Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages

Prepare for Christmas coloring fun with these cute Santa Christmas coloring pages!

On this page, you will find 15 all new Santa coloring pages that are completely free to print and download.

Everyone loves Christmas, and it’s no mystery as to why that is! It is a time of giving and family fun times, and the many decorations that adorn streets and homes convey a warm atmosphere.

Perhaps the most recognizable aspect of the festive season is seeing Santa decorations while eagerly awaiting the man himself!

These free cute Santa Christmas coloring pages for kids will help you to capture that festive feeling.

You will have plenty of opportunity for some bright, festive coloring good times as you color in the many scenarios and scenes that we have prepared for you in these free printables.

You can also try out all of your favorite art tools and mediums!

Every one of these free cute Santa Christmas coloring sheets are free for you to print out and share as much as you want!

By sharing these charming images you can make sure your friends and family can enjoy Christmas cheer as well.

We hope you are ready for some festive coloring fun as you embark on this lovely collection! We will look forward to seeing how you color these printables.

Be sure to share your favorites to our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see!

15 Brand New Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

We have a lovely picture of a very friendly Santa in this first image of our collection of free cute Santa Christmas coloring pages for kids!

He is giving a friendly wave in this picture, and that immediately gives off a friendly, warm feeling.

When coloring this printable, you can contribute to the warm feeling of the composition by using equally warm and vibrant colors.

What kind of color scheme do you think you will go for when completing this picture?Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages for kids free download

Santa is bursting with holiday cheer as he stands with a wide grin across his rosy-cheeked face.

His suit lined with white fur trim perfectly matches his floppy hat, a fluffy white pom-pom dangling from the end.

Black boots ground him as he poses confidently atop a snowy path. Perhaps he’s overseeing the elves packing the sleigh or checking his list to see who’s been naughty or nice this year.

However Santa is spending his day, make sure to add lots of festive details like snowflakes, presents, elves, and reindeer to help complete the merry scene.Cute Santa coloring pages for kids

This second cute Santa Christmas coloring sheet has another adorable Santa portrayal for you to have fun coloring in! In this one, it looks like he may be singing a Christmas carol!

One fun idea for this image would be to draw the words to your favorite Christmas song behind him to show what he could be singing.

This is just one thing that you could do to finish off this image, but what other ideas do you have to put your own spin on it?Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages for adults free printable

In our third cute Santa Christmas coloring printable, we have a rather fun scene for you to color! The previous two images were rather calm and peaceful, but there is a bit more going on in this one.

He looks a bit agitated here, and it seems something is not going well for Santa!

This would be another image where drawing a background would be great, as this would let you show what you think has gotten Santa looking so agitated.Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages free pdf download

Santa’s voice rings out loud and clear as he energetically rings the shiny gold bell in his hand.

Dressed in his iconic outfit of white coat, black belt, fur-lined hat and black boots, he smiles warmly through his full white beard.

You can add colorful details like Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen, and candy canes to help capture Santa’s infectious holiday spirit.

For extra fun, try drawing speech bubbles with phrases like “Ho Ho Ho!” or “Merry Christmas!” so Santa can spread some seasonal cheer. cute santa original color pages

The previous free cute Santa Christmas coloring page featured a rather agitated version of Santa, but he is looking jolly and happy again in this next one!

He looks like he is exclaiming something in this picture. What do you think he may be saying?

Maybe you could write a charming Christmas phrase in a speech bubble to turn this printable into a lovely Christmas card!Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages for preschoolers free printable

Here’s another happy, jolly picture of Santa in this delightful cute Santa Christmas coloring sheet! In this one, the background has been left completely blank.

This again allows you to add your very own background details and elements to finish off the composition.

What kind of Christmas setting would you draw for this background?

Or maybe you could add some Christmas shapes and objects to further emphasize the festive mood of this printable. We can’t wait to see how you choose to finish off this image!Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Book free printable

With his sack slung over his shoulder, Santa looks ready to deliver presents to good girls and boys around the world.

He looks very strong and generous, don’t you think? What do you think he has in his sack?

Let your creativity run wild when coloring this page by drawing wrapped gifts tumbling out of Santa’s bag or sketching images of the different toys you hope he’ll deliver this year.

Capture the magic of Christmas Eve by adding details like reindeer, snowflakes, and Christmas lights.cute santa coloring printable

In our next free cute Santa Christmas printable, we have Santa posing with a tasty candy cane.

One of the main features of Christmas time is all the lovely treats that come with the season, and candy canes are just one example.

Perhaps for another fun background, you could draw some more of your favorite festive foods into the background.

Will you go with this idea, or can you think of other ways you would like to finish off this printable?Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Book for kids free printable

Santa’s main task on Christmas Eve is delivering presents to children around the world.

In this creative cute Santa Christmas coloring page, Santa is lugging around a giant bag of Christmas gifts, and this should make for a fun image to fill in!

For an extra fun detail, maybe you could draw a cross-section of the sack he is carrying to show some of the toys and Christmas gifts contained within.Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Sheet for children free download

This coloring page features Santa throws his arms up in a celebratory cheer, his fuzzy white beard barely containing his bright smile.

Dressed in his traditional Christmas outfit of white coat with white and black fur trim, black boots, and floppy white hat, he looks thrilled.

Perhaps he’s rejoicing over a successful present delivery or delighted to be back home at the North Pole.

Let your imagination soar while coloring this joyful scene. Try adding details like elves, cookies, a Christmas tree, or Santa’s reindeer to join in the festivities. black-and-white santa coloring pages

We have something a bit different for you in this next cute Santa Christmas coloring sheet! In this one, we have a close-up of Santa’s head and face.

With a picture such as this, you can really work in some great color details and techniques. Maybe for this printable, you could try out a new art tool or medium that you are less familiar with!

What colors and mediums will you choose to finish off this image?Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Book for adults free download

This next free cute Santa Christmas printable features another fun portrayal of Santa Claus! He’s looking very happy and jolly in this image, and the background is left blank again.

This gives you another chance to show off your artistic skills by creating some kind of background to finish off the composition.

What patterns, shapes or other elements will you use to finish off this lovely image? We can’t wait to see what you choose!Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Original Sheet for children free download

Santa waves merrily, a sack of presents slung over his shoulder as he spreads Christmas joy. With his friendly greeting, he looks eager to deliver gifts and holiday cheer.

As you color, surround Santa with festive details like snowflakes, trees, wreaths, and any other imagery that represents the magic of the season to you.

Let your creativity shine to create your own unique Christmas scene.santa coloring sheet free download

We have arrived at the final picture in this collection of free cute Santa Christmas coloring sheets for kids!

In this final printable, we have a simple, cartoony portrayal of Santa for you to have fun coloring.

When filling in this image, you could always incorporate some fun crafts and other art supplies to give this picture a more dynamic and textured feel.

Whatever you choose, we know that you will do an incredible job finishing it off!Cute Santa Christmas Easy Coloring Pages

Cute Santa Christmas Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you had a magical time working on this collection of free cute Santa Christmas coloring pages for kids!

There is a great amount of variety contained within these pages, and you have a lot of opportunities to show off your creative skills.

Be sure to print your favorites out as many times as you like so that you can have fun experimenting!

Then, when you would like to find your next coloring challenge, you can check out our website for more collections of fun coloring pages to enjoy.

They are all free to print and share, so be sure to check in often!

It would be great to see your finished cute Santa Christmas coloring pages, so please be sure to share your favorites on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to enjoy.

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