Elemental Coloring Pages

Brave the elements as we take on this collection of free Elemental coloring pages!

The film Elemental came out in 2023, and it’s one of the most unique Pixar films in recent years.

It has a simple yet clever concept imagining characters made from various elements like water and fire.

It’s a concept that fans young and old were able to really relate to, as it teaches a lesson about how even people that are very different can get along and be a good fit.

This collection of free Elemental coloring pages for kids shows off some of your favorite characters from the film. Now you will be able to use some color magic to make them look amazing!

You will get to use a combination of warm and cool colors to make the characters look amazing. So without further ado, let’s begin and have some Elemental fun!

15 Brand New Elemental Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

This first Elemental coloring sheet shows Wade Ripple, one of the two main characters of the film. He is made of water, and it gives him a really unique design in the film and on this page.

If you use your colors wisely, you can make it look as if he is made of water by making him look transparent.

Using softer mediums like watercolor paint for Wade will help to make him look less solid too.

What will you use for this depiction of Wade?New Elemental Coloring Pages

The message of the film that different people can get along is shown nicely on this page. We see a rain cloud character along with a fire character, and they are getting along nicely!

Not only does it make for a charming image, but it also gives you the chance to use both warm and cool colors. It could even be a fun challenge to use a different set of art tools and mediums for each character.

This will definitely be a lovely page once it’s done, so have some fun with it and see what happens!elemental coloring pages for kids

How adorable is this next page that we have for you to color? This one shows Wade and Ember in a loving embrace, and it’s a heartwarming scene to behold.

It’s another page that allows you to use color contrasts to great effect, as you showcase warm and cool colors next to one another.

You can make them look as they did in the film, but you should also feel free to use any unique colors you would like for the page.

There are so many ways for you to color this page, and it will be nice to see what you choose!elemental cartoon coloring pages for kids

The focus of this next page is on our second lead, Ember Lumen. This is your chance to use some fiery warm colors, and you can also use the right mediums for the job.

When it comes to portraying bright colors, I like to use colored pens or markers, as these are some of the brightest ones you can get. Acrylic paint can also work.

While bright colors would be great, you can use softer ones if you prefer, as it’s up to you in the end! You should definitely go for whatever feels right to you.elemental coloring sheet free download

You have another great opportunity for some amazing colors on this Elemental coloring printable. This tree character is really unique, and there are lots of elements to the design.

You have chances for bright green on the leaves contrasted with brown of the dirt below. Then, you can also color the apples for some beautiful green or red.

It may not seem like a complex page at first glance, but there is a lot that you can do here! The only limit is your imagination, so don’t be afraid to try out some unique ideas!elemental coloring pages for kids

This dusty character will be perfect if you want to add some grounded colors like brown or green. Bright and vibrant colors are great, but it can also be nice to have a more muted color palette.

When coloring this page, you could even try out some interesting craft ideas.

For instance, if you were to spread a thin layer of glue over the character and sprinkle some dirt, it would really look like he’s made of ground!

What other fun techniques could you use for this character?film elemental coloring pages for kids

Harold Ripple is the star of this next page. He is the uncle of main character Wade, and he has a similar watery design.

The blue of his watery body is contrasted nicely with the yellow of his shirt, so you can work in both warm and cool colors for this page. The background has been left pretty blank for you to fill in too.

You could use some solid colors, or maybe you would like to draw a background to replicate your favorite Harold scene from the film. What scene would you like to create around him?film elemental coloring pages for adults

Lutz is a sporty cloud character that is also starring on this next page! Despite being a cloud, Lutz has some warm colors to his design.

He has a lighter yellow coloring to his design, and it looks really great. This is another page that would be perfect for some watercolor paint.

Watercolor paint would make him look soft, as if he were a real cloud. Try to mix only a bit of paint in with the water, as that will make the colors look softer.

You could also perhaps use some colored pencils with a soft touch if you want to make the colors soft as well.original elemental coloring pages for kids

Alan Ripple is Wade’s brother, and he has a similar color scheme to the rest of his family. He also has a light blue color to his body, and so it’s another page that would be great for lighter art tools.

There are some wavy effects in the background that would also look great with colors like blue or purple to give this whole page a watery look.

That’s one option, but you could use any colors or extra details that you would like for the background, and anything you use will look amazing!elemental coloring sheet free pdf

Brook Ripple is Wade’s mother and is also the subject of this particular Elemental coloring page.

Like the rest of her family, she has a lot of light blue on her, so this is a great page for fans of cool colors.

She is a caring and tolerant character, and so I think you should try to use colors that make you feel comforted and happy, as that would help to highlight the feeling of the character.

Which colors make you the happiest to use and look at?film elemental drawing coloring pages

Bernie and Cinder are the parents of Cinder, and we get a good look at them here. The fire characters are a stark contrast to the watery characters we have seen before.

They have bright and vibrant warm colors on their design, so any page featuring them will be an eye-catching one.

Subtle pages can be great too, but sometimes it’s also great to have a warmer focal point.

One thing is for sure, this will be a really fun page for you to take on, and you can try out lots of ideas!Bernie and Cinder elemental coloring pages

The lovable Clod is the star of this next page. He is a vibrant and happy character with a dirt theme, which makes his name appropriate.

The brown of his design is contrasted with some green for his hair and even the vest he wears, which has a green look to it. The background is once again separated into different segments too.

This is another great chance for you to work in lots of colors to the background. Which colors will you choose?Clod elemental coloring printable

Here’s another great look at Wade, and in this image he is looking very happy and content. This is another page that I would try to use happy and comforting colors on if I were coloring it.

Doing so would help to highlight the happy and confident feeling he gives off on this page. With the wavy background, you would have an excuse to use any and all colors that you love as well.

This page will be the perfect celebration for this beloved character, so I’m sure you will have tons of fun bringing color to the page!Wade elemental coloring sheet

This next page is a great companion piece for the previous one that features Wade. Ember is the star of this page, and she is also looking pretty calm and happy.

Even with warm colors, you can use softer mediums to create a more chilled mood. Watercolors and colored pencils can be perfect for making warm colors softer.

She is also surrounded by some flame shapes, so warm colors can surround her as well. Will you make the colors a bit softer or go for ones that are bright and vibrant?Ember elemental coloring sheet

The final Elemental coloring printable that we have for you shows Ember having a bad day! She looks very angry here, and this is visible on her facial expression.

Because she is looking so angry and intense here, I would use some equally intense bright colors for this one. If I were coloring this page, I would certainly go for some colored pens and markers.

These would be great for even just a few details, and then you could use other mediums for other areas. Will you go for something similar?new original elemental coloring printable

Elemental Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This collection of free Elemental coloring sheets for kids gave us so many amazing characters to behold and color!

The best part in my opinion was that you will be able to use both warm and cool colors.

You can get as experimental as you like with the pages, as it’s up to you to decide whether you want them to match the film or have a unique look instead.

Sharing is also caring, so you could send the collection to friends and family as well.

Additionally, you can show off your favorite Elemental pages by sharing them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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