to create this avocado coloring page. The two avocados captured in this image seem to blend in with the background, creating a realistic vibe.

This coloring sheet features two avocados, a sliced one and an unsliced one. If your child’s favorite color is green, they’ll love coloring this image.

They can play with different green shades like dark green, lime green, or bright green to color the design details on this page.Fruit Coloring Book free printable

Coconuts are delicious and very intricate fruits having a hard outside and a soft inside. This coloring page captures both the exterior and interior of coconuts, featuring a sliced and an unsliced coconut.

Your child will have a lot of fun coloring this image as they can let their creativity run free and reimagine this fruit’s looks however they like.

They can use the colors of coconut, brown and white, or if they find that too boring, they can get creative and color these coconuts using the colors they love the most.

Coloring this page is a good opportunity for your child to learn that brown is a mixture of red and orange.Fruit Coloring Book for kids free printable

This fruit coloring page shows a prickly pineapple, a pear, a juicy orange, and a sliced lemon. The biggest is the pineapple with its spiky leaves and bumpy skin.

Next is the pear with its round bottom and leafy stem. The small orange has a curvy stem and a little leaf on top. And the lemon wedge reveals the sour fruit inside.

Color them with realistic hues or get creative and use any colors you want. new fruit coloring pages

Your child’s imagination and this coloring sheet will make a nice “pear”.

Our next coloring sheet captures two delicious-looking pears in the center of the image, on a white background that allows your little one to explore with different color combinations.

This coloring sheet invites your child to color the pears with various colors.

For example, your child can color the interior of the sliced pear with a yellowish-white shade and the exterior yellow or green.

For the unsliced pear, your little one can use a combination of yellow, green, and a splash of red for some interesting shading.

If your little one loves pears, they’ll find coloring this page very entertaining.Fruit Coloring Sheet for children free download

Our next printable coloring sheet features an intricate and very realistic design of a grape. Our designers truly focused on every small detail to make this image as genuine as possible.

This coloring page features a large grape in the center of the page on a white background which leaves room for your child to play with color combinations.

Coloring each grain of this grape can be an exercise of creativity for your little one as they can use various shades of purple, dark blue, yellow, and green.

Download and print this image for your child to learn about grapes in a playful way.Fruit Coloring Book for adults free download

This cheerful, healthy page shows four delicious fruits. On the left is a banana with its long, curved shape and peelable skin. In the middle is a prickly pineapple wearing its spiky crown.

On the right is an apple with a leafy stem. In front is a juicy orange sliced in half. Give each fruit its real-life colors or get creative and color them any way you like.

You can also learn more about the fruits by reading some facts or trivia. black-and-white fruit coloring sheet

Watermelon is everybody’s favorite refreshing summer snack! This juicy and sweet fruit makes our hot summer days cooler.

This coloring page features a large watermelon and a delicious-looking slice.

Your child can play with colors like red, bright shades of pink for the interior of the watermelon, green for the exterior, and brown or black for the seeds.

But, if your child wants to reimagine this fruit yellow and purple, there’s really no problem with that. Invite them to let their creativity run free!Fruit Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Pomegranates are very interesting fruits with lovely colors and shapes.

Our last coloring sheet features several pomegranates in the center of the page that your child can color and have plenty of fun.

What’s interesting about coloring pomegranates is the opportunity to play with various colors for the rind or skin. Your child can color these fruits using all shades of pink and red all the way to purple.

The background of this coloring sheet doesn’t have any design details, so your little one can color it in one color or add their own drawing for a personal touch.

Are you looking for more printable coloring sheets? Explore our new collections and create your own coloring book for your child!Fruit Easy Coloring Pages


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