Inside Out Coloring Pages

Get in touch with your colorful emotions with these Inside Out coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 25 all new Inside Out coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

It can be hard to understand what’s going on in our own heads at times, and sometimes it seems like our emotions have a life of their own!

The wonderful movie Inside Out explores this feeling in a really fun and creative way. Different emotions have different fun and colorful personas to help explore emotions in a fun way!

These free Inside Out coloring pages for kids are perfect for having some coloring fun with your favorite characters from the movie.

Each character has a unique color scheme that you can stick to, but you can pick your own colors for some fun character variations as well!

You could also explore new mediums such as paints, colored pens and pencils for some color variety.

Once you’ve colored in your favorite Inside Out printables, please be sure to share them to our Facebook page for us to see! We can’t wait to see how you bring these colorful characters to life.

25 Brand New Inside Out Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

For the first character in this series of Inside Out coloring pages, we have the fiery character Anger.

His name says it all, as this character represents anger for the main character.

Anger has a primarily red color scheme, so maybe you could use yellows and oranges for the background to give off a fiery feel.inside out coloring pages anger free printable

The star of this Inside Out coloring page is Joy, arguably the main character of the movie. Joy has a color scheme of yellow for her skin, green for her dress and blue for her hair.

If you use those colors, then this will be a wonderfully colorful page to behold! Will you go for her regular color scheme?New Inside Out Coloring Pages

It looks like Fear is feeling extra jittery today. In this inside Out coloring pages, his huge eyes are open wide and his hands are up as if he just got really startled by something scary.

Fear is known for being anxious and cautious. He likes to think through every possible bad outcome. As you color in this easily-spooked character, think about things that make you feel afraid.

What helps you gather your courage when you are scared? Carefully color inside the lines, just like Fear likes everything to be orderly and under control.inside out cartoon coloring pages

The happy and jolly imaginary friend Bing Bong is the star of this Inside Out coloring sheet! This colorful character has pink as his primary color.

With his wild and imaginative design, you could also incorporate plenty of fun colors into the mix.

I think that the background would look great with plenty of bright colors for this happy character!inside out coloring pages free download

Next up, we have the cowardly character Fear! Fear has a light purple color scheme, with some more intricate detailing on his clothes.

Coloring him could be a bit more complicated than it seemed initially! You can use the film or reference images online if you want to get him looking just right.

This should be a fun coloring challenge!new fear inside out coloring pages

Our next Inside Out coloring printable features the gloomy Sadness. This sorrowful character has an appropriately blue color scheme with a white sweater.

For the background of this picture, I would use some different shades of blue and some purple for the colder color look of this sad character.inside out coloring pages sadness free download

Sadness is wearing her cozy sweater and big glasses in this coloring page. She’s often feeling glum and blue, but she deeply cares about her friends.

As you color her in with shades of blue and purple, think about things that cheer you up when you’re sad.

You could draw a bright, smiling sun peeking through the clouds above Sadness to make her crack a smile! inside out sadness coloring pages

We have another picture of Fear for you to color, but there are some extra details for you to consider. He is surrounded by some circles, and these can be colored in various ways.

You could even try and use some other kinds of art tools and mediums to color the orbs to make them stand out! What could you use to make them look more interesting?fear inside out coloring sheet free download

This Inside Out coloring page features the cowardly Fear. This scared character has lighter purples for his colors, and the background of this page is divided into different sections.

Yellows and greens are complimentary colors to purple, so you could alternate them for the background or maybe use different shades of purple for it.

What colors will you choose for this timid character?cartoon inside out coloring pages free pdf download

It’s time to get out your happiest and brightest colors, because Joy is the star of this Inside Out coloring sheet! Joy’s colors include yellows, greens and blue for her hair.

For this bright and cheery character, I would suggest using your favorite vibrant colors for the background and for coloring in the letters of her name.

We can’t wait to see how you bring this joyful character to life!inside out joy coloring pages free printable

The fiery Anger is up next, and he seems to be blowing his top, which isn’t surprising. Anger is a great character to use your brightest colors and art tools on.

Some colored pens and markers would be perfect, as the colors would really pop if you used these. This will be a really eye-catching page once done!anger inside out coloring sheet free download

Joy is happily dancing in this coloring page, with a big delighted grin on her face. As you color in her sunshine yellow dress, think about things that bring you joy.

Joy loves making fun memories with her friends. You could draw one of your happiest memories in the white space around inside out coloring pages

We have a closeup of our pal Anger again for this free Inside Out printable! He’s looking a lot more fiery in this image, so for this one I would use some paints to give this a different look.

Using some watercolors could be great to make the fire on top of his head have a softer look.

What medium will you use to represent this hot headed character?disney inside out coloring pages free download

This Inside Out coloring sheet is another great portrayal of Anger. When coloring a character like this, you can also mix and match the art tools and mediums you use.

So, you might use colored pencils for the character but then colored pens for the flames on his head, for one example.anger character inside out coloring pages

Uh oh, Anger is having one of his fiery outbursts in this coloring page! As you color in this hot-headed character, think about how you handle anger in a healthy way.

Even though Anger can be loud and rude when he loses his temper, deep down he cares about being fair. Keep a level head and neatly color inside the lines.

inside out coloring printable

The sarcastic and frequently annoyed Disgust features in this next free Inside Out coloring sheet. Her color scheme is made up almost entirely of greens with a little bit of pink mixed in.

Disgust has shiny looking hair, so maybe you could use some green glitter or glitter glue to give it a sparkly look for this picture!inside out disgust coloring pages free download

We have another picture of Joy for you to have fun coloring! This time, we left the pattern off her dress so that you could draw and color your own unique pattern choice.

What kinds of patterns, shapes and colors do you think would go best on the dress that she is wearing?joy character inside out coloring pages

Sadness is back again to say hello in this Inside Out coloring sheet.

If you already colored her in earlier, maybe you could use some paints or another medium that you didn’t use before to color her in this time.

You could also try to use some different colors to give Sadness a unique look to how she appears in the film.disney inside out sadness coloring pages

Yay, it’s Joy again in this Inside Out coloring page! She has her arms wide open as if ready for a big hug. As you color in her fun green hair and bright blue eyes, think about who you want to hug today.

You could draw pictures of your family and friends in the white space around Joy to spread the joy.inside out coloring sheet free download

Joy is celebrating something on this page, which is not unusual for her! She is a happy character in general, but it does make you wonder what she is so happy about.

You could draw a background scene to suggest what it is that has her looking so happy and character inside out coloring sheet

We have Fear posing with his name in his return for this Inside Out coloring printable. What colors will you use to color in his name?

You could use purple and blues alternating to show off his color scheme or pick some other colors that you feel suit the character.disney inside out fear coloring pages free printable

Disgust is back again for this final free Inside Out coloring page for kids!

She’s also got a background separated into segments, so the only decision left to make is what colors you’ll choose for the background.

Maybe you could color in the character with one medium and use another for the background.

For instance, you could use crayons or colored pencils for the background and then use acrylic or watercolor paints for Disgust herself.

Whatever you decide, we hope you’ll share your finished picture to our Facebook page!inside out disgust coloring pages free pdf print out

Disgust is the next character we are showing, and she is a great one for anyone that loves the color green. Not only is her skin green but also her hair, which is a darker shade.

You can play around with the ways that you apply the colors here, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods and ways of going about it.disgust character inside out coloring pages

This picture of Disgust makes it look like she is in the middle of saying a line. If you have a favorite quote from Disgust in the film, then you could add it here.

The easiest way would be to put it in a speech bubble above her head. Would you use a quote from the film or your own original line for her to say?disgust character inside out coloring book

If blue is your favorite color, then you will love this Inside Out coloring printable. This one features Sadness, and while she is a sad character, you’ll hopefully have a happy time coloring it.

There are different shades of blue to this character, which should help to give this page a colder, more subtle look.disgust inside out coloring printable

Inside Out Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope that you had a wonderfully colorful time hanging out with the emotions in these free Inside Out coloring sheets for kids!

Remember that all of our coloring pages and printable art are always free for you to print and have a great time coloring in.

You could print out a few copies to share with your friends or have some spares that you can use to try out different art mediums and color choices.

Please remember to like and share our Facebook page to never miss out on any of our awesome coloring pages and printable goodies!

Also, we would love it if you would share your completed Inside Out printables to our Facebook page for us to admire! We always love to see your beautiful and colorful artworks.

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